Posted by: lovediaries | July 25, 2008

COOL Magazine feat. SuJu M

{credit: as tagged; no1_jo @ lj because she went to a lot of effort to find these, lol}

Again, these were taken from the time Kyuhyun was away from the group. These scans are from “COOL” magazine which is the chinese magazine that always features Korean celebrities and is also the one I can never get my hands on T____T

They talk about Kyuhyun in this magazine but the writing is too small for me to make out coz when I go to zoom in, it just all goes fuzzy ;____;

You know after seeing them in colour it feels so refreshing :D But then again, they look so “sophisticated” in black & white XD

I think my favourite picture would have to be the horizontal one of Zhou Mi. It’s just a really good shot and he has a really nice side profile. Wook is all emo with girly hair lol and both Donghae and Hankyung are deep in thought. Siwon can’t decide if he wants to look serious or smiley but looks hot anyway. And Henry is such a boy, so cute ^^

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  1. (I’m sugarwarrior from one of the comments a longgggggg time ago XD; okay. Not THAT long ago. Whatever D:!)

    I wish Kyu was here though *________* But I (do they have HTML in these things? lol) love that horizontal one of Zhoumi too. My friend thinks that Henry looks slightly sleazy 8DDD;;; XD (Egh? Where’d the second Henry and the other page of the magazine go? *O*)

  2. While this pics are really hot, I’m still loving the emo SJH ones better, because ugh, eyeliner of win. You’re missing on of the Henry pics bb.

  3. Amy
    Oh I remember you :D Wow, it’s a lot more convenient without having to sign in, eh? Haha yep you did the write html coding :DD LOL I didn’t even think of using “sleazy” to describe Henry XD I think he looks adorable (fixed)

    Yeah, nothing beats eyeliner + frames (mmmm, Sungmin). And…er…no I’m not :P

  4. D: Stop making me think I’m insane. Also, apparently WP robs me of the ability to type. I’ve made (case in point, I had typed “maid” instead of “made” and was about to submit) a typo on every comment. ;-; Maybe it’s because I’m always bashing it.

  5. I thought you already knew you were insane.

    I bash wordpress too. Maybe that’s why it always screws up my blog posts and makes me look gay because everything is either clumped up or the whole page is just screwed.

    Maybe that’s also why livejournal refuses to allow me to learn how to use it. Because I bash it for its complicatedness.

  6. Well yes, thank you for rubbing in my mental challenge. You sure do enjoy racking up those hell points.

    But livejournal is so simple compared to wordpress. D: It gives you everything you need, and for the things it doesn’t, other people make communities and give it to you. What more could you want?

  7. Don’t feel too bad. I’m insane like you too :D

    Really? You think lj is more simple? That’s coz you’ve used it for longer T___T

    Well yes, I’ll admit WP needs a friending system BUT sometimes I don’t like it on LJ because I find people interesting and when I want to get to know them more their journal is like “FRIENDS ONLY” and I hate asking to be friended so in the end I don’t bother XD

    Their loss, I guess :P

  8. Actually, your brain exploded, so unlike me, you’re dead.

    And do we really need to have the “why eljay is awesomer than wordpress” conversation again?

    I’ll be kind and only point out ten benefits eljay would provide this conversation.

    1. Our conversation would have it’s own thread, therefor not interfering with other peoples browsing.

    2. If our conversation went on for over six or so comments our thread would collapse, saving space and letting others avoid scrolling. (Something I’m quite fond of since I’ve had conversations that go on for 200 comments or so.)

    3. The use of icons to convey emotions or just for amusement.

    4. Ability to embed media in comments.

    5. Wider range of HTML allowed.

    6. Comment Preview

    7. Spell Check.

    8. Ability to go back and edit comment for those things spellcheck didn’t catch.

    9. A messaged delivered to my inbox so I don’t have to keep refreshing to check if someone replied.

    10. I can respond form my e-mail without having to go back to the page.

    See? Do you want me to go on.

    I am quite fond of the friending System. It allows me to do SUPER EMO POSTS OF DOOM and know that the people that read them are people that actually want to get to know me and not jut random passersby seeing my inner emotions.

  9. If my brain exploded, the radiation would have hit you so hard you would have died too.

    And yes this conversation is necessary lol coz I really needed you to point out (again) why LJ > WP. Well FINE. WP has a lot they need to improve on especially with the commenting thing. But I’ve already told you about your dashboard! Now make good use of it!! Oh and at least this way allows you to reply to a bunch of comments at a time? Lol

    Yeah fine. When it comes to SUPER EMO POSTS OF DOOM, WP sucks at that. Coz I password protect my posts but many random passersby find their way into my post XDD

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