Posted by: beckery | August 1, 2008

Suju H – Pajama Party as 2nd title track

Credits: Sjmarket

Yah! No more “Cooking? Cooking!” XDDDD. Its not that I hate the song, its just that I had this very very bad experience with it, that kinda scarred me for life haha. Anyways, Suju H will start promoting their second title track, “Pajama Party” now. Their first performance will be on Sunday (3rd August) on Inkigayo and they’ll release their new MV for it on the 4th.

Before I comment on their song choice, can I just say ROFLMAO at their new promo photo XDDD Omg Hyuk’s hair!!!! HAHA He looks like he was playing dressups and ok, I’m going all fangirly mode atm cuz no matter what, he still looks sooooo cute! <3 And look, his giving his heart to me his fans XDD Ooo and NO MORE POO HAIR!! ^___^ Maybe Shindong finally got on the hairdresser nuna’s good side again! I cant say likewise with Teuk. I have no idea why but his hairstyle makes me laugh and cringe. Especially his recent ones on Sukira.

Hmm as for song choice, I was actually hoping they would choose “Good Luck” as their second track. It was my favourite song off their mini album and I wanted a cute MV for it… Ok its now your turn to tell me what song you would of liked. XD


  1. Au revoir, Shindong’s poo hair! :DD!!!!!

    But yea, Leeteuk’s gayemo hair makes me cringe too =.=

    Booo, the poll only lets you vote ONCE. What kind of STUPID poll does that =____________=

  2. yay! a new song! and that poo hair is gone! poor shindong….so many people kept making fun of him because of that hair ><;;

    i liked goodluck! that was my fav song too ^O^v

    so does this mean they’ll be performing in pj’s? LMAO

    is it just me or does eeteuk have a clip on his hair O.O
    ahhh eunhyuk took eeteuk’s tree off his head keke! cute~!

  3. Lol! Shindong’s hair is still…not very attractive. I like Leeteuk’s though. And this promo picture is really cute, but I wish their next title track would be Goodluck. I love that song :D

  4. PAS
    “What kind of STUPID poll does that”
    MY POLL DOES THAT!! You got a problem with it? Huh huh? LOL. Well if you havent realised, its not really reliable if you can vote multiple times my dear =_=

    *hi 5* We have good taste lol. Its actually the only song I can stand, all the others make me feel like I’m a kid again lol. And yup! Thats definitely a clip in Teuk’s hair *cringe*

    As for the performances, I really hope they wear cute Pj’s hahaha.. And maybe bring pillows on stage and have pillow fights ^_^

    HAHA!! I agree. Maybe Shindong isnt fully on the hairdresser noona’s good side yet cuz his hair is still =S But hey, lets celebrate the disappearance of the “poo” first and hope for better hair later XD And as for Teuk’s hair, I’m sorry but I’m still not feeling it. I’ve seen him with better hair before lol. But yup, they’re still all adorable and squishable <3333

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