Posted by: lovediaries | August 2, 2008

SHINee Reality Show Ep1

Even though I’m capped and should be studying, I gave in to temptation and watched the first episode of SHINee’s reality TV Show T___T But (1) I’ve been studying maths since forever so I deserve a break, right? (2) I also gave up eating dinner just to watch this 8D and (3) I even studied while waiting for the videos to load ^^ Also (4) none of us have posted this yet so I feel it is my duty to do so xP (woot, so many excuses!)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I’ll leave my spazzing under the cut because I GOT REALLY WORDY (though I didn’t quite reach 1000) and there is abuse of caps lock and emoticons.

So for their first meeting, they all go to ride mountain bikes and look like the biggest kids; oh hang on – they are kids XD. But seriously, look at Key at 2.20! His mouth is ~*THIS BIG*~ and he looks soooo happy \:D/ Argh, *squish* <33. Minho impressed me with his thinking lol. I liked how he said “it’s better to get closer slowly than trying to get close in the beginning”. I bet you he’s had all this experience with chasing girls so that’s why he knows all about waiting for the right opportunity…xP

But yeah their first meeting was REALLY AWKWARD. That made me happy XD But then the noona (lol I should call her by her name) suggested they have a competition and Key said he wanted to win because she wanted it.

Jonghyun was first to go on a date with her and omg he made me cringe sooo much but that only makes him cuter ^^ Firstly, the way he held her hand was like he had to but didn’t really want to. Then there was the whole problem with their shoes. It probably wasn’t a very good idea to visit the ‘Pool of Nymphs’ in heels or sneakers and decide to take them off while standing on slippery rocks. Well, at least Jonghyun made the noona laugh :) Too bad they run out of things to do and say so she asks why the place is called ‘Pool of Nymphs’ and Jonghyun goes “You’re dressed like a fairy/nymph” LMAO. But omg the CUTEST part is when Jonghyun gets all embarrassed and rolls up his pants and says “I feel like dying” aslkfjalskjf !!!!!!!!!!!

Taemin is next. I think he really treats her as a big sister (like literally) so he’s way less awkward than Jonghyun – he even jokes around a bit! Oh and he mentions Key cooks the best :DDD!!! I loved how Taemin offers to push the noona on the swing and then after second thoughts he’s like “Can I try it?” XD And he’s such a boy for admitting to wanting to ride it for longer. Awwww.

THEN ITS KEY’S TURN! And I’m really jealous because he said she was so pretty he couldn’t take his eyes off her *cries*. THEN all of a sudden and for no particular reason he offers to carry her. WHY, KEY, WHY??? ;_____; He’s so sweet, I WANT HIM :( I kinda choked on my saliva when he was doing Taemin’s solo dance because he emphasises his expression and it was a really good imitation!! ARGH then the noona says her heart started pounding when he grabbed her hand 7.7 Hmph! At least I fit Key’s requirements…I mean, I can be tough too…I think :S

ONEW!!! He can’t roll his pants up … like he actually doesn’t know how to XD That totally made my night and he makes such cute sounds too. He’s also really competitive O.o I thought he would wish for something better =.=”” And why was their date the shortest? Well it seemed that way anyway.

Mmm…Minho’s voice ♥__♥ I’d love to have a phone conversation with him hehe. They talked quite a bit, actually and Minho prepared a little fan for her. He’s wearing skinnies and a black shirt while she’s in a flowy dress; I’m sure he needed the fan more than her. AND HIS POEM (which turned out wasn’t actually his) alksfjlakjflkasjfls Who knew he could be so romantic <3333 And the chocolates were so cute! He’s so considerate ^^ and VERY CORNY.

In conclusion: all 5 of them are so sweet I don’t know who I would pick. I think Jonghyun was a bit too nervous and Onew was too into winning. Taemin really seemed to have fun and Minho put in a lot of effort. Key is such a ladies man, he’d probably make me feel really shy and nervous if I were ever fortunate enough to go on a date with him (keep dreaming).

I’m, er, not really liking the preview for next week too much skinship 7.7 (I’m such a jealous fan) though the rollercoaster does look interesting. I wonder who that noona will ride with …

Hehe, okay I’m off to study again 8D


  1. Aren’t you meant to be…oh…I don’t know…CRAMMING FOR EXAMS :P

  2. ^ Lol, if you make her study too much, she’ll go insane and turn even more thpethal then she already is =P

    But beats me how she managed to write so much, when she’s so stressed for her exams. lol. Guess thats what you call talent XD

  3. ooooo!!!
    your sacrifice is huge!!!
    shinee is so cute!!

  4. Pas
    Beckery was right. I needed the break ;)

    I thought we already established that I’m multi-talented (:o

    haha they’re adorable <3

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