Posted by: beckery | July 28, 2008

Sukira Onew & Jonghyun ~ EunTeuks phone call

Credits to shineesubs @ youtube

This was when Onew and Jonghyun were DJing Sukira for EunTeuk, when they were at the Japanese fanmeeting.

At first, Jonghyun is doing a challenge and Teuk has to guess the correct phrase, which has something to do with buying presents. But then when theres 1 minute left, Teuk is being a big fat bully and rambles on and on about Suju’s fanmeeting in Japan and how they got #4 on the Oricon Chart and doesnt attempt to guess it at all LOL. Poor Jonghyun gets all nervous and jumps around on his seat going “Ah Hyung~~”!! He sounds sooo cute <3 Then Teuk finally tries guessing it ,saying random stuff like “a signed CD?” “giving you flowers” and “I’ll give you my heart” HAHAHA, what a dork!

Then they ask to talk to Eunhyuk and Teuk complains about roaming fee and how its going to cost him $1.19 for every minute XDDD haha so precise! Then throughout the clip he keeps telling Hyuk to end the call faster and whinges about the cost at the end hahaha, what a stingy bum! 

At 3.50 Onew asks if the Japanese fans like them and Hyuk goes “well, they really like me and not Super Junior” ROFLMAO. So then its Onew’s turn to for the challenge, but Hyuk keeps talking and talking and talking, so Onew hardly gets a word in haha so he’s all “Eunhyuk sunbaenim~” lol..

Watch it! Its cuteness loaded <333


  1. aww..what a bunch of cuties..
    “ahh hyung!!” XDDD
    and they both say “ohh~..ahh~” at the same time hahhaa

  2. EunTeuk were totally bullying the SHINee boys. Pwahahahaha~

    And I love Eunhyuk’s message to Onew—which doesn’t seem to compliment Onew since it was more of a blatant attack on their “extremely old leader”. XD!!

    <333 SHINee-SuJu

  3. I love it how Jonghyun totally panics when Teuk just rambles on about Suju and them getting 4th on the Oricon Charts <333

    Ahhh Hyung-Dongsaeng ♥!
    Sad Hyukjae didn’t guess Onew’s right. Haha!

  4. Rika
    Jonghyun sounds really adorable saying “hyung” and I really like how Onew keeps saying “sunbaenim”, such a polite boy <3

    Actually, I didnt really get half of what Hyuk was saying cuz he kept talking and talking and I just got lost somewhere and had no clue what he was going on about haha XDD But I still love him cuz his such a conceited bum <3

    LOL Jonghyun was so adorable bouncing up and down. I wanted to fly to japan and hit Teuk on the head with my text book for bullying the poor boy. But at least he got it right. Hyuk on the other hand is total FAIL =_=

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