Posted by: beckery | July 23, 2008

We Got Married Ep 19 – AnBi cuts

I use to be a huge We Got Married fan. Then somewhere along the lines, like at Episode 9 or 10, I just couldnt stand all the mushiness that was going on and just needed a break from it all. However, recently, my friend has been going on and on and on about the AnBi (Andy+Solbi) couple in the newest ep and how it was one of the sweetest ep ever. So I decided to check out what all the hype was about and OMG, IM SO GLAD I DID!!

Thank you Coolsmurf for subbing and uploading them!! Anbi Ep19 cuts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. He also has other couple cuts uploaded at his channel.

Also, roseltv is uploading the whole episode. Here’s Part 1. You can find the rest in her Youtube Channel!

Ok before I go on, I would like you to feast your eyes on these pictures: (Not sure why the thumbnails are so small, but click, click, click em XD)


 Credits to Ansol Baidu + aindy + Coolsmurf Domain

Aren’t the photos absolutely GORGEOUS!?!♥♥ I’ve been looking at their Wedding Photos from the show and they’re all really really beautiful and soooo romantic. These 3 are some of my favourites. Solbi looks stunning in her wedding gown and that cute dress of hers and OMG ANDY AH!!! ♥_♥ He looks so hot and mature! Although I like all the couples, I am not going to even pretend to be unbiased towards this couple cuz I love Andy (he is a Shinhwa afterall haha XD) and Solbi is really awesome!! Personality wise she kinda reminds me off me haha. But, I really admire her devotion to Andy and how much she really cares about him. They’re seriously the cutest and sweetest couple ever!

Anyways, I dont want to kill it for anyone, so I’ll put my spazzing of this Ep under the cut XDDD

The ep starts off with Solbi cooking a meal for Andy, which consists of Eel and Soy bean soup. Since I havent been watching the show, I’m not sure if Solbi has improved in her cooking skills but from what I remember in those episodes that I have watched, she totally fails at it!! LOL Which is all fine of course, cuz I totally fail at cooking too XDDD But judging from Andy’s reaction, I’m assuming she’s still not the best cook around lol.

Andy is really iffy about the whole thing so he keeps asking her if she knows how to do it. Its so funny how she keeps telling him to just trust her and be prepared for a good meal, when she’s standing at the kitchen looking all confused hahaha.. But, Andy doesnt trust her so he just hovers around the kitchen watching her and giving her instructions and she’s just shooing him away the whole time. They look like married couples who fight over who has to cook and wash the dishes HAHA. Then in the interview room, she goes “Isnt it funny how he always pretends to know everything?” rofl. Andy is such a smartass sometimes XD

Then in the interview room, Andy talks about how upset Solbi was when she lost the ring he gave her. So he wants to make it up for her and instead of just giving her a ring again, he wants it to be more meaningful by wearing couple rings. Omg isnt that so sweet of him? <333 Then half way through Part 2, we realise that Solbi prepared couple rings for them aswell!!! LOL talk about coincidence! Gosh they’re totally meant to be XDDD

She wants it to be a surprise so sets up the dinner table and kinda dangles the rings on a thread in the hanging light above the table. So when Andy pulls the thread, the ring will drop down. After the meals done, she wakes him up, cuz his been sleeping and omg he looks adorable when he just wakes up, kinda like a lost puppy haha.

Ok this is when the best part starts, at 1.34minutes into Part 3. Andy doesnt realise about the dangly thread so Solbi is giving hints out like crazy, asking if she should turn the lights off and talking about lights and everything. But all he does is sit there and stare at the food ROFLMAO. That dork! So she tells him again to turn the lights off and he still sits there looking soooo confused. Then he actually goes “isnt it better to leave it on” LOL. Solbi finally gives up cuz Andy is the biggest babo ever and says outright “Uh oppa, whats that up there” and pointing at the dangly thread and telling him to pull it to see what it was. HAHAHA I would be so annoyed if I was her, but she’s such a good sports about it, so more brownie points for her!

He pulls the thread and the ring drops down and his face is pure ROFLMAO!! At 2.38minutes. HAHAHAHAHA OMG PRICELESS!! His expression is absolulely hilarious. I keep rewatching that part and everytime i’m laughing till my kidney, bladder, lungs, everything hurts LOL. He stares at the camera, blinks and has the whole (…..) “what is going on?!?!” expression. Then he puts her rings down and pulls out his couple rings from his pockets and just look around with the “err what to do now” face. He seriously looks so lost, the poor boy.

Then they wear her set of rings for eachother, which fits perfectly on their hands. I love how she tells him that the couple rings means that “you’re my man now”! Lol gotta love SOlbi for always being so direct. Later she turns her back to him and he places his couple ring on the table near her bowl. ROFLMAO This time Solbi doesnt see it and Andy’s trying to hint her by looking in that direction and pointing his chopsticks!! OMG these two are so much fail sometimes XDDD But she finally sees it and sjfkdjksdjdj SOOOOOO SWEET!!!! Andy puts the ring on for her on her 4th finger and it fits perfectly and he goes that “If the ring fits on the girl’s 4th finger and the guy’s pinky finger, they’re made for eachother”!!! AWWW How romantic is that?!?! And it actually fits perfectly on his pinky!! OMG THEY’RE DESTINED TO BE!!  Even Crown J goes that if they have couple rings, doesnt it mean that they’re real couples now?!?!

Ok, this is just my point of view but since I skipped a few episodes, when I watch this and their Wedding photoshoot one I could tell right away that they’re relationship has somehow changed since the beginning. It use to be Solbi trying her hardest to please Andy. Solbi was always giving and Andy taking. But now, Andy is trying. He really is. He always states that it takes him awhile to open up to new people and I think he has finally opened up to Solbi. Of course this is merely my point of view, but yes I think I’ll backtrack and watch their other episodes. AnBi pawns all atm <333333



    Hehe my friend updates me every Monday with what happens on We Got Married because she’s Krn and can watch it with no subs :D So when she told me about the whole losing ring thing I was like OMG NOOOOOO. Except now they’re fixed with the couples rings and so it’s all good!!!

    Okay, I’m really jealous. DAMNIT. I want wedding photos that cute ;_______;

    And I also saw the Seo In Young wedding photos. I reeeeeeally liked the one where she and Crown J are on the ground and she has her wedding gown fanned out underneath her and they’re surrounded by SHOES !!!

  2. Btw, Solbi is like the luckiest person alive…being able to film a variety show like this with her idol ><

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw the episode today!
    And the part with the rings and and and…XD
    I so loved it!

    I have all the episodes, including the Come to Play thingy, on my computer..
    Its so addicting..i hate waiting for a new episode.

    Andy is getting a bit for loving with Solbi.
    Its hard to remember that this is a show!
    All these couples better get together sometime, or i’m going to hunt them all down!

    I kept going back to the part when he pulls the string..ahhh, its all so sweet.

    Seo first i was like “Eh?”
    Her voice is all high, but you just have to love her.
    (her voice is so different when she sings, and even though i hate her haircut, she kind of pulls it off, shes so pretty!)
    They’re all so pretty..T_T

    I really loved this episode, i kept giggling like a little girl and squealing..

    I so spazzed out when i saw this post..

    Just to add..whenever is watch videos of Solbi..someone always calls her dumb..its annoys the hell out of me..Andy should go beat them up.

    Solbi is the most luckiest person is Shin-Ae…(she is the prettiest person i’ve ever seen..thats a girl, person would be Jaejoong..XD)

    I remember her saying how, people would tell her stuff, because of her body shape..i cried.

    I’m done..i’ll do my quiet spazzing now..

  4. Wow..i typed all that in like..2 minutes..Heh.

  5. Last tiny nonsense thingy,
    Sorry for the mistakes i made. ^^..

  6. Oooh I love that show! AlShin used to be my favorite couple but now I think it’s either AnBi or CrownYoung (I can’t decided which one I like more).

    BTW You can find full english subbed episodes here:

  7. CcccCCCccc
    Well your friend is a very lucky person cuz I have to wait till the eps get subbed =_= But its alright, at least it does get subbed AND they sub it really fast XD I heard about the losing ring thing but I havent watched the ep where she confesses that she lost the ring. I heard she cried alot though!

    Although I really like AnBi’s wedding photos, I think their photographer lacks some creativity, no offence haha. Crown J and InYoung’s photoshoot was really cool with the shoes and OMG have you seen Alex and Shin Ae’s photos.!?!?! I would say they have some of the best photos. The settings for their photoshoot was really creative and everything was really nice. Plus, ShinAe looked really really pretty *_*

    LOL Your so CUTE!!! Dont worry about making mistakes, thats what spazzings for. Incoherent sentences that make no sense to other humans! haha XD And your not allowed to do silent silent spazzing, come here and spaz with us kkk!!!

    Umm I havent watched the Come to Play eps yet. I’m still catching up with the We Got Married eps I havent watched haha. But I will watch it when I have time, which will be in a million years cuz my holiday just ended and I’m already bombarded with uni stuff =_=

    I know what you mean. I sometimes forget that its a show and hope that Andy and Solbi are like this in real life, everday, not just once a week when their filming the show =( And if I ever find out this is scripted, I’m going to kill the PDs and writers haha

    Actually, I use to be sooooo annoyed with In Young cuz of how she treated Crown J but I can tolerate her now and she’s much much better than when she was at the start. I dont really follow her music but I’ve heard her and Crown J’s “Too much” and it was pretty good. BUT HER HAIRCUT MUST GO!!!! Do not like at all haha.

    As for ShinAe, I adoooorrrreee that girl <33333 She’s so pretty, nice, kind, elegant and omo, she’s just perfect!! I still rmbr the first ep of her and Alex, how she was talking about how she collects baby shoes when she gets heartbrokened and it just really really touched me. I’ve loved her from then on. She really is an awesome person and deserves someone equally awesome like Alex!!

    AnBi is definitely my favourite couple. But the rest are pretty close behind. Especially AlShin. Its such a shame the PDs keep cutting out AlShin scenes cuz they want to make them look awkward. LAME!! Oh and thanks heaps for the site!! XDD

  8. Andy is like the bestest hubby EVARR. He and Solbi are adorable together.

    Btw, have you checked out Family Outing yet? Well, you should (assuming that you haven’t). Specially the first 2 epis (when Dongwan was still there). He’s such a dork at that show AND zomg so friggin’ hot and fresh so early in the morning. Like a newly baked bread. XD

    Watch the Come and Play epi with the WGM couples. Junjin made a cameo :D. <3 Shinhwa!!

  9. moonynim
    Yup thats my Andy boy, his such a sweet person! Though I think all Shinhwa boys are going to be great husbands <33

    Yea I watch Family Outing. Half way thru episode 3 I think, but theres no more Dongwan so I kinda got bored haha. ROFL I love how you described him XDDDD He is such a big dork!! And its sooo funny how all the boys are such wimps but Ye Jin is totally awesome. She’s not scared of anything, whilst they freak out about everything LOL Ohh and Daesung and MC Yoo are hilarious together..

    Wait wait, does that mean your a Shinhwa fan?!!? ^_^

  10. @beckery
    I wished Dongwan stayed because you’re right, it gets boring without him. I love the Dongwan-Daesung dork combo. “Idols of Phail”. XD!

    Proud Shinhwa fan since 1999. They’re my first k-pop love. :D

    I can already imagine the buckets of tears I will cry when they leave. Huhu~

  11. WEEEE *bounces up and down* YOUR A SHINHWA FAN!!!!!!! <3333 And since 1999 too, omg thats awesome.. I’ve only been a fan since 2001/2002ish, but they’re also my first kpop love and the ones that introduced me to kpop XDDD I’m soo jealous, you practically knew them since the beginning. I’m such a late shinhwa fan *pouts* but its alright I’m sure I LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS YOU DO, maybe even more =PPP hahaha

    Ohh I’m pretty sure I’m going to be crying for days and days when they leave for the army, so lets cry together! *clings to you* Especially since its Eric and Dongwan leaving first. They’re my two favourites (though I try not to be biased), so Im not even sure how I’m going to survive the 2 years without them. No its actually 3 years without Dongwan cuz he said that he’ll have a 1 year break after he finishes the army =((((

    LOL “Idols of Phail” XDDDD I also loved the Dongwan/Daesung thing because I rmbr that Bigbang once stated that they admire Shinhwa and want to be like them in the future. I think thats absolutely adorable and sweet of them and they earned heaps of brownie points from me for that lol. So yea I loved seeing some Shinhwa Bang actions <3333

  12. @beckery
    *bounces up and down with you—on a trampoline*
    OMG Eric and Dongwan are MY FAVES TOO!!! I used to play MASH in grade school and I would write Eric’s name in all 5 blanks so no matter what I’ll still end up with him XD!. Actually, I still play MASH and um, I still want to marry Eric. O.O

    Let’s both cry for Shinhwa and be popstar widows together.

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