Posted by: beckery | July 29, 2008

Eric’s T-Magazine photos

Credits to T-Mag + Shinhwa.Biz + Shinhwa Philippines

Oh Eric!


ROFLMAO!!! Oh gosh I cant get over how funny these photos are XDDD HAHAHA *dies from laughter* Ohh Eric, how I missed your ET-ness!! He’s wearing his costume for his ancient drama, “Strongest Chil Woo”. Though I dont really like Korean ancient dramas, I’m still going to give this a try (soon) *sighs* the things I do for Eric <3 haha.

Anyways, doesnt he look like a fusion of Zorro (or some hot hero wearing all black and riding a horse)+ Hello Kitty lover? XDDD HAHA. Want more evidence of our gorgeous, manly Eric being a Hello Kitty fanboy?

Credits to: yanzi@love-ric & midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz



  1. LOL


  2. lol ..hello kitty….eric is so adorable…..

  3. PAS

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha I beat you =P at being lame =_=

    Hello Kitty and Eric are two things I couldnt imagine together, but I guess when it comes to Eric, anythings possible lol

  4. You should totally try this drama out. But it’s not a tradition saeguk. It’s one of those so bad it’s totally awesome kind of shows ^-^

  5. ^ Its just the ratings havent been that high, so I’m a bit iffy about it. I’m such a bad fan. Who cares about rating right? I’m sure Eric did a great job at it. Dont worry, I’m going to definitely try it out when I have time XDD

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