Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 1, 2008

Suju + WG “MBC Idol” cuts

Still not subbed yet, unfortunately :((((( I thought Coolsmurf/Gomdorii would, but their accounts all got suspended :'((((( OH, and MUISHIE’S account got suspended too!! SBS went on a suspending rampage, and quite a few of the regular subbers’ youtube accounts got suspended :(( GAAAAH SBS, I DISLIKE YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH. Oh, and they filmed+leaked rehearsal footage of the Olympic games opening ceremony *chucks all my eco. textbooks at them*

Stupid TV station

ANYWAY, here are a few cuts that you don’t need subs for :D

Sungmin performing martial arts fused with “So Hot” choreography – AWWW, he is soooo cute XD. Only Sungmin can pull something like that off (well, and Heechul XD). Everyone here knows about how Sungmin’s super good at Chinese martial arts, right? (refer to Full House ep.6) Anyway, you see him doing some of that here, including that thing with his arms, and the thing with the stick (lol, you can tell *I* don’t do martial arts XD) and he stuck bits of the “so hot” chore. into his routine XD.

Yesung singing while handing out roses – GIMME ONE :DDD I hate flowers, but NOT IF IT’S FROM YESUNG :D I’m not really sure why he was handing out flowers(?) but his voice sounded wonderful <333 His amazing voice control will never cease to amaze me *___* And awwww, he got to sing to Sohee! Heechul’s gonna be mad X33

Jang Dongmin and Shindong, dancing to Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me” – Everyone knows this song, right? Well you should, it’s a really good song :P Anyway, JDM decides to dance to it, and he looked absolutely hilarious XD But then Shindong joined him, and they did that really famous part of the choreography where the two people lean into each other (you’d know what I mean if you know the chore. :P) and JDM slaps SD’s butt XDD I always find it really interesting how member’s of one band always knows other bands’ dances XD

Annnnd, my favourite cut:

Shindong performing JYP’s “She’s so pretty” – ROFLOL XDDD LOOK AT SHINDONG’S WIG XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AND THE BOW XDDDD. He told the girls that he was going to perform JYP’s “She’s so pretty – WOW remix”, but somehow the topic turned to Eunhyuk’s highly unusual outfit (lol, speaking of unusual, check out what Leeteuk’s wearing XD) and he told them that he was dressed up as HOT (I thought he was a wizard XDD) and that somehow led to the WG doing the “So Hot” dance.BTW, I <333 the WGs, I think they’re all really cute. I cracked up when the camera panned to Yesung, and the caption read “excited normal person” rofl XDD. Anyway, after the WGs did the “So Hot” dance, Suju did their version of the “So Hot” dance (failfailfail XD) and Shindong performed JYP’s song. I love watching Shindong dance; Shindong’s just this one big ball of crack XDDD  Ohh, forgot to say, this clip is subbed :D! Coolsmurf subbed it and was going to upload it to his old account, before the EVIL SBS (and youtube) suspended him :((( He’s now uploading videos under his new username – Wondersmurf


  1. I watched this already even if there are no subs yet and it’s still super hilarious. I guess you don’t need subs for crack humor, eh. :D

    I’m not gonna spoil anything for you guys but I just have to say that I love the the Wonder Junior interactions. They’re really cute together! Sungmin and Sunye is my new fave couple. Gyaaaah~ *giddy*

    Oh and the Taeyang parody just killed me. Best. Thing. Ever.

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