Posted by: beckery | July 28, 2008

Minwoo’s Bday Fanmeeting

Credits as tagged + Shinhwa Indonesia + chabori @ soompi

M for Mushroom XD

With Dongwan <333

(More pics under the cut)

ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! Minwoo, mushroom hair, WHAT?!?!? *shudders* I was joking with Pinkandsparkly and Candychu the other day about bowl hair cuts and how it was really “in” atm. Though I think mushroom hair does not SUIT ANYONE ok, no matter how hot they are *stares at Jaejoong*. Ok, granted they might look alright if they’re cute *looks at Taemin* But seriously, MINWOO with MUSHROOM HAIR doesnt settle too well with my stomach, no matter how much I love him, and how ridiculously adorable he looks with Dongwan (especially that last picture *giggles*). I know I’m exaggerating, cuz he doesnt look that bad and kinda cute I guess. Its just that seeing Minwoo, who’s known as having the best fashion sense out of Shinhwa, sporting this hair makes me freak out wondering who the next Kpop star will be :S

Anyways, at the party they showed a clip of all the members message. *here* Its in korean and its a fancam and like always, I didnt understand a word of it XDDD hahaha. But its cute nonetheless and make me smile like a maniac ^_^ Dongwan smiles like the sun here and omg Eric finally has nice hair again and looks really really hot *_* I think the fans also agree cuz they were screaming the whole time when he was talking! And then at the end I think he was showing the fans how to whistle with your fingers. LOL IDEK. Its Eric we’re talking about, nothing from that guy makes logical sense to the human brain. Gosh I miss his ET-ness <3333 

P.S His Bday post should be up by tonight XD

::EDIT:: I’ve just added more pics (under the cut) from his Japan Bday fanmeeting. Mushroom hair, mustardy/orange pants and a sparkly party hat = Kiddie Minwoo *pinches cheeks* XDDD




  1. I tried to look under Minwoo’s shirt so that something nice and yummy (lol) could distract me from his hair but it didn’t work.

    AHHHHH, Taemin!! Look what you have done :'(

  2. I love Woodong! xDD I don’t know what’s up with celebs with bowl cut nowadays. I’m not sure I like it, even on Minwoo, but heck, he’s cute as always. xP

  3. woodong <3 XDDD
    i hope he had a good bday 8DD

  4. C
    Lol whats with you and looking under Minwoo’s shirt?!?! =PPP And dont use the “so it could distract me from his hair” excuse. You wanted to look cuz u couldnt resist his yummy abs pftt, you dont need an excuse, cuz I know exactly how you feel XDD

    Woodong is so much loveee!! Umm yea Minwoo does kindddaaaaa look cute, its just that I really dont like bowl cuts =_=

    Ooo a Woodong lover too? Join the club XDD And I’m sure he had a good bday, especially with all the awesome fans, Dongwan and his many many presents!

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