Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 26, 2008

Top five good looking members among the kpop groups

Video: ichigotvxq88 @ Youtube

Before I talk about the actual video, I need to have a little complaint about the MC


K. Done. I’m good :)

Anyway, this video’s in English, and it’s about the “top five good looking members” in all the current Kpop bands. The rank is as follows:

  1. JaeJoong (DBSK) <333333 What can I say, I have good taste ;)
  2. Siwon (SuJu) <3333 Haha, my favourite Suju member XD I really do have good taste….
  3. Lina (CSJH) GREAT choice. I <3 her
  4. Yoona (SNSD) Imo she’s the prettiest SNSD girl
  5. TOP (Big Bang) He’s attractive, but I like GD more XD

So….do you agree with the results? I can’t remember why they were ranked like that, and I’m really not emo enough to make myself go through the pain of listening to the video again XD

Sucks that none of the Shinhwa boys are on the list :(((( Oo, and Battle’s Chris is attractive <333

::Edit:: Forgot to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you might think someone’s ugly, but their Mummy would think that they’re beautiful, so no bashing, k? :D


  1. Lol you hate Isak.

    ANYWAYS. OOH I want to have a go too. Well I basically agree with them except DBSK should be Changmin :PP And I think Seung Ri for Big Bang. Me and Bec are saying how TOP is like a mean batman XDD

  2. NO SHINHWA MEMBERS!!! Well its not a very accurate poll if theres no shinhwa members pfffttttt…But everything else is quite agreeable..I’m leaning more towards SeungRi or GD for Big bang and well I’m still bitter theres no shinhwa members up there =_=

  3. Yay, Jaejoong…OMG she’s annoying

  4. OMG LOL her voice is so funny, i always laugh my heads off when I see her. Sadly I like her tho ;-; She actually sounds pretty good in radio. I agree wiith pretty much all of them, except SNSD i think sooyoung is most gorgeous! fany is cute too

  5. omo!
    jae is the the 1st on the list!!
    haha ;p
    it means we have good taste..hehe ;p
    love jae frever!!~

  6. is she talking to herself or to the audience??
    haha ;p
    i think she thinks that she is funny.
    but she is irritating..
    i cnat hear the words that she said clearly.. =.=
    but no doubt her english is good.
    perhaps its my hearing?? haha ;p

  7. Hi~

    I always like checking your guys’ blog because it has such interesting things ^^

    Ooh, where was this ranking done? Mnet? But I do agree with many of their choices, and I like how 4/5 of them were from SM. Speaking of SM that girl is Isak from Isak and Jiyong, the group Lina was in before the Grace. I can see Isak is kind of bitter not really doing anything…which is kind of funny. I’m horrible lol.

  8. Yoona??
    hell noooooooooo!!
    snsd sucks!!
    they should put
    one of wonder girls member!!

  9. Candyman:
    I do not HATE her. I just dislike her voice..and her body language :D

    SeungRi from BigBang? See, that’s cos you haven’t seen the BBbud photoshoot ;)

    Evil Batman, lmao XDDDDD

    I’d definitely put Eric there :))))

    Hello? BBbud photoshoo? GD BELONGS up there

    Hahahah XDD I know, right

    Radio? Omg, she’s a DJ too O_____________O

    I’m not too familiar with SNSD, but Yoona’s pretty ^^ Though maybe that’s cos I keep seeing her =.=

    We do have good taste ;)

    I have no idea who she’s talking to, but I can’t understand her XD I need sub for this :P

    Thanks for your comment :DD

    Lol, SM’s so powerful XDD

    Omg, she was the girl who was in that group with Lina??? WOW O___O She doesn’t look like a singer O__O And omg, I thought she was my age, but if she was in the group with Lina, then she’s heaaaaaps older than me :SS

    She needs to stop the cute act.

    Haha, I like Wondergirls too ^^

  10. Definitely agree with you about the annoying voice… bleeding ears, anyone?! O_O

    I agree with Siwon (though Hankyung & Kyuhyun are insanely close too, haha), Jaejoong, Yoona & Lina (to be honest I was surprised CSJH were on there because of the lack of promotion for them), though Big Bang’s Seung Ri is defintely the hottest~!!!! No doubt about that, lol.

  11. For me it would be Changmin(his level of hotness increases by the minute) for DBSK.

    I agree with Siwon for SJ(hankyung’s close but he’s not as photogenic as siwon is, but I always hear that Hankyung is better looking than Siwon in person though.)

    Lina is gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgess.

    I don’t agee with Yoona. I find her very, very, very overrated. Sooyoung or Yuri would be better. Seohyun is getting prettier and prettier by the day.

    TOP gives off the vibe of a delinquent….I like it XD
    agree with you on Isak

  12. Candy That WAS Isak, right? I thought so when I saw her get all !excited! and !perky! when Lina came up. AND OMG I SO AGREE WITH LINA!!! And i’m glad that she made it on there; people usually tend to … forget about CSJH when these things come up. And yay! Although I must disagree with Yoona. She has very very VERY “typical” looks. Nothing particularly pretty or unique about her. I think she is VERY plain-looking and one of the least attractive in SNSD. I wish Lina was a boy. Or I was a boy. So I could marry her.

  13. I agree with the list except for Yoona, I think Sooyoung is better looking. Though it’s mostly SM artist and one YG member :S lol I think you guys should make a list of the top 5 for each of the labels to satisfy everyone and then have a top 5 overall lol though most ppl would probably argue and not be satisfied with the list so just ignore me.

  14. The host.. “most prettiest’? Ya I am with you, I had to skip some parts. The water debate was skip to end!

    I can get most of the choices. Completely with Yoona, she is soo pretty. Kind of makes me want to punch her… LMAO NO JOKES! *cough* DBSK handsome, Jaejoong makes sense. I personally see Yunho more though. I think Jaejoong is completely flawless bascially every day, but in those moments where Yunho shines it is like I save 10,000 pictures and die inside.

    And I can fully get the allure of Shiwon.. but he just does nothing for me. Not even his chocolate! lol I AM NOT STRANGE! I would actually say like Donghae or Bummie. Not even that biased because then I would throw Hyuk in, but really they just are more… unique? OMG but Shiwon is probably the only one taller than me. Urgh.

  15. @Nanshi: Haha lol I didn’t bother watching the video because I watched this other one of Isak talking and I really can’t stand her voice. Except I once listened to some Korean radio with her on it and she didn’t sound that bad.
    But I agree with what you said about Yoona. That’s exactly what *I* thought. She’s so ordinary looking. I’d probably pick Soo Young as the prettiest? And she has the nicest legs, argh T__T

  16. OMG, I saw this before you posted it up here, and it makes me happy to see that the MC’s voice doesn’t only annoy me. ><‘
    Personally, I don’t think Yoona’s that pretty… [Then again I don’t really like SNSD so…-hides-]
    But yay for Jaejoong being number one!^^ He uses the same thing as me: water. =D

  17. I don’t understand why Isak talks like this on her shows lol. She’s got a really awesome singing voice though and I wish SM would just let her SING something again :/. Her album with Lina (when they were a duo) was actually pretty good, despite it flopping :(.

    And I have actually grown to like Yoona a lot (she’s quite a talented actress too) and she is indeed very pretty imo, but Sooyoung is even prettier <333. I have Sooyoung goggles lol; I was staring at her the whole time at Hollywood Bowl XDD;;.

  18. When was this video taken ‘coz I saw Isak like, 3 weeks ago and she had really short hair. O.O

    Anywayz, I used to think her voice was annoying too but it was compensated by the fact that she’s super nice and friendly. (I’ve seen(/met) Isak in person and she’s not that bad really).

    I think pretty much everyone mentioned it, but the lack of ANY Shinhwa member here is really appalling. ERIC!!!

    Also, no Wonder Girls? But why????

  19. J:
    Yea, she needs voice lessons :SSS

    Lol, I’d put Leeteuk and Heechul after Siwon :P

    Seungri? Have you NOT seen the BBbud photoshoot?? GD totally pwned that xP

    I’d pick Changmin as the most gorgeous when he has SHORT hair. I was soooooooooooo not a fan of his lion mane :S

    Yoona is overrated :P

    Hmm, I don’t think she’s drop dead gorgeous. BUT, she’s the only one who still looks the same (have you seen the pre-debut pictures of the other girls?) so….in terms of natural beauty, she’s the prettiest SNSD member.

    Lol, I’m not familiar with the YG artists XDD I just know that Se7en and BB are under YG >___<

    Yea, I had to watch the video on mute :P

    Lol, I think Yoona’s the prettiest out of all the SNSD girls ^^ Maybe cos she looks the same as she did predebut, while the others….don’t XD

    Ahhh, I get what you mean about Yunho! He always has these special *shining* moments ^^

    :O:O!!! Siwon does nothing for you? ARE YOU GAY xP Jks.. He’s heaaaaaps hot. Ooo, Heechul and Hangeng are both taller than you ^__^ And Kyuhyun..

    Alex Ryom:
    Lol, I’m not SNSD’s *biggest* fan either :P But I think she’s the prettiest out of all of them…just because some of them looked so different predebut, it scared me :S

    Omg, that voice on radio? O_____O

    I was really surprised when I found out that *she* was the one who was in a group with Lina. I was expecting Lina’s ex-bandmate to be like Lina, as in, mature and sophisticated :P

    Hmm, how should I put this without sounding mean….I think Yoona is pretty according to traditional korean standards, does that make sense? Sooyoung doesn’t looks Korean (that wasn’t meant to be offensive, I just think she looks South east asian, still pretty though ^^)

    Short hair?? O_O

    Wow, you’ve MET her???? Is her voice that annoying in real life? :P

    I would’ve put Eric on the list too, he’s goooorgeous <3333

    Yea, no Wondergirls :(((

  20. nyahaha!! i soo knew it when i first saw this XD~ JaeJoong is still the most handsome and goodlooking guy *drop* though i personally would put changmin in there too *lol* he’s just..WOW XD~
    I agree with Siwon being the most goodlooking guy (of Suju) XD~
    I’m not really into CSJH (wow.. i wrote it right ^^’) and I don’t really know who’s lina XD~ (shoot me *drop*) but all in all i think that all CSJH members are good looking ^___^
    after watching her in the ‘Propose’ MV i think that she’s really really goodlooking XD~ I envy her soooo much *drop* she’s cute but still has a matured look.. hmmh… dunno how to explain xD
    As for TOP.. the first time I saw him on BBs MV (I think it was LaLaLa? or Lies? idk) i was sooooo scared *loooool* but for me.. it’s still gdragon xD (then seung ri ^^)

    as for Isak *lol* maybe I’m used to her voice since I watch pops in seoul often.. but is her voice really that annoying? nyahah XD~ or maybe i just didn’t realized it because i was laughing so hard when she was talking to herself *drop* (the water issue *lol*)

  21. @pinkandsparkly
    Well, I didn’t exactly met MET her and we’re now chums or something. It’s more like, we said hi, and then my friend ask for a pic with her, and then we ask her which one she thinks we’ll be the first k-pop boyband to ever visit our side of the pond, and she said in a whisper, “I think it’s Dong Bang Shin Ki.”

    Her voice is not THAT annoying in real life.

  22. Here’s Isak singing ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ in the car lol. She’s quite good <3

    And I would agree with you about Yoona and Sooyoung! I was surprised to find out Sooyoung is actually full Korean, but she’s really pretty. She just stands out from the group imo.

  23. Youjuchan:
    Lina is gorgeous <3333

    You should go listen to some CSJH songs, they’re REALLY good!!!

    Lol, I agree with Candychu and Beckery about how TOP can sometimes look like an evil batman XDD

    Ooo, she sounds nice :D

    Awww, I *know* no korean boybands will come to australia XD We’re so deprived :((((( We just get rock bands =.=

    She’s good!!!!! Her voice sounds great in the video, she should talk like that in real life, lol XD I hope LSM lets her release a mini album or something, a voice like that deserves to make some albums :(

    Sooyoung does stand out :D I love how she’s taller than all the other girls XD The other SNSD girls are TEENY, but I think sooyoung’s only 1-2 centimetres shorter than me? Though she looks like a tree when she’s standing next to Taeyeon XD

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