Posted by: beckery | July 25, 2008

Kangin & Heechul’s New Reality Show

Ooohh Kangin and Heechul will be in a new reality show on ETN called “To be Kangin and Heechul” (LOL “To be Kangin and Heechul” equals “To be totally insane and full of crack” XD) You can watch a preview of the show *here*.

In the clip’s description, the user, SapphireJunior08 wrote:

“This will show HeeChul and KangIn preparing for their up coming ” Xanadu” musical in Sept. This reality show will be aired started from August 6th, every Wednesday at 5pm (Korean time).”

To me, the show doesnt exactly sound that interesting and of course I would prefer having the whole Super Junior on board!! But Heechul and Kangin together surely guarantees heaps of crack, plenty of rofl and crazy moments and of course, never-ending bitch fights hahahaha. And anything with all those elements together is worth a try! <333

On a completely different note. I just saw a clip of Eunhyuk, Leeteuk and Shindong dancing to H.O.T’s “We are the future” in this weeks MBC Every1 Idol Show (feat. Wonder Girls) and ROFLMAO. I watched 5 secs of it and im laughing like crazy. What in the world is Eunhyuk wearing at first?!?!? hahahahaha..But then he starts dancing and of course, I’m drooling. Then jumps in Leeteuk (wearing H.O.T’s costume when they perform “Candy”) and Shindong (wearing who knows what!) and I’m laughing like a crazy woman again. Watch Yesung at 1.10 cuz thats what I’m like ROFL XDDDD Haha I’m too busy laughing, I forgot to put in the link. Here you go peoples!


  1. Since EHB Season 2 is taking forever (is it still gonna happen?). I’m gonna watch any SuJu reality/variety show I can. And besides, anything that involves Heechul (on skates!) is bound to be funny.

    Wait wait so Wonder Girls and Suju was on the “MBC Every1 Idol Show” ? Did I get that right?

    ‘Coz my friend was telling me something about Hyuk liking Yoobin fron WG and they were in a show somewhere…. So this must be that show…. Hmm…..

    *hides from beckery*

  2. [b]@ moon[/b] Well Eeteuk said about the EHB 2 months ago that “public would get what they demand but a bit patience is needed”. Well it is something between these lines since I read it 2 months ago.

  3. moonynim
    Yup Wonder Girls was on MBC Every1 Idol Show, which Suju hosts XDD I’m waiting patiently for it to be subbed cuz it looks really funny! And yup thats the show which Hyuk says he likes Yoobin because she has nice elbows ROFL. Never knew he had an elbow fetish haha.

    indonesia love you all….

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