Posted by: beckery | July 26, 2008

DBSK in B-Pass September

Credits As tagged + shikonari @ soompi

Theres heaps of scans so I’m just gonna put some of the group ones here, the rest can be found under the cut XD



LOL Jae still has that mushroom cut of his XDDD and Yunho has his wolverine aka war with the hairdryer hair!! But wow, doesnt Changmin look reallllyyyy good here. His lips in his solo shots are really nice and pouty <333. Junsu’s stares are soo mesmerising and makes me want to swim in them *_* Oh and I really want Micky’s scarf!! Its nothing outstanding I know, but I’ve got this huge scarf fetish atm, cuz scarfs just make everything look better haha..

But doesnt some of the photos (under the cut) look kinda weird? I was talking to Pinkandsparkly about how they make the boys look kinda transparent and sorta blend into eachother haha.. In one of them Yunho looks like his trying to reach inside Changmin to steal his heart or something XDDD LOL 








    *molests screen*

  2. The blending isn’t a bad idea but its coz theyre all different sizes. Pft. They need a new designer/photographer … I wouldn’t mind filling in ;) I’d probably have them all dress in birthday suits AHAHAHAHAH

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