Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 22, 2008

Big Bang’s 3rd Mini Album Preview

Video: VickyisVIP



They all looked so badass in this video, but omg, HOT. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOOOOOOOOT.

Rofl, I love how they always manage to add “Big Bang” into at least one song XD

Their third album will be released August 1st and, apparently, G-Dragon composed five of the six tracks, and TOP did one :D. I was worried I wouldn’t like their new album as much as I did the last ones, cos their last ones were so gooooooooooooood, and it would be difficult for them to surpass that, but homg, why did I ever doubt them, this song is great :D!

And is it just me, or does the PD have this thing for their shoes? xD Ah well, I have the same ones, WE CAN BE SHOE BUDDIES :DDD

GD’s “five, four, three, two, one” at the end was really hot ;P


  1. AHH I just watched this and came straight here! LOL

    I love the shoes!!!! You have the same pair?!!? URGH My shoes are sooooo lame. I am throwing them out this second. T-T And the PD does love the shoes, I bet he told the staff to order and extra pair in case the size was wrong for the guys and then took his size!

    Ending was hottest for me! Oh my.

    Um BTW, this is what happened to me this week…
    You: Oh, Seungri is soo cool… He talks to himself…e.t.c
    Me: Oh, he talks to himself? SO COOL!

    It is just so awkward to see pictures of a guy I spazz over and girlfriend. Yoochun and his girlfriend nearly killed me! They were soooo cute. I just want to like insert self into photos. :P

    Extra BTW, I got my Doushite single today. And OMG I knew it was there. I woke up and the first thing I told my Dad, because I was in pjs and did not have plans to change, was to check the mail. I could just tell. AND THEN he tries to not give it to me before I promise to clean my room. He was literally almost killed.

  2. This preview had nothing but smexy chins and hot smirks.

    I’m not complaining. XDDD!!!

    They really took the word “TEASER” seriously, no? I almost had a fainting spell watching this vid. Everyone just looked so damn good in this one!!. And GD!!! BOY YOU MAKE MY HEART GO DOKI!DOKI!!!!!!!!!!

    *end of spazzing*

    I have very high expectations for BB, tho. All their previous albums are genius. It’ll pretty hard to top those. Hope this one is just as good. Or even better. But so far so good. The song sounds pretty awesome. :D

    They like to spell BIG BANG. A lot. Like we don’t know how to spell that…..

  3. Ringy:
    Lol, I was hoping you’d come spazz with me :D

    I like my shoes, they’re shiny XD They look like these ones here: except I don’t have pink, so where it’s pink, it’s gold on mine ^^

    Seungri has a GIRLFRIEND???? WHERE? LINK ME!!!! Though I think he’s *currently* single, cos none of them have gfs….. But have you seen GD’s “J” girl?? Homg, soooooooooooo jealous. He wrote a song about her……but my name starts with “J”, so I’ll just pretend he was singing about me, rofl XD

    Hahahahaha, your poor dad :P Is the single awesome? Do the actual pictures look foggy??


    I like the song. I love the “stand up, stand up, wake up, wake up” bit :DDD.

    I, too, have high expectations. I think it’s cos their old albums were sooooo good. But after hearing this song, I’m not worried :))

    Hahaha, they REALLY like to spell Big Bang XD And GD likes to put his own name in, lmao XD. But he’s allowed, cos you know, he DID write the songs ;)

  4. What shoes are those???


    I personally love Taeyang’s voice here.

    The “I wanna” at the beginning had me hooked <3

    Most of all, GD has normal hair!!!

  5. I think those kicks are supras big bang always had a flare for fashion and they are sneakerheads if you wanna use that term.

  6. I also like Tae Yang’s high voice kinda like Usher.

  7. I’m not loving this as much as their other tracks, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. Still, a good song and they do looks smoking hot.

    PS. You’ll probably hear a lot more from me with open comments. :D

  8. Oh those are so sick shoes!

    Ya I think he is single now to. I remember on a show he mentioned how he was dating before Big Bang but had to break it off because of schedule. It was apparently a good breakup though. I saw the pictures here:

    Oh I just saw the “J” girl now. I so wish a guy would write a song about me!!! lol I agree you should just pretend it is you. You already have a whole song for you by him then! Now you just need to meet him.

    My Dad does sound abused! lol No no it is because he took a month off work and he always says the person in the house who is not working is the slave (because I took forever to get a job). The pictures are not that foggy. And it is awesome. I cannot listen to Box in the Ship without laughing still though.

  9. Super-Looper:
    Mine are Nike Dunks, but I’m not sure what the ones they’ve got on are ^^

    Big Bang has AWESOME clothes *____*

    Hi :DD Yea, I heard Candychu mention something about you forgetting your password :P

    Have you seen the tracklist yet? “Stand Up” is just an intro ^^

    Awww, Seungri’s ex is so…girly…and unlike me XDDD

    I feel sorry for the “J” girl, she’s got so many antis now :SSS But she’s so pretty ^^ I didn’t expect GD to fall for someone like her. I thought he’d like those gangster type of girls XDDD

    Hahaha, your house rule is so cute XD I’m glad we don’t have that, cos I don’t plan on finding a job anytime soon XDD. Boo, I wish I bought the single :((( I need a job….

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