Posted by: beckery | July 21, 2008

Star Golden Bell Ep191 Subbed

Part 1

Credits boosaysharingiscarin @ youtube (LOL how cool is that username?)

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

This is the 28th July Episode with Jonghyun, Taemin, Shindong and Yesung and its finally subbed!!! Yah! *throws confetti in the air*

Anyways, I’ve only watched the 1st part cuz I’ve got to go soon. I’ll be back to edit later if I’m not lazy XD haha. But so far it looks good. I mean, it starts of with Alex from Clazziquai showing off his biceps, how much better can that get? haha. And Shindong is hilarious as always. Its so funny how they’re talking about his “Poo hair” and comparing it to Gdragon’s “Apple head” (Yes, a Gdragon reference, Pinkandsparkly =p).

Then MC JaeDong (who is on my top 5 MC list!) puts on the “Im talking to a baby” voice and asks Taemin and Jonghyun how old they are XDDDD ROFL! The audience and other guests are all Ooohinng and Aaahhing, after they tell them their age…*squeals* Its so so adorable!!! Then Shindong gives Yesung and the SHINee boys advice on how to be popular on variety shows and he goes that you just have to smile alot when the camera goes towards you, even if its not funny HAHAHA That dork! And then he demonstrates it and his smile is absolutely hilarious!!! So then Taemin and Jonghyun are asked to try it. Taemin smiling + his bowl haircut makes me wanna hug him to death lol and OMG JONGHYUN smiles like the sun *_* Is it just me, cuz he totally reminds me of Kibum when his smiling, the hand gestures are exactly the same O_o


  1. I”M SO SAD. I can’t watch this til like next month.
    I’ll watch it immediately after my exams :DD

    But lmao, I love how Shindong also gives advice to Yesung XDD Is this the ep where Yesung has clear frames? As in the plastic-y ones? Coz if so, he looked really good <33 And Jonghyun has really straight teeth. That might be why his smile reminds you of Kibum :P

    Argh. I want to watch this so badly :(

  2. Oooh! Oooh! I saw this last night at KBS World and every time the camera would stop on Taemin’s face, I would squeal and move to the TV to poke his face. >___<

    Jonghyun’s smile has a Kibum(ish) quality to it but my friends reckon that Minho is this group’s Kibum. Must be because he doesn’t talk much. He just stands there and be cute all by his lonesome self. ^^

  3. Apple head XDDD

    I really didn’t like that bun on him. But it’s interesting how GD’s bun looks cute, but Shindong’s bun looks like poo XDD (i love Shindong, I just hate his hair).

    Hmmm, Jonghyun’s smile does remind me of Kibum, but just like Moonynim said, Minho’s probably the Kibum of this group ^^.

    Speaking of Kibum, I miss that boy ;___;

  4. C
    Yea when I saw this on youtube, I was going to link you then I realised you cant watch it XDD haha. Yeap Yesung wore the clear,plastic-y frames. I like his other red ones better though!! And I think Jonghyun reminds me of Kibum cuz when he smiled, he covered his mouth up like Kibummie. You know how when Kibum smiles, he always looks embarrassed and covers up his mouth? When Jonghyun did that it reminded me of Kibum <3

    HAHAHA Your so awesome <333 But SAME here!! I wanted to jump into the screen and huuugggg him cuz his sooo adorable. Ohh and I want to steal Jonghyun and hide him under my bed hehehehe..

    P.S How do you watch KBS World?! LOL I’m so smart *blushes* Ooo and what nationality are you (if you dont mind me asking XD)?

    Lol I call GD “Bun Head” XDD and yes I think I’ve told you a hundred times now how much I dont like his bun hairstyle. The hair he had in that Cologne CF thingy was HAWWTTTT!!! He should keep it like that <333

    I MISS KIBUM TOO!!! *sighs*

  5. @beckery
    You are awesomer! ____<

    Ah, Jonghyun. I tend not to spazz about him. I have nothing against him ‘coz I think he’s is an adorable person but I don’t think I’ll ever spazz about him. You know why? ‘Coz he looks EXACTLY like my brother. Ugh. *shudders*

    Here in the Philippines, we have KBS World and Arirang on cable. We’re a couple of weeks late from KBS in Korea but it’s all good. :D

    I’m Filipino. ^^

  6. ^WHAT? You have a brother that look like Jonghyun???? D: So um…how old is he :PP

    How I wish I could have Arirang on cable since everything is in english hahhaa. Is KBS World subbed for you guys?

  7. Yes my brother looks a lot like Jonghyun. So much so that every time they perform on Music Bank my mum would go, “Ah, my son is on TV!” XDD!!!

    So much so that the Koreans in his school would call him “SHINee Boy”. *le sigh* My brother’s 20.

    KBS is subbed. Except on Sundays. And I did not know this until recently. For the longest time, I have been watching ‘2 Days, 1 Night’ (replay’s on Sunday) without subs *fail*. You guys don’t have any Korean channels?

  8. ^ Oooh you’re brother is 20? Interesting :PP He’s older tahn the real Jonghyun ;)

    The closest celebrity lookalike I have is this guy that I thought looked like Donghae. But then after much thought I realised he doesn’t actually look like him ROFLMAO XD

    Also bec I know what you mean about Kibum laughing. Except the entire time, I was picturing Heechul imitating him ahahahahaha…so funny xDD

  9. ROFL NOOOO Moonynim HIDE YOUR BROTHER NOW!! Send him off to a deserted island, hide him in a cave, lock him in at home. Whatever you do, dont let Candychuuuu near him!!! Cuz then you’ll never hear from him again. She’ll kidnap him and hide him in a warehouse full of her kidnapped boy toys =P hahaha..I’m joking, i’m joking. She’s the umm most innocent one here *rolls eyes*

    And awww thank you *hugs* I’m awesome, your awesome, we’re all awesome (except Candiieess hahaha I’m so mean XD)..But I feel sorry for you cuz I LOVE JONGHYUN!! His soooo adorable and omg him singing makes me go “lalalala”, except his younger than me =_= *sighs*

    Oooh now I get you. I was like “hmm how can she watch KBS World, she must be korean or living in Korea” hahaha, I’m so stupid!!

  10. C
    LOLOL OMG HI 5!!! When I was typing my reply to you and trying to describe Kibum’s laugh. I was going to write “You know how Heechul always imitates his laugh with the hand gestures?!?!?” but then I didnt hahaha..Great minds do think alike =P

    TWENTY!?!?! OMG HIS OLDER THAN ME!! AND HE LOOKS LIKE JONGHYUN!!! XDDDDDDD Umm so would you umm like to umm intro us?!! ^_^ Plleease with a cherry on top hahahaha..Now I just sound desperate lol

  11. B
    Um…you are desperate :P
    *I*, on the otherhand, simply want to be friends with moonynim’s brother (:O

    And it’s not called kidnapping when they’re happy to stay in the warehouse and wait for me to come and play ~!

  12. @beckery
    ROFLMAO!!! You guys kidnap boys too?!? YAY! *high five* I have a bacpackful of squishy boys as well (“C’mon Taemin, inside the bag…”). >__<

    And yes….I’m gonna start re-thinking about sending my brother in a wilderness or something. This SHINee business is getting out of hand. I picked him up from school last might and one of his Korean classmates waved at him and shouted, “SHINee oppa!” I died.

    And he really gets mistaken a lot for a popstar, idk why. When we went to Taiwan, the flight attendants would fawn over him and they would ask him if he was a singer or something.

    ACK! I HAVE A FAKE POPSTAR FOR A BROTHER!! My life is a sham. :(

    Super LOLz at the Donghae story. I think I would die if I see someone that remotely looks like him.

    Heechul’s imitation of Kibum is just golden. Actually, it’s always a golden moment when he imitates someone.

    So how do we do this intro thing?

    Sorry, I’m a bit new to this pimping business. O.O

  13. ^Wow, your brother must be really cute *wiggles eyebrows*
    I always wanted an older brother. Not a hot older brother…just one who would make hot friends and introduce them to me AHAHAHA.

    Well this not-really-Donghae-lookalike has Siwon’s king sized dimples so that’s another bonus, right? :DD

    LMAO…are you um…serious about introducing your brother to us? XDDD

  14. Moonynim
    LOLOL Your brother must be the biggest pimp then XDD I wouldnt mind a fake popstar as a brother though. At least then I could scam some freebies from his admirers haha. My brother on the hand just annoys me so much, I want to constantly strangle him. I’m such an awesome sister right?! haha..

    And like C I wouldnt mind a hot older brother. Most my friends have older brothers and gosh they get to meet lots of hot boys =_= But then they kinda treat you like their lil sister, so I guess theres a good and bad side to everything. Btw I just checked ur posting time C and SHOULDNT YOU BE AT SCHOOL!?!!?

  15. @candychu
    HOMG a Donghae-Siwon mix?!?!? :D Wait that sounded wrong… -_-

    Are YOU serious about wanting to be introduced to my brother…? XD!

    Brothers ARE annoying. That is their purpose in life ‘yo. He does get invited tho to some really cool parties UNFORTUNATELY he doesn’t take me with him. (LOLz who takes their sister to swanky events??? No one is the answer we are looking for).

    Oh and my brother is younger than me by 2 years T_T. It’s just that I have a mind of a 12 year old twit and a body of a 15 year old—-boy. So most people usually thinks he’s older. Plus he’s 6ft tall. And I’m short. >__<

    Le point is, no hot older boys. Just a bunch of young ones who make cute with me so I can tutor them in Lit or make cookies for their girlfriends. Blech.

    That is the life of a REAL noona. Bow.

  16. B er is this blog’s posting time the same as our timezone? Well Wednesday is my early day and I finish @ lunchtime so I came home early? And obviously the absolute FIRST thing to do would be come on and try to meet moonynim’s brother. DUH 8D

    Omg you’re older than your brother? That is so cute!!! Because you sound like a little girl!!! (that’s a compliment btw because some people on LJ think I’m older than I really am and then I think ‘er, does that mean I sound rly boring?) And by little girl I don’t mean 8. I mean around our age :D So I should really say “youngeR” girl ^^ And LMAO a body of a 15 yr old boy AHAHAHA. You’re a funny one.

    Wow. An insight into the life of a “REAL” noona. Oh no,I’m not sure I want to be Noona to Key anymore :S

    And why would that sound wrong? I’m sure Donghae-Siwon babies would be awesome :D I just wouldn’t allow it because Donghae belongs to Eunhyuk. Or me :D

  17. @candychu
    It’s the (low)maturity level that keeps me from being “old”. My mum hates it. She’s always going about not being able to marry me off to some rich young banker coz of my ‘childish ways’. To which I say, “Mother, is this banker tall and good looking? Does he have charming dimples or chocolate abs? Does his name starts with an ‘S’ and ends with ‘Iwon’? ‘Coz if he does, I’m so gonna get married now.”

    And btw, you are not boring AT ALL. You guys are funnest people I’ve met. On line. O.O

    Being a noona isn’t all that bad. As long as it’s not your REAL brother you’re being a noona to. I’m sure Key will be very lucky to have you as a noona. :D

  18. I’m sure Key will be very lucky to have you as a noona
    Awww, omg you’re so sweet <333
    But have you seen the trailer/pics for their reality show? Key carries the noona in it ;_______; And it kinda BROKED my heart </3

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