Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 28, 2008

DBSK A-Nation + Autographed LSM Album

Pictures: Baidu

A-Nation’s started! I’m not sure how long it’s going to go for, but YAY, IT’S STARTED :DD

DBSK will be performing at the A-Nation concerts along with some other popular J-pop artists :)

^^^^^ Stage ^^^^^

And here are the songs they’ll be performing (these may change depending on the day, I think)

1.Purple Line
2.Beautiful you
5.Somebody To Love
6.Summer Dream

I only expected them to perform one or two, not SIX. That’s like, half a concert worth of songs O___O.

Some pictures from the first day:

Jae got rid of his bowl cut! :DDD!!!! Though Yunho still looks like he had a very happy time with his hairdryer and hairspray XD

And to make this post even more random that it already is, here’s a picture I found of an autographed LSM album!

Apparently, LSM was huge “back in the day” XDDDDDDD The album cover made me LOL XD.


  1. The stage looks exactly the same as last year =.=” Be innovative people, lol! Japan is like practically the most advanced + creative country and they dont even change the stage for a concert?? SHEESH! And their outfits are so similar to last year as well ;_____;

    I still havnt watched/heard a live performance of doushite…etc yet lol. Damn, they should’ve performed Darkness Eyes. Coz thats like a really summery song, you know? :DD

  2. I can’t remember what their A-Nation performances looked like last year XDDD

    Darkness Eyes? Summer song?? Were you being sarcastic….?

  3. They look like they want to pass out from the heat in the very first picture lol. Especially Yunho and Junsu XD.

    Thanks for the pictures ♥!

  4. hey!
    thanks fr sharing!
    yea.their outfit is similar with the one they wear last year.
    hehe ;p
    6 songs?
    thats a lot.
    i hope they gt enuf rest..
    i dont wan them to fall sick cz of the heat n performances ><

  5. I like Yunho’s new lion hair. PHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~! Then again, I always like lion hair (Changmin’s was fun too when it was like that. Micky should do it too. His hair is long enough now). Yunho actually looks very Japanese’y with his hair like that; it’s almost like a perm.


  7. I like their outfits even if they’re a bit repetitive hehe. They’re singing so many songs this year! I can’t wait to hear どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう. Yunho’s hair still cracks me up rofl.

  8. LOL first pic they looked PISSED as hell. like, get off or i’ll punch you in the face kind of pissed off especially yunho. micky, jj & junsu looks tired and sulky. but awww changmin the mood maker managed a smile! LSM… just. NO. LOL at his OMONA! pose. WTH.

  9. Haha the 1st pic also showed Jaejoong looking very angry.Micky really looks like he’s gonna faint.And i prefer Jaejoong’s hair blonde,suits him better.

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