Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 24, 2008

SJM has a new MV coming out? – edited

Pictures: Baidu SJ bar

Edit: Found a better picture ^___^

That ^ picture has just been leaked on forums.

What do you guys think? New MV, or are they taking narcissism too far and are posing in front of their team name just for the sake of it :P

If they are filming an mv, any guesses to what the song is? I think it’s “Love you, love you” ^^

Ryeowook’s totally working those orange pants XD

The boys all look so healthy here :DD!!


    I’m hoping it’s for a new MV. OMG What if they have new songs? But they just released their Asia Deluxe Edition and now they make something new?

    Well whatever it is…IM EXCITED!!!!!!!

  2. CORAL PANTS!!!!

    First it was Jae now it’s Wookie. I am getting pressured to buy a pair of my own XD.

    No more SuJu in b&w. w00t! They’re still in layers tho. O.O

  3. Candy with a C:
    Have you bought their asia deluxe edition yet? I haven’t XD I’m waiting for another repackage XDDD

    Hahahaha, I’m…not XD

    I love how they’re finally wearing COLOUR :DD Except Kyuhyun really likes those shoulder drapey things, doesn’t he? =.=

    Btw, what’s this I hear about you having a brother who looks like JONGHYUN *___*

  4. Actually, I remember one of the boys saying in an interview (and I can’t for the life of me think who) that the time before they left Korea was exhausting between all that they had to do and filming TWO mvs. So wouldn’t that mean that the second mv is already filmed? I wish I could remember what show it was on, but they all look the same to me. *_*

  5. awww, how cute <3333.

    i rly love how Siwon looks in that last picture. i’m glad he grew out his hair ^___^

  6. OoooooOoooo COLOURS!!! I love colours, they make everything look brighter and funner (is that a word?) and just awesome. ROFL I thought Donghae was wearing a fur scarf O_O lol but its actually just me going blind XDDD and Hankyung looks really good and all smileys here *_*

  7. Haha, nup I haven’t ordered it. And I’m glad I haven’t coz looks like something better is bound to come out :D

    And yay for the edited pic (HII DONGHAE :DD) !! I wanna see Henry + Zhou Mi (clearly) now.

  8. @pinkandsparkly
    Kyu looks like he’s gonna go play tennis or something in a country club. Nothing against the preppy look. I just wonder what he’ll look like in a rocker type concept. (That photoshoot where they had inflatable guitars does not qualify).

    And for the record, I do not have a bro who looks like Jonghyun. It’s just a rumor.

    That I started. O_O

  9. hiii ! ive read yur blog for a while
    but never commented *runs away*
    anyways i heard that it was “Me” the mv
    and apparently geng said that they filmed it whilst they were filming U
    ME AND U ! two mvs in three days they filmed *dies*

    but they look adorable !!! *tackles them*

  10. O.O
    This looks awesome. I love the colors. They look great in black and white, but I like them in colorful clothing. I think this would be for Love You, Love You or Me. They’re both really cheerful songs that would need a lot of color in the MV. I love Hangeng in the last picture. He looks so happy there :D

  11. @snapefreak: I remember that interview where they said their were filming two, but I just thought it was either A. a misspoken statement, meaning they were filming in two different location with two different outfits making it feel like two MVs or B. that it was a mistranlation but now I’m not so sure.

    Either way I hope it’s Ai Ni Ai Ni that they are filming for. Yay colour!

  12. finally non grey! i was estatic to see colour ^^
    and could be hae be any cuter? he is adooooorable in the giant U letter
    hope it’ll be ai nix2 too, my fave

  13. Snape_freak:
    They said that?

    I need to keep up with SJM more =.=||| I usually tell the time by their hair XD But SJ-M hasn’t really had any drastic hair changes…

    Agreed :) He looks so princely with long hair *__*

    Yayyy, someone else who spells colour “wrong” :P

    Fur scarf? XDDD You ARE going blind XD

    You haven’t ordered it yet? O____O I thought you would’ve ordered it as soon as it came up on Yesasia :P

    Hahaha, I don’t know why Kyuhyun always wears that thing around his neck XD Looooooooool, I’m trying to imagine him with dark eyeliner and a leather jacket, but….too difficult XD

    Boooo, you just burst my bubble :P

    Hiiii :DD!!

    Ooo, they were filming “Me”? I want to see an MV for that song ^^

    They look so happy when they’re wearing colours :D

    I wouldn’t mind an mv for either one of those songs, as long as it’s for a new song, I’m not too fussed :)

    Yay for colour, indeed :DD

    I want a giant “U” to sit on *_____*

  14. I just love their clothes xD Green and yellow, as Brazil’s flag LOL

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