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The story of Ryeowook’s present

This interview is from a while ago (before Wook’s bday) but I only found it today XD. Kyuhyun unfortunately wasn’t here because of his Grandma passing away but the interview is still quite interesting to read!

It’s quite long so I’ll leave it after the cut! If you want to find out about Ryeowook’s present then you’ll have to read til the end ;) Or…just skip to the end and read?

{credit: FANS Super Fans Entertainment Weekly; Translations: withcoffee @ LJ}

SJ-M: Finally experienced Hangeng’s hardships*

In the parking lot of [blah blah building in blah blah district], two vans have arrived quite awhile ago. When we arrived, the members were in make-up and styling. Ryeowook was playing a game with the workers/staff using papers sitting on the table. Hangeng came out to greet us, shake hands, and smile. Shiwon was on the phone in the grassy area of the garden, while Henry was a bit shy, coming in and out to greet us twice.

Han Geng, Choi Shiwon, Kim Ryeowook, Lee Donghae, Zhou Mi, Henry……they still look like young men to be proud of, but in the media are already quite popular and influential. From Korea to China, any place they’re at will have unending media coverage. At the moment these youthful eyes are looking at me in an orderly fashion, waiting for my next question. They are only missing Kyuhyun, who at the moment is rushing towards Seoul’s airport because he received news yesterday that his grandmother had passed away. Therefore, across the table there are only 6 expressions: thoughtful Hangeng, calm Shiwon, gentle Ryeowook, cool Donghae, and Zhoumi and Henry who are a little shy. During the days of working in Korea, Hangeng learned strength and independence; on the other hand, during the days of breaking into China, Ryeowook learned how to cook. Alone in a foreign land is probably lonely, but even if it’s lonely, Shiwon says he isn’t considering dating right now. In the days at “Home Field,” [TN: a place in Beijing] Hangeng says he keeps getting influenced by the other members, “from having a conversation to playing a game, this is how the implicit understanding between members is created.”

“As the leader, helping the other members is a basic requirement for me.”

“I felt how difficult it must have been for Hangeng to learn Korean in Korea.”

In 7-member SJ-M, missing one member makes it feel imperfect. Although Kyuhyun is still rushing on the road towards the airport, is still remembering his deceased grandmother, the 6 in front of me are using their own feelings of [wanting to] comfort and worry to hope for him to quickly return to the team. In the days in China, with the newly added members, no matter when and where, they all need a new processes and times to complete the connection between each other. Accustomed to eating, sleeping, and reaching for the stars side by side……as Hangeng experienced the loneliness and hard work of learning by himself in Korea, Shiwon says he’s finally realized the hardships and suffering that Hangeng had to bear at that time and began to miss his own family and friends, and has learned to use studying to pass the time and use time to enrich himself……

FANS: Before when you were in Korea plowing ahead, Shiwon, Ryeowook and Donghae took care of you. Now that SJ-M is developing in China, has the role switched to you to take care of them?

HANGENG: The first time I went to Korea, it’s true that it was pretty exhausting, because before I left I wasn’t very good at the language so it was hard to communicate, and so it was the most difficult period of time. Right now I feel very blessed, even though there are still hardships, but as the leader, helping the other members is a basic requirement for me (laugh).

FANS: How about Ryeowook and Donghae? This year you had to change your center of gravity [ie. focus] to China, was there something that you weren’t used to?

DONGHAE: In the beginning I didn’t experience anything that was particularly hard to get used to, just that I missed Korean dishes at mealtimes. Even though I actually really like Chinese food right now, I still really miss Korean food. Besides that, there’s nothing that’s been a big problem.

RYEOWOOK: When we first came to China, I felt quite distinctly that I had very few friends, so I could only stay inside the dorms.

SHIWON: I have one very big feeling, which is that I felt how difficult it must have been for Hangeng to learn Korean in Korea, because I’ve also felt that it’s not easy to learn Chinese in China, it’s very hard.

FANS: How do you spend your free time?

RYEOWOOK: Most of the time we can only stay in the dorms, practice singing and dancing, learn Chinese; otherwise the members will play games or talk together. This sort of thing happens the most often.

HANGENG: We also hope that fans won’t always show up at the dorms. It’s very tiring that way, you need to take care of your body so that you can cheer for us.

As we talk, the conversation turns to food, haha. After all I’m also a connoisseur of food! At the mention of food everybody’s mood clearly raises. From Korean BBQ to the dorm auntie, from being hungry in the middle of the night to emergency pumpkin soup, the 7 member’s mood becomes elevated to a new height. Looks like everyone not only wants to link their hands and hearts, but their stomachs as well!

“Ryeowook’s cooking skills are great!”

“If Ryeowook’s in a good mood, he’ll even make a portion of fried pork steak for us all.”

FANS: I once had a beef dinner in Korea, it was about 2000yuan [~$300 USD] for two people.

DONGHAE, SHIWON: Oh, then you must’ve gone to a very expensive place. You should go to a place called Dongdaemun, the prices there are pretty fair and it’s pretty good.

FANS: Okay, next time you have to bring me.

DONGHAE: No problem (laugh).

FANS: How do you solve the problem of often eating in the dorms?

SJ-M: There’s an auntie who cooks at the dorms, but after she leaves work, there are often times in the night when we’re starving. At these times, there will be one member who is in charge of making us food (laugh).

FANS: Oh, which member?

HANGENG: Ryeowook, haha, his cooking skills are great.”

FANS: Then, what is Ryeowook’s specialty?

RYEOWOOK: Usually I make them Korean pumpkin porridge. This is the dessert that is most popular with the members. Another item is kimchi pancakes, haha.

FANS: Sounds good!

DONGHAE: Of course. If Ryeowook’s in a good mood that day, he’ll even make a portion of fried pork steak for us all, it’s delicious.

FANS: Will Ryeowook go to the market himself to pick ingredients?

SJ-M: Yep, from picking out the ingredients to the dishing out the finished product, it’s all himself.

FANS: Definitely a hard-to-find good guy!


The time passes by quickly during the interview. While discussing the private lives of each other, everyone is very open, and will bring out fun stories to tell. When talking about work, they all speak very earnestly, very honest but at the same time very modest. Hangeng, who has starred in a commercial for the first time, lead SJ-M back to “Home Field,” and carries the title of leader, nevertheless uses a humble manner to introduce his members and their future plans.

“Just a look from me, and everybody will understand my meaning.”

“Hope to blend a bit of Chinese culture and specialties into it.”

FANS: I hear there’s a member who’s learning Cantonese, is it because you’re planning to put out a Taiwanese album?

HANGENG: It’s Zhoumi.

ZHOUMI: I studied for two years in Guangzhou, and felt that the language is pretty fun, so when I’m not busy I’ll study it.

FANS: We all know that Hangeng likes to dance, are there other members who also like it?

HANGENG: Besides me, there’s also Ryeowook, Donghae, they like it.

FANS: Do you like hip-hop [style]?

HANGENG: That’s right. I used to practice traditional folk dancing, so I wasn’t accustomed to poppin’ style dance, and sometimes it was hard to control the popping of muscles. Actually when the entire group dances, we won’t display individual preferences but all act as one body.

FANS: The next question is for Donghae. Do you know there’s a picture of you in the shower that got leaked?

DONGHAE: (confused, shocked, suddenly remembers) Ah, that was from a variety program in Korea, and some fans took a capture of the image, haha!

FANS: Zhoumi, is there any knowledge or experiences you’d like to share with everyone since joining SJ-M?

ZHOUMI: I think as the other Chinese member of the group, I hope to blend a bit of Chinese culture and specialties into the group, to give everyone a performance with a bit more of a Chinese element to it.

FANS: It’s been about 2 months since SJ-M debuted in April, has the rapport between members become very intuitive?

HANGENG: Yes, right now pretty much, we only need a look to understand each other’s thoughts and meanings.

FANS: For example?

HANGENG: For example, when we go onstage, I just need to give a look and everybody is clear on their standing positions and to keep the appropriate distance between each other.

FANS: [Hangeng] has a rather leader-like temperament and spirit?

SJ-M: That’s right (laugh).

FANS: The recent eyedrop commercial Hangeng filmed is the first time to take a leading role in a commercial?

HANGENG: Yes, actually in Korean SJ the members all will have shoots for solo commercials. I feel that for my own commercial, I got along very well with the staff and director, and it was very pleasant and happy.

At the mention of girlfriends, Shiwon suddenly sobered up and very seriously started counting one, two, three to the translator, but it seems like it’s what his mother taught him to say at home, haha. Without further ado, this short time will be left to Shiwon and me – and of course you.

“In the days in China I’ve felt a lot of warmth.”

“Getting a girlfriend is something for much, much later.”

FANS: Shiwon’s performance in Battle of Wits was not bad. After the filming, do you have any plans to act in a new movie, and what kind of role would you like to play?

SHIWON: In the first half of 08, my work focus was on SJ-M. Once past this busy period, if there’s a suitable script and time permitting, I would consider it.

FANS: I’ve heard that the members are all interested in learning martial arts and acrobatic fighting [like in Chinese dance/performances]. Is there a desire to study it?

DONGHAE: Yes, We’re all quite interested in Chinese martial arts, and if there’s a chance we’d like to learn a couple of things.

FANS: Then what martial arts performer or star do you admire?

(Suddenly [the talking] is overflowing) Shiwon and Henry are happily talking, and the translator is very confusedly staring at them hard, trying to translate.

KIM MINSU (SM COMPANY): Shiwon says Henry’s idol is Bruce Lee, he really worships him.

FANS: Shiwon, I hear you like to use a cologne called Miracle?

SHIWON: What?? This is the cologne I used during middle school [TN: junior and high school], you even know about this?

FANS: Your fans are very formidable, the brand of that cologne was told to me by your fans. Do you feel lonely living and working in China?

SHIWON: It’s all right, with them [SJ-M] together with me, we’re quite united, plus with Hangeng’s care towards me, so in these days in China I’ve felt a lot of warmth.”

FANS: No plans to get a girlfriend?

SHIWON: (Suddenly becoming sober) In fact I haven’t gotten a girlfriend till now for three reasons: 1) I’m a Christian, so I won’t get a girlfriend that early, 2) without a girlfriend I can focus my energy on taking care of my parents and family, 3) I’m an entertainer right now, so due to the time constraints of my work and my personality I really can’t get a girlfriend right now, so getting a girlfriend is something for much, much later.

FANS: I heard you’ve been having an upset stomach lately, did you eat too much spicy crayfish?

SHIWON: I don’t know why but since coming back from Korea, maybe it’s because of the water, at first my stomach wasn’t feeling too good, then afterwards I started wanting to eat spicy things. Perhaps I ate too many chili peppers a few days ago, haha.

Without realizing it we’ve talked for a long time, and the interview is about to end. I rememberd that cute Ryeowook’s birthday is in a few days and therefore casually asked a question regarding presents. Unexpectedly, I managed to get silly Shiwon into trouble. Originally we were talking about presents, but somehow still ended up talking about food. Gosh, these young people!

“It’s all their influence on me!”

“Let’s give a ping pong table, and besides exercising we can all use it as a dining table to eat on.”

FANS: With Hangeng as the leader, has he set any examples for everyone that’s influenced you?

HANGENG: It’s all their influence on me, they’ve pulled me into playing StarCraft, haha.

FANS: In a few days it’ll be Ryeowook’s birthday, has everyone prepared presents?

Hangeng, Donghae, Ryeowook start to snicker at Shiwon, causing the translator to become fuzzy again.

DONGHAE: Haha, that’s a ping pong table, but Shiwon still hasn’t paid yet, haha. When are you paying up, Shiwon?

SHIWON: (embarrassed laughter)

HANGENG: Actually at the time it was Kyuhyun who was super into exercising, and it just happened to be Ryeowook’s birthday in a few days, so Shiwon said to give a ping pong table, and besides exercising we can all use it as a dining table to eat on.

FANS: Then why not give a billiards table, it’s even bigger?

SHIWON: A billiards table is too expensive, plus if we eat on it after exercising, we’ll be too afraid of getting it dirty. So it’d still be better to give a ping pong table, haha.


* TN: Just want to point out that it’s hard to convey the proper meaning of the title. Translated directly it means “Finally learned through experienced Hangeng’s not-so-easy [trials]” and carries a nuance of admiration for Hangeng’s strength of character in being alone in Korea during the trainee days… I just wanted to emphasize the idea of admiring Geng, I guess haha :x

Siwon’s reasons for not dating make me LOL. Being a Christian doesn’t prevent you from dating at a young age…it’s the having Asian parents part that does XD


  1. Awww, so cute X333

    Maybe Siwon said that he didn’t want to get a gf early cos he wants date knowing that they’ll eventually marry? Just a guess ^^

    Hahahaha, I would never have pictured Ryeowook actually *wanting* a table tennis table for his b-day. I’d give him a Thomas the tank engine train set :DDD

  2. ^Oh yeah that would make sense. Aw now I feel bad for laughing at Siwon XD

    Did you notice that I’m not at school?

  3. ^ Yes we noticed!! I was making up excuses for you such as maybe you were on the computers at school or in the library. =_= Why arent you at school missy?!

  4. ^Once again, we fail at keeping on track lol

    I’m not a school skipper ;____;

    This morning I woke up late and missed out on my morning class and so my mum was like “You know what, you might as well stay home today and rest” And so I got up to study and was going to do my essay for English on Anastasia but because its a video tape and about 10 yrs old it screwed up my television so now I have a broken tape and a broken TV because we had to take the TV apart and for some reason now that it’s together again it doesn’t turn on but lucky its not the TVB TV coz otherwise we’d probably all die but I’m still extremely sad because my Anastasia tape is no more and I probably have to go out to buy the DVD which is perfectly okay because I absolutely love the movie but it’s just upsetting since that tape was like my best friend along with my Little Mermaid tape so I’d assume that that tape is also old and broken and just OMG IM SAD.

    Can you tell? *wibble*

  5. Lmao, Anatasia XDDD You really are a thpethal thpethal girl :P

    I just read the interview properly, and I think there’s an error with the translation.

    “FANS: I hear there’s a member who’s learning Cantonese, is it because you’re planning to put out a Taiwanese album?”

    That bit doesn’t make sense =___=

    Why do you have to watch Anastasia for English? I had to watch “Nicholas and Alexandra” for history….but that’s a big people movie :P

  6. I chose Anastasia as one of my 9+ additional texts…its for JOURNEYS :D And…it can be a big people movie too. It has ROMANCE. My favourite \O/

    IM STILL SAD YOU KNOW, except you pointing out that error made me laugh AHAHAHAHA yeah it doesn’t make sense but shhhhhhhh I’m sure no one else will see it.

  7. Hi candychu.
    Finally, i can comment hahahahhaa. thinking of a name is hard work.
    i dont mind if siwon isnt into dating yet. cos i UNDERSTAND him. i ming bai him HAHAH omg i sound so lame.

    PS: u r an awesome online buddy.


  8. ^IT’S YOU. Lol you finally got off your butt and commented. Of course you don’t mind that Siwon isn’t dating yet because you’re still underage. Haha just kidding. Except you kinda are?

  9. I read that interview a while ago… and I agree (?) Someone learning Cantonese and wanting to release a Taiwanese album….. WHAT? O_______O;;;

  10. ^Lol I’m not sure if it’s a mistranslation or not, though. I should probably go to the original article and check it …

    ryeowook’s so sweet
    i love him even more now <3

  12. ^Haha yeah, he’s such a cutie ^^

  13. Aww, they’re all so darling. I love SJ-M (although Shiwon does definitely catch my attention).

    BTW, your last comment made me LOL so much :DDDD. SO TRUE~! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! (Although, lately, my parents have been asking why I don’t have a boyfriend yet…-_-;;;)

  14. ^Oh really? Your parents must be the open sort? But you’re “old” enough for a boyfriend aren’t you? lol the rule in my family is no boyfriend until uni XD

  15. The rule in my family is till 18. Which, of course, is perfectly fine with me because I’m saving myself for the DBSK boys anyway. HAHAHA. This SJ-M interview was sweet! Shiwon says he isn’t dating because he’s waiting for me.

    -runs from hoard of fangirls-

  16. ^HAHA me too :D I’m in no rush now because no one I meet here will be as awesome as the boys in Korea :DDD LOL

    Yeah, yeah, keep dreaming :PP

  17. It’s my first time coming to your page ^^
    Thank you for put this interview, I like it ^^

  18. ^Hello and welcome ~! Hope you’ve been coming back to visit :)

  19. As I christian, I understand what he means. I believe that he is not the kind of person to have different girlfriends. He is focused on marriage. He is to young to have a girlfriend. Not mature enough in Christ. His comments does not mean that every christian thinks like that. It just means himself that believe that. He will have a girlfriend when he is sure that she is the one!

  20. ^Yeah I’m a Christian too so I get the whole “date only if you intend on marrying” thing too :)

  21. maybe he has committed, i mean siwon, coz i hear that siwon is also a friend of an America born Chinese pastor, Jaeson Ma. Jaeson Ma from his first calling to be pastor, he made commitment to purely serve God for 7 years (it’s also means no girlfriend). And also Vanness Wu, Vanness also had committed to organizing his life…but till now i think he still want to serve God.
    And maybe Siwon also think like that. Maybe he really wait ’til his twenty-something then from that time he will open his heart for girls, and he’ll still select the best…
    I am also one who commit like that…
    so i think like that…

    but it’s still maybe…^^
    who knows

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