Posted by: pinkandsparkly | July 30, 2008

DBSK – “Doshite” live on CDTV

Video: hotlovinit @ Youtube

I don’t actually know what the full name is *flails* so for now, Doshite will do (cos I’m too lazy to find the full Japanese song name ^^|||).

I had actually been putting off watching lives of this performance, cos I loooooove the recording, and I didn’t want the live to ruin it for me. But I was veeeeery impressed with the performance :DD!!

I think they sounded great :)) They haven’t done very many lives of this song yet, so I think they did an awesome job ^___^ Except, until I watched this performance, I didn’t know Jae had so many lines XDD


  1. it’s “doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou.” lol, i loved this song so much that i even memorized it whole. now i can recite the lyrics straight like a tongue twister again and again and i use it to drive my brother nuts xP. i think the performance wasn’t bad, but there’s always room for improvement. and the boys never disappoint when it comes to improving. =)

  2. their new doushite has become soooooooooo N1 hit in Japan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love !!! Fighting!!!@

  3. 東方神起 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?


    Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?


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