Posted by: beckery | July 31, 2008

Chunji Last Day

It was the last broadcast for Chunji last night!

I dont watch the whole thing, but I do watch clips of it on youtube.. *sighs* I’m going to miss cutie Sungmin ALOT. And of course, miss all his random dancing and singing, his guitar, his adorableness and all the Chunji moments with Sunny. =(

*Heres* a clip of Sunny and Sungmin’s singing their last song together on Chunji. Aww it looked like Sungmin was wiping his tears at the end!

Caps of the cake and the DJs (credits to Mani4ever, miiloverx2 and xjujux @ soompi)


Oh and *heres* a clip of Sungmin singing the Korean version of the Meteor Garden Themesong a few days ago. Just wanted to add it cuz I LOVE this song and Sungmin is adorable XDDDD


  1. i loved it!!!! but do you know the name of the song when they sang together in chunji? like the last song they sang together?

  2. Sorry, I’m actually not sure what song they sang. I’ve never heard of it. I hope you can find it though :D

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