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Sexy Dance Machine


Minwoo ♥


Lee Minwoo. Minbong. My first Kpop Crush. My first Shinhwa Crush. ♥♥♥♥♥ I think that tells you alot about how much I love and adore this guy! I always believed Minwoo was born to be an entertainer, to be on stage and be in the limelight. He has this certain charismatic and confident aura to him, that kinda demands your attention!

What also makes him special is his devotion to music and his fans. I remember during Shinhwa’s Tropcial Summer Story Festival in 2006, Minwoo hurt his leg during a performance and despite all the members (who sounded really really worried) telling him to go to the hospital, he still limped back on the stage and kept performing. It was a dance song aswell and just seeing him limping around, trying to dance and sing really touched my heart. Oh I found the clip, watch it *here* From that clip you can see how hard he pushes himself and gosh how can you not love this guy?!!?

Plus, lets not forget, his mad talented! He composes, pens lyrics, choreograph dances and does a million other things and does an amazing job at all of them!! And you gotta admit he is one dead hot sexy guy (despite his height =P)! XDDD haha. He doesnt ever seem to age =_= Seriously, what do these guys use? They all seem to look hotter as they age and not even a day near their 30’s!

Anyways I hope he has a fabulous bday and always be safe and happy!! Also, he’s releasing his 4th album on August 21st so best of luck with that. (That makes it a total of 5 Shinhwa members releasing solo albums this year, now all we need is for Eric to release his album which I keep hearing about and probably will never see *sighs*).  



I love the picture I sent you. it was the best picture of him for me. And i reallly really love his The Sentimental Reason album. sigh. I had never thought that he would attract me that much since his style of music was never really mine. haha. sigh. but he really grows with time.
it is like he is so much much more mature over the time. sigh. I dont know what to say about him but it is really good. ^^

Youtube clips, gorgeous photos/gifs/avatars are under the cut cuz its really long and I dont want to kill the page, so come and click click click XDD

Credits to As tagged, Soompi, Shinhwabiz,



*Minwoo vs JangWooHyuk dance battle* *Minwoo Couple Dance Xman* *Junsu, Yunho, Minwoo’s Xman dance intro*  When I talk of Minwoo, dancing is one of the first thing that comes to mind cuz face it, this guy is one hot dance machine. I love watching him dance cuz he makes it look so effortless and has the whole sexy and flirty vibe going for him. <33

*Last First Kiss MV* *If You MV* *Girlfriend MV* *Bump* *Love is a Beautiful Word MV Live* Minwoo has a great voice and his live singing is always fantabulous! “Last First Kiss” is one of my favourite Minwoo song! “Love is a Beautiful Word” is also pretty high up there. Minwoo was actually chosen as the spokesperson for “Step Up 2” in  Korea and “Love is a Beautiful Word” was the song used for promotions, so you can see clips from the movie in the MV. However, I prefer the live performance cuz it was really good and the fan’s chants makes me shivers XDD

*Bo go ship da* OMG I LOVE THIS SONG! Its seriously one of my favourite Korean song ever, ever! Minwoo sang this ages ago, and not one of his greatest performances, but hey at least he tried. The song wasnt really suited for his vocal range, so he seemed to be struggling at some parts haha.

*So Sick* I also love this song and Minwoo does a surprisingly fantastic job at it. His english is actually pretty good here, well at least I could understand some parts lol XDD *Sexy back* HAHA I love it when he says “I’m bringing sexy back”. Oh and you gotta love his adorable engrish XDDD Plus he performs it topless!! OMG *drools*

*Fanservice* Minwoo is amazing at getting the crowd hyped up! I absolutely love this clip cuz he’s soooo sexy here, yet really adorable and cute. He sings this cute song for the fans that goes “Minwoo likes Shinhwa Changjo. What should I do when you get prettier” XDD and the whole time he sings it, his topless and dripping with sweat and shaking his cute lil butt haha. Then he makes the fans sing “SHinhwa Changjo likes Shinhwa. What should I do when you get hotter” and gosh the fans are amazing *_*

Special stages are always worth watching. Minwoo has one with Epik High *here* and Son Ho young *here* For Epik High’s, they performed “M-Style” and “Fan” and ROFL Minwoo is so lost throughout the “Fan” performance XDDDD He forgets his lines, sings earlier than he should, doesn’t know the dance steps and just gets pushed around alot HAHAHA! For SHY’s, they performed “Bump” and “My Hearts in Heaven”. Omg “My Hearts in Heaven” is a really really good song. My favourite SHY song for sure. If you havent tried him, go listen to that song or “Love Brings Separation” now! Anyways, it was a good performance and they both looked smoking hot <3

*Minwoo Manwon ft shinhwa* HAHAHA Omg you can soooo *rolls eyes* feel the SHinhwa love in this clip…NOT! XDD Minwoo isnt allowed to eat, so the others are rubbing it in his face hardcore and being big fat bullies haha. Dongwan and Eric stands in front of him and eats and makes the whole “mmm” voice like they’re enjoying it alot. Then Hyesung gives Minwoo a biscuit and tells him to give it to their manager, who is standing like 5 feet away from Hyesung haha. *Manwon song dance* THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!!  Minwoo dances to the Manwon song, then Dongwan and Hyesung joins in, then Eric and JunJin joins and their dance is just so much crack! ROFL XD Theres even a part where they’re skipping around in a circle haha, DORKS!

Minwoo vs Boom Manwon Ep *Part 1* *Part 2* Heaps of cameos from stars such as Suju, Younha, Brian from Ftts etc. Manwon eps are always worth watching especially when you have smart, dorks such as Minwoo in them ^_^

Andy and Minwoo helps Ga In from Brown eyed girls with her mission in Manwon *here* The missions are to guess the words within 20 seconds and omg Andy flies through them so easily! Then she goes to MInwoo for her next time and Andy is all “I want to do it!!!”. But they dismiss Andy, so he chucks this tantrum and tries to distract Minwoo by singing haha. BUT OMG Minwoo totally FAILS, I’ve never seen so much failure comming from him ROFL. So they tell the PD to give her a second chance and Minwoo tells the PD that whilst he’s still smiling to help them out once or else he’ll become scary and ROFLMAO. His scary face at 2.22 is so funny!!! I was cracking up so bad cuz he looks like his constipated or something XD

*Minwoo’s Prank* MUST WATCH!!! Minwoo is such a pimp here, but gosh his sooo sweet. Makes me wanna propose to him XDD haha. The girl (I forgot who) pretends to confess to him about her feelings and its just awkward, awkward and more awkward throughout lol. Its so funny cuz she’s 8 years younger than him and so he makes up all these excuses about going to the army and everything. But she keeps saying that she’ll wait for him and LOL he’s all “err…..ok?” Oh and she gives him a present which turns out to be a mesh shirt and makes him change in front of her. Haha thats one lucky girl right there!

Theres one thing that Minwoo does even better than dancing and singing and thats imitating Dongwan!!! Seriously, he does it EXACTLY alike and he just looovvvvees doing it aswell XD *Heres* a clip of him imitating Dongwan. Its so funny how he imitates Dongwan and goes “Jessica Alba” ROFL and you also get to see Hyori here! Minwoo in SNSD’s Manwon He also imitates Dongwan here! And lol at his clothes. He seriously reminds me of those bunny girls that pop out of those huge gift boxes XDDDD


  1. my goodness … so long. 0_0

    but thank you.;3 for being so understanding. ^^

  2. Wow, he is one sexy boy *____________*

    Minwoo was the first one for Shinhwa that I found hot; remember how I asked you who the short one was? :P

    I can’t watch all the videos right now (it’s the first day of uni, and I’m already behind. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE) but I’ll definitely check them out on my free day!!!

  3. happy birthday, hottie. =] Minwoo was actually the first Shinhwa member I got to know, and till now, still is one of my two favourites. (with Dongwan! xD) I did a pimp post for his birthday too, if you wanna check it out. =)

    hey, I’ve actually watched almost all the videos you linked. *amazed* xDD but I haven’t watched some of them, so thanks for the links! ^^

    Minwoo was what drew my attention to Shinhwa too hehe. Like I knew Shinhwa were like “shin” (God in chinese) but I thought the were from the previous generation (which is kinda true, you know) so I never thought much about them. And then came Minwoo into my life and I was back to feeling like a blushing school girl because hes a man. A sexy one too.
    Lol, I don’t even know what im saying. I just want to use the word “sexy” as much as I can. Sexy and hot and amazing and Minwoo.


  5. Oh I forgot to add .. HES SUCHA TEASE. We’ve all seen his body already and yet he still likes to tug his shirts when he really should just RIP THEM OPEN. Or…let me do it?

  6. potensvita
    LOL yea after I finished, I was like O_O why is it so long! hahaha and no worries! Uni and study is more important anyways XD

    Yea go watch these when you have time! Theres so much crack in them XD Oh and try out some of his songs, cuz you might like them!

    Oh WooDong is ur favourite XD My Shinhwa crush keeps changing but its been Dongwan and Eric for the past 1/2 years and probably will be that way for awhile. Though of course I still love the others <33

    And of course I’ll check your bday post out, when I have time XD I’m sure I’ll probably find some gorgeous photos and more videos to watch! yah! Lets share some Shinhwa love ^_^

    Ohh I must treasure this comment cuz I probably wont get one from you for ages *pouts*

    Hahaha I sometimes still look at Minwoo as a cute boy, cuz seriously his such a dork sometimes! And if you notice, I still call the Shinhwa “boys” not “men” haha. I dont even know why. XD But of course, he is one dead, hot, sexy MAN! And no dear, his tugging his shirts cuz *I* told him to stop showing of his yummy abs to his fans cuz he has to save em for me and only moi. haha

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