Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 26, 2008

Heebum ran away?

Picture: Heechul’s CY

Attention all the people who are currently residing in Korea, run out now and go search for Heebum! (Heechul’s cat)

Actually, I’m not sure if Heebum did run away, but that’s what fans are saying after reading Heechul’s CY entry about how he got a NEW cat.

New cat:

The CY entry asked fans to suggest names, though Heechul mentioned that he’s already thought of “Gaeteuk” which translates to “Dog Teuk” XDDD. Poor Leeteuk~~

I’m not a cat person (they scare me) but I liked Heebum. Actually, I just liked watching Heechul make her/him dance in those pink cat dresses he put on her/him XDDDD. I remember having a conversation with Spazzes about how Heebum must be the most abused cat in Korea, rofl xD.

But why would anyone/cat run away from Heechul, anyway? I hope Heechul finds her/him soon….

Any name suggestions for Heechul’s new cat? It’s too late for me to think of anything creative….but it’s fur colour reminds me of vanilla macchiatos…except that’s kinda a mouthful to say, and I doubt Heechul would be able to pronounce it XD

Edit: Beckery gave me a picture of baby-Heebum


Is this post spam? I don’t think it is. Everyone should be informed of the current state of Heechul’s cat/s :D


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWW *dies* baby Heebum is soooo cute!

    I would be super upset because isn’t Heebum like… some really really rare (read: expensive) breed of cat? Maybe she… died…

  2. I think heebum is much cuter than the new cat although the new cat looks more sophisticated(?)!

  3. awww i want a cat like Heebum now *after seeing baby Heebum’s pic* yeah like nanshi I read that somewhere Heebum’s a rare & really expensive cat that his fans got him to replace his other cat. The new cat looks like one of those cats that gets pampered all the time lol.

  4. I hope Heechul isn’t turning into Paris Hilton….
    Shes always replacing her animals with stuff.

    Heechul should buy a monkey…name it Eunhyuk.


    Its a cute a cute!
    I have a cat just like this one, its name is Aki. Akinori actually.

    ANYWAY, i can’t wait to see pictures of them together..Heechul took some with Heebum, without a shirt, now it should be without PANTS!

  5. OH NO! D8
    But heechul is so ugh, he gets a new cat straight after he lost his old one?
    Nonetheless, poor heebum )8
    I remember seeing this picture of heebum sleeping in the boys’ box ofCalvin Klein underwear xDD
    Hope heebum gets found soon .

  6. I bet an Elf kidnapped it (what is heebum? boy? girl?) XD I wouldn’t put it past them, nutty fangirls.

    But the new kitty looks like a Siamese 8D Gaeteuk, lol

  7. kiyo!~ hehe
    Heebum is so cute. hope Heechul oppa finds him
    i don/t like the new cat but i like its name. haha
    GaeTeuk!~ kawaii ^^

  8. OMG! I rili hope hee chul will find heebum, i hve a cat myself n i once lost him n felt like dying’!! Heebum is damn cute!!

  9. I’m not a car person but I luuuuurve Heechul’s old kitty kat!

    Heebum (which is a he btw) is really adorable. And if there is one thing that Heechul loves more than himself, it’s got to be Heebummie. I hope he’s really not missing.

    At least this new cat is pretty. That’s more than I can say for Hae’s Meo. XD!

  10. Gawd !!! PLease ! i hope HanJae HeeBum is not lost . or if he ( that has been said by moonynim ) is , PLEASE ! LET ME HAVE IT !!
    that cat is not an ordinary cat .
    He is owned by a popular and handsome yet pretty KiM HEECHUL !!
    Heebumiee is damn KYUT when he was little .
    i don’t like cats . especially if it is so furry . :(

    especially when I’m mentioned *feels special XD*

    Heebum is definitely the most abused cat in Korea, definitely. HAHAHAHA. But I don’t think he ran away; Heechul just has two cats now lol. He’s already taking his new cat on radio shows!

  12. @moonynim:At least this new cat is pretty. That’s more than I can say for Hae’s Meo.
    AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Seriously, wth happened with Hae when he was choosing Meo. It’s seriously so ugly, lol I’m so mean. Omg you know what would be really awesome!! If EunHae had a dog. Like a couple dog. And then it would be their kid!!!! :D/

  13. heebum is still with heechul! i went to heechul’s cyworld today to look and heebum and the new cat were taking a picture together! ^^” SO CUTE!you should go see it!!!

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