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Suju at MTV Asia Awards + Press Conf + Red Carpet

::RE-EDITED:: For the billionth time =_= Lol I fail at this, but I keep finding more photos and interview transcripts and I didnt want to start a new post so I’m just going to add all of it here. Interview transcripts (new and old one) AND photos are under the cut (to keep this looking neat) XDD

Pictures: As tagged + baidu + Sjmarket + K-popped



New Redcarpet Pics (gosh they all look so smart and spiffy in their black and white clothes *_*)

OMG!! BOYS IN SUITSSSSS!!!!! *nose bleed* Boys in suits are just totally irresitible.  But THESE hot boys in suits make me drown the world with saliva (eww) hahaha…*_________* Ohh and look at Yesung’s cute lil bow tie haha. Teuk still has his weird hair =_= Heechul looks like his acting in a horror movie and Donghae needs a haircut NOW!!! But they still look hot so its ok XDDD Lol I am sooo biased when it comes to boys in suits.

But whats even more important is I SPOT EUNHAE!!!!!!! Candychu will have a happy fit when she sees this, cuz I’m having one right now XDDDDD I dont care if they’re just standing next to eachother, cuz at least they’re not a metre apart or something *dances in my bubble of happiness*

Hmm not sure where Kangin and Shindong are cuz they should be here, but Hankyung and Kibum won’t attend the MAA. Hankyung is busy with Olympics stuff and Kibum with filming. Aww no 13 together *sighs*





I just found a transcript and translation of the interview. Credits to K-popped!

Looking absolutely spiffy in their black suits, Super Junior fielded questions from the press, including from K-popped!

How does it feel like to be a nominee at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards?
Eeteuk: I’d like to thank everyone for inviting us to the MTV Asia Awards. As a representative of the Favourite Korean Artist Award, we will give our best performance tomorrow night.

You just had a concert in Thailand last month, how do you feel about it?
Eeteuk: We would like to thank our fans for showing up at the concert and for their love and support.

When you were singing (at the concert), why were some of you crying?
Eeteuk: Even though they didn’t know the language, all the fans sang along to the words – they knew the lyrics. We were touched.

I hear that not all 13 members will be here for tomorrow’s show. Who isn’t here and why?
Eeteuk: Kangin and Shindong are not here now, but they are on the way; Hankyung is participating in the Beijing Olympics ceremony so he can’t make it and Kibum is shooting a drama series in Korea.

Is Super Junior returning to Malaysia for the Super Show concert?
Eeteuk: We will definitely be stopping by Malaysia for this tour and we would like to thank you for welcoming us each time. We would definitely come.

All of you are so well-dressed today, how did you think up of the look?
Eeteuk: Our stylist picked out our clothes today.

What is the strangest Korean dish that you would recommend a courageous person to try?
Eunhyuk: There are a lot of Korean food such as kimchi and bulgogi but we would recommend Samgyeopsal, a pork belly soup dish which we highly recommend. When you come to Korea, just go: “삼겹살 주세요”. (samgyeopsal juseyo = samgyeopsal please).

Last time you came to Malaysia for a photoshoot and as a guest artiste for DBSK. Do you remember any Malay words that you have learned?
(Randomly from the boys) Terima kasihApa khabar? (Thank you and How are you? respectively).

As a successful Korean band, did you have to sacrifice a lot to get to where you are today?
Eeteuk: First of all, we have to give up having a girlfriend. By giving up having a girlfriend, we now have so many “girlfriends” all across Asia (steps up and points to all the ladies in the room, and laughs).

Will you make another music video in Malaysia again?
Eeteuk: We shot an MV in Kuala Lumpur and it turned out to be the best video we’ve ever shot. If we ever get a chance, we would come back to shoot another MV.

Second Interview

Credit: + simply_diem @ soompi

Welcome to the MAAs as first time nominees of Favorite Artist of Korea! The theme surrounding this year’s MAAs revolves around the letter ‘M.’ What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the letter ‘M?’
Siwon: Super Junior – M!
Leeteuk: Music! MTV! Man!

You’ve always had radical hairstyles and outfits. With the constant changing of image, what is the real Super Junior like?
Eunhyuk: The hairstyles and outfits have ranged from cute to wild. But we’re more colorful and are much more multi-faceted in personality and character than that.

Having said that, your new album is a remarkable departure from the bubbly image of your first. What are some of your thoughts on this change?
Leeteuk: The first album portrayed us as more boyish and adorable. As for the second album, we have grown up a little more, and so this is us in a more manly sight.

Right now there seems to be quite a large number of Korean boy bands coming, and they’re mostly all going down the K-pop and ballad route. So how do you distinguish yourselves from them musically?
Leeteuk: Well first and foremost, we have 13 members. So that’s already a huge difference, and a memorable one to boot. And each and every one of our members has a different and unique voice. Aside from that, we also do other stuff like acting and DJing. So we have a more well-rounded portfolio.

Speaking of which, I think one of your most memorable shows has got to be Full House, the home-stay chronicle with Anya and Eva. I’m sure a lot of us are curious to know how that came about, and whether Super Junior is planning to open their home in future again.
Leeteuk: The Full House experience was a very moving and rewarding one. We learned a lot from it, and we’re also really glad that we’ve been able to share a bit of the Korean culture with our foreign friends. If there’s ever the opportunity, we’ld definitely like to be doing this again.

Erm..Well actually I didn’t think of that but now…Let’s just move on, eh? With 13 people in a band, the leader (Leeteuk) is usually the one who’s the main spokesperson. And some of the members are also more outspoken than others. So in that case, how do all the members get equal representation in the band?
Eunhyuk: Well, each of us have our own talent and contribution to the band. Kyuhyun is vocally powerful, Sungmin is our poster boy of cuteness, Donghae is a good dancer.
Donghae: Shiwon has the global face, and Euhyuk is known for his rapping. So in a way, we all get a fair share of showing what we’re good at.

What about the younger ones then? Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Do they get bullied all the time?
Leeteuk: Yes. It’s mostly what they’re there for! [Laughs]

Living and touring together all the time, what are some of the weirdest habits of some of the members?
Siwon: Every time I go on a holiday, I always carry the most bags.
Sungmin: He brings almost everything possible, and he organizes them neatly.
Leeteuk: So if we need exercise equipment, or even some kind of medicine, we’ll just go to him. He’s the best possible roommate to have.
Siwon: We always have some kind of a bet to see which roommate we’ll get.

You’ve been on the tour the past couple of months for the Super Show. Why isn’t Singapore one of your stops?
Leeteuk: Well yeah, we’ve actually been going to a lot of other places in Asia. We did the first show in Thailand, and we’re planning nine more stops. We’d actually have loved to make a stop at Singapore. Why haven’t you called us?!

Ahhh I see. Our bad. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to speak to my boss about it.
Super Junior: YEAH!!!

A lot of your songs talk about love. What exactly does it mean to you, anyway?
Kyuhyun: Love is sweet.
Sungmin: I haven’t really known what love is all about actually.
aww soon soon
Leeteuk: Love is being lovesick.
Oh dear. Why so negative?
Leeteuk: I haven’t had very good experiences with it. [Laughs]
Oops okay I’m sorry!
Donghae: Love is romantic.
Siwon: Love is patient.

Finally, tell us a little-known fact about Super Junior.
Eunhyuk: Well, in all our reality TV shows we are usually very honest about ourselves, and so our fans know most everything about us.
Leeteuk: Even to the point of knowing about Eunhyuk’s smelly feet. [Laughs]
Eunhyuk: No! No!

Alright, I believe you, I do! Thanks, boys, for talking to me. Good luck! And bye!

* The bold texts are from the interviewer


    Yeah, Donghae really needs a haircut. It’s seriously growing out to be like Changmin’s :S BUT HE STILL LOOKS SO GOOD *squishes non-existent cheeks*

    Also, Yesung looks really handsome. I love his new haircut (its new, right?). Actually in one of the photos I had to do a doubletake coz I was like “Wth Junsu???” xDD

    And KyuHyukHae are right in the center!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY :DDD I think they have become my secret OT3 XDD

  2. EUNHAE! They’re finally together!!! <33333
    Donghae really needs a haircut, and I was like wth is with Heechul’s hair lol.
    I actually like Leeteuk’s hair like this. It makes him look more manly xD
    I love boys in suits ^_^

  3. lol, he shouldn’t recommend the pork belly when he’s at Malaysia.

  4. argh!!!

    they are here in KL! gosh. i didn’t go to the airport and sort of fetch them. Lols.I had lecture!
    i read the fan account that spazzes gave and gosh, the girls are so crazy, they actually drove from the airport to Genting WITHOUT ANY PREPARATION! it’s very dangerous for unskilled driver to drive to Genting.

    anyways. me and house mate keep on telling each other to BREATHE more often cause practically, we’re breathing the same air? kekeke. zany us.
    i wanna go see them perform!!! hey, they say they’ll stop by KL for their super show concert, maybe ill go

    Kyuhyun…here i come :P

    but but..what’s with dong hae’s hair??? 0.o

  5. Heechul’s hair is… not right, and Donghae’s hair reminds me of his Twins (Knockout!) days except it’s not blond…

  6. mochi_muncher
    Your weird =___=, end of story………Lol no, I better sound nicer, or the readers will think I’m a big biatch.

    But seriously, who in their right minds go thru all the trouble and create a new alias, especially when they’re stressed out for their exams, and hence means THEY SHOULD BE STUDYING!!! tsk tsk tsk. I think this is the first symptoms of going insane =S

    However, I’m glad your as happy as I am with the EUNHAE-ness!!!!! PAS doesnt really get that excited with this, so I didnt have anyone to dance with in my bubble of happiness *pulls you into the bubble* So lets goooo and dance together now haha XDDDDD Yup I think Yesung’s got that hair for a week or two now. So um is that considered new? lol

    Oooh another Eunhae lover. You can come and dance with me in my bubble of happiness too *pulls you into the bubble* LOL XDDD I think the happiness is getting to my head, so dont mind me ^__^

    Lol I probably sound really stupid when I ask this, but um why shouldnt he?

    LOL Your such a good girl!!! If it was me and the boys were in Brisbane, I would of ditched all my lectures and work and rush to spy on them XDDD Actually, I take that back. If they were ANYWHERE in Australia, I would probably fly there straight away, just so I could admire them in real life for once. haha

    “me and house mate keep on telling each other to BREATHE more often cause practically, we’re breathing the same air”
    OMG your too cute *pinches your cheeks* <333 haha. You should get an oxygen tank and fill it up, cuz then you can breath the same air as them for longer, even after they leave =PP lol

    Oooo you should, if they ever have a concert there! Its like a once in a lifetime chance. You guys are lucky cuz they actually go there. No one ever goes to Australia. =_=

    Lol Heechul’s hair reminds me of some horror movie, where he would pop out of the screen and scare you to death XDD

  7. they win the award!!
    to all the antis,look what u’ve done!!!!
    they getting more n more n more stronger!!!

    i’m so happy!!

  8. i love the second interview. sooo, dorky~ haha!

  9. urisujuoppa
    Lol I never really cared about what Antis say or do. I just believe they’re jealous of our boys awesomeness XDD But yup, the boys are getting stronger and stronger <333

    haha I like the part about Eunhyuk’s famous smelly feet XDD

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