Posted by: lovediaries | July 24, 2008

DBSK’s “new” profiles

Okay, this isn’t really news but our post count was up to 666 and that’s kinda creepy so I just had to find something real quick to post about XDD

Anyways, apparently, DBSK have just released their “updated” profiles with their height + weight. So let’s compare from when they debuted to now, shall we?


Jae: 178 cm; 63 kg
Yunho: 183 cm; 66 kg
Yoochun: 180 cm; 64 kg
Junsu: 178 cm; 60 kg
Changmin: 184 cm; 61kg


Jae: 182 cm; 63 kg
Yunho: 186 cm; 61 kg
Yoochun: 184 cm; 64 kg
Junsu: 183 cm; 60 kg
Changmin: 189 cm; 61 kg

I’m pretty sure the weight is not true. You can’t stay the same weight for 4 yrs especially if you grow so much *cough*Changmin*cough*. But then again I wouldn’t be surprised since Changmin is so skinny these days. I’m actually really curious about his weight during the time when his biceps were like PWOARRRH (i.e the time when his hair was also RARRRRRRH).


Also, there’s news that the SMTown Concert hasn’t sold out all their tickets. Um…WHAT??? If every Cassiopeian bought a ticket I’m sure there’d be no more seats left let alone if you count ELFs and … all the other fans XD

Seriously, if the Korean fans don’t want to go, buy me a plane ticket and I’ll go to the concert!!!


  1. LOL. “I’m actually really curious about his weight during the time when his biceps were like PWOARRRH.” I’m also curious about how much Jaejoong weighed when he had those ginormous biceps haha.

    That picture of Changmin looks like it was randomly inserted just cause he looks so adorable in it =P Hmm. So it looks like everyone grew…but either lost weight or stayed the same. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I dunno. I just want them healthy and not looking exhausted. Changmin has skinny arms there though.

  2. Jae’s NOT 182 cm, is he? I swear, that boy is NOT over 6ft.

    And HAHAHAHAHA, he IS the shortest in the group – I thought he was taller than Junsu at least (imo, that kid LOOKS short. It’s the puffed out penguin chest.)

    Really, though, I think Jae and Junsu should invest in some shoelifts (like Eunhyuk proudly has), because it’d be GREAT to see them as tall as Yunho and Changmin for once. It’d be kinda freaky, of course, but GREAT. Haha.

  3. abc123zyx
    But you can’t grow 5cm and not get heavier. BONES ARE HEAVY !!! lol
    And yes I randomly threw in that picture of Changmin because he looks absolutely adorable :D Yay for mind-reading-Changmin-fans :DD

    HA. Maybe these profiles have a +2cm? But yeah, I always think Junsu is the shortest too…penguin chest ROFL that is so cute. Omg if they were ever as tall as Yunho or Changmin….I’d only think MinHo shrunk or something xD

  4. candychu

    haha..yeah! i’ve always thought junsu is the shortest too! *let out the evil laugh. lols.

    seriously?the SM concert tickets has not been sold out?> that’s sad. it’s even sadder that they left out malaysia this time ! hmm…i’m in KL now! lols. so yeah, i’ll get to stalk the SuJu boys if they decide to come here for their super show concert. hmm…i wanna stalk Kyuhyun, donghae, siwon, ryewook, n kibum!!! wheee!
    okay. i’m currently high now.
    cause i just finished my 3 days orientation. it was so boring, yet the information are all so important. i seriously don’t get what’s going on. about planning my own study plan, choosing subjects..zzzzz.
    now i miss year 12 life

  5. ^Exactly! All those seats going to taste can be well filled up by me :D I’ll stand along a whole row, running up and down waving banners XDD You can picture me doing that eh?

    Aw but choosing subjects is exciting!! I was looking at uni courses the other day and looking at the career opportunities and different subjects and getting all happy even though I havent even done my most important 2 sets of exams XDD

  6. candychu

    wait! yes. i can imagine ur running around with the banners. lols! that’s gonna be so so cool! hold on. i’ll be there joining u too! wakakaka.

    i thought it’d be fun choosing subjects but apparently, it turned out the other way. cause firstly, i dunno what’s the subject all about and i won’t wanna choose 4 hard subjects in one semester. i don’t wanna faiil!!~~~

  7. ^Isn’t there anyone you can ask for help with choosing your subjects? Awww there there! I’m sure everything will turn out fine! AND U WONT FAIL <33

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