Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 21, 2008

Want a piece of DBSK?

Well if you live in Korea, and have access to a lot of cash, then your wish might come true!

You won’t literally get a “piece” of DBSK, but from the 21st (that’s today!) DBSK, Big Bang, Wondergirls and SNSD, will be auctioning their personal belongings as part of the “Stars Night” event held by Park Jung Lim’s radio show FM(95.9MHz).

Junsu and Changmin will be the first to auction their belongings, with one member auctioning a necklace, and one a hat.

Idk about you guys, but I’d LOVE to own something DBSK owned *______________* Or Big Bang owned…..those boys have good taste :P

What would you want to own if you could choose a DBSK owned item? (in a non creepy way XD). I’d want……Jae’s Tiffany ring, cos I keep seeing him wear it in photoshoots…..or Yunho’s necklace, just cos I really like the design and I’d actually wear it *___* Actually, do you know what I reaaaally want? JJ’s Armani necklace that he got from Baidu JJ Bar, IT’S SO HOT. I wouldn’t wear it…I’d look at it and dance around it singing songs of joy XDDD

I’m so tempted to go shopping in DBSK’s apartment…..aaaaand I just realized how creepy that sounded, so I’ll stop talking before I embarrass myself any further XD

This post on Baidu has a compilation of most of DBSK’s jewellery that they’ve been seen it. It’s not up to date, cos it was done last year…but still interesting ^^


DBSK’s Baidu Bar + Imop/Let’s all eat candy


  1. OMG I so totally know what I want. You’re going to think this is creepy but I’ve told you of my love for smelling things right? And how I like to just sniff my pillow? LOl well I think I’d like their pillow cases :DDD

    Auction person: “Changmin’s pillow case…going once, going twice…and SOLD to the lovely candychu”
    Me: \O/

  2. Pillow case? Really??? O_________________O That’s………..CREEPY.

    And you do remember that Changmin has/had dandruff, right? :P

  3. T_T
    I hate Korea.
    They get all the best DBSK related-thingys.
    I want all the best DBSK related-thingys..

    People would go crazy if they were actually going to auction off pillow cases..
    They should just prove to everyone how great they are by auctioning off like..
    their toilet seat.
    So gross!
    BUT! I bet loads of crazy girls with try and buy it.

    You know, if i was there i wouldn’t bid on anything.
    I’d just break in and steal what i wanted. XD
    Heh. JK

    I wouldn’t pick jewelry..i lose all of mine..
    Maybe one of they’re hoodies, they are so nice!
    AND they would smell like them..

    I have to agree with Candychu, i like the smell of clothes, like a jacket a person(that smells good) wore a lot.

    Yup. ^^

  4. LOL, let me break in with you!!!! XDDD

    Oooo, hoodies are a good idea!!! Though I’d want a t-shirt, cos I like wearing big t-shirts to bed XD OMG I SOUND CREEPY NOW. I DIDN’T MEAN IT IN A CREEPY WAY.

    Lol, I wonder what would happen if they decided to auction their HAIR. Cos then fangirls could use it to clone their own DBSK ^^

  5. @ImJustKeed’In: yay for smelling-fetish people :DD
    Yeah, clothes is a good idea. I was actually going to suggest that but I felt sleeping wiht a pillow case sounded less creepy than sleeping while wearing their clothes *cough*PAS*cough*

    Not that I want their stuff to have something to sleep with … omg this whole idea has got me all perverted XDD

    *runs away before I say anymore*

  6. I like wearing big t-shirts too!
    So i would so sleep in their clothes.
    Although..i wouldn’t want to wear them..because then my smell would get on them..and dbsk’s would go bye-bye. >.<

    [Yay we’re all creepy!
    Thats what makes us special. XD]

    On another note..i wonder if any of their clothes (not baggy ones and what not) would actually fit.. When i saw pictures from the Hollywood Bowl..*curse me for not being able to go* Changmin’s waist..was so tiny!

    I take all the clothes things back!
    I’d want Jae’s computer.
    Not messed with at all, just how it is right now.
    …i bet i’d find naughty pictures.. of JaeHo!

    See..this posts makes us all crazy.

  7. omoo~
    this is so interesting!!
    i wish i have the money to own their belongings..
    but u know what i want more?
    the opportunity to own them.
    haha ;p
    thats silly,isnt it? haha ;p
    srry ><

  8. Candyman:
    I told you, it’s not in a dodgy way xPPPPPPPPPP

    The idea would only get you thinking perverted thoughts if you’re a perverted person, so THERE :PPPPPP

    Ahhhh, good point….I’ll just stick to their jewellery then ;)

    Omg, they all have TINY waists! ;____; it’s not FAIR

    Jae’s computer? Hahahahahha, I’d want his phone :P

  9. LYA:):

    Sorry, didn’t see your comment before ^^|||

    LOL, CAN I OWN THEM WITH YOU *_________*

    I wonder how much they’d go for…

  10. You so do not sound creepy. I would not mind getting a shopping cart and heading over to the DBSK apartment with you. =)

    I would want Micky’s Tiffany bracelet because he wears it ALL the time. Actually no that means to much to him. I would want like a copy of it that he brought himself for me. OMG and he could get it engraved to say like “I love you more than life itself.” LMAO Yes this a little bit needs to happen. I actually told my Dad I wanted that bracelet for my birthday and he said okay! :D He better not think that is all I want though. Questionable.

    I agree about the baggy shirt to (or the tight shirt for me I guess lol). That would be awesome. And smell to! But I remember awhile ago someone posted up all the colognes they use. I should just go buy that and spray it EVERYWHERE. Someone would be like “Oh, is that your boyfriend’s scent?” and I would be like “Yes.”


    Which bracelet are you talking about???? But homg, your dad is so nice to get you Tiffany’s for your birthday!!!

    ROFL, I actually went into a department store and got a sample of Jae’s cologne (Calvin Klein’s “One”), and I put it in my pencil case XD Except I don’t really like the smell, it smells kinda like soap :SSSS

    Micky uses Bvlgari, I think.

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