Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 23, 2008

Jaejoong Kindai Scans

Pictures: As tagged

Once again, Jae appears in a Kindai photoshoot by himself. I’m not sure why he’s always the only one in the Kindai photoshoots; did he bribe the editor in chief at Kindai with candy?

Now, I’m not known for my fantastic observation skills, but has his lips always been so full and red? Idk, they just seem so….noticeable in these pictures XD

Still not sure what to think about the mushroom cut…


  1. His hair does look really good in these pics.
    His lips..are Heh.
    I love his contacts..
    (I also want that big shiny ring.)

    I want to see more Changmin..*cough*
    Not that i don’t like these pictures.. ^^

    So nice to look at these at 5:30 am..

    I’m so stealing them.

    Oh aren’t you proud?
    I did a DBSK picture raid and upped my picture count to 294.
    Yup Yup *proud*

  2. He always wear contacts…hmm…wonder why :S

    Omg, what were you doing still up at 5:30?? O___O

    Hahaha, i’m so proud ;) Go get moooooooooore :DDDD

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