Posted by: beckery | July 26, 2008

Preorder JunJin’s Vol 1. Repackaged

You can preorder it at Yesasia *here* The Repackaged comes with 2 new songs!

I’m actually, having a major guilt trip atm because I dont do enough posting on the other Shinhwa members as I’m eternally biased towards Dongwan  So I was about to do a post to help promote his album, but I realised his bday is comming up so will do a huge Bday Post for him then to make up for my lack of love haha XDDDD

On another note, its been confirmed that Shinhwa’s Soulmate Concert is cancelled. The organisers state that “preparations for the concert were lacking” and thus they had to cancel it. Well in that case, they shouldnt of attempted to organise the concert at all and postpone the date the first time.. Omg this gets me sooooo mad!! I was waiting for my Dongwan ft Eric “My Love” performance and now I probably would never see it!! I’ll just go to a corner and sulk now =(((


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