Posted by: beckery | August 3, 2008

Photos + Perf ~ Suju H Pajama Party on Inki

Credits to Sjmarket

ROFLMAO!! OMG I feel like I’m watching Hi-5 or Wiggles or those kiddie programs HAHAHAHA!! *points at their clothes and laughs* Ohh Im such a meanie, but their clothes are just too funny. Of course, I was expecting colourful clothes and Pjs, but THIS is just LOL!! XDDDD And why does Sungmin have a toy pinned to his top?!?! =S So they got rid of Hyuk’s backpack, only to give Sungmin a pink toy hanging from his shirt and Teuk a rainbow side bag hahaha..Yesung’s white frames are pretty groovy though. Oh and look! Hyuk’s growing a tree out of his head *falls off chair* ROFL But *I* use to have one when I was small so does this mean we’re meant to be?!? ^_^ Ohh and dont worry I still think they look adorable *squishes all their cheeks* <3

Will come back when I find the performance and finish laughing at it XD


You can watch their performance *here*. I’ll refrain from commenting on this so I’ll just sit here and look pretty, whilst you guys can tell me what you think of it XD


  1. “Oh and look! Hyuk’s growing a tree out of his head”
    LOL! don’t all the things hanging around make it difficult for them to dance? i think Eunhyuk looks like Paddle-Pop! Yesung’s clothes seem the most normal to me.

  2. rofl, does Teuk’s bag remind anyone else of the Sportsgirl bags? XDDD

    I actually don’t mind his hair anymore, I think it looks hot :P

    I’m really scared to tell people I fangirl suju now, cos they might Google them and see this picture O_________O

  3. LMAO. This is colorful to the extreme. Literally rainbows everywhere. What is that giant pink thing on Sungmin?!?! Shindong’s hair now is even worse than his previous hair. His hair looks like the kind women had decades ago xD Hyuk and Teuk swapped props, the tree and the bag. Yesung got the good end of the deal and has the most normal looking outfit. The video got taken down so I can’t see how they performed, but I’m cringing just looking at these pictures lol. I like Teuk’s hair though! :D

  4. How come no one’s mentioned that these costumes are almost as ridiculous interesting as DBSK’s Balloons outfits??? Except I’ll admit, DBSK’s were cuter and better and slightly more meaningful ^^ (e.g the whole picking their favourite number thing).

    Anyways, I think Sungmin is the only one who is actually happy about his outfit ^^ He looks so squishable. And I like that toy hanging off his shirt :D

    I feel sorry for Kangin though. I mean he’s like Korea’s #1 Handsome Guy and he has to go around wiht a massive yellow shirt with a face that has cherries as eyes…WTH!?!?! Except…I kinda like that shirt LOL. I wouldn’t mind wearing it as PJs :D

    The choreography is actually really cute, don’t you reckon? Surprisingly (though maybe not a surprise because the same thing happened with Cooking?Cooking!) I like the song more after watching the performance. AND I HATE HAPPY/CUTESY STUFF DD: This is what happens from study. It makes me crazyier

    I still LOL really hard at Hyuk’s hair. I had a palm tree on my head when I was THREE. Now he’s more than 7 times my age and he is a HE.

    But I think Teuk looks really good <33 Teuk hardly ever has bad hair, eh? Or…at least he hardly looks bad in the hairstyles he’s given. And even though he’s dressed in rainbow colours he still looks like a guy O.o Weird.

    God help Shindong because…his hair is EWW. I’m happy he was up at the front a lot though :)

    Yesung in frames = ♥♥♥ as always. He’s covered in too many stripes of different sizes and colours though. Someone ought to fix that.

    Long comments FTW ^.^v

  5. lol like i said! eunhyuk stole eeteuk’s tree!! LMAO

    poor guys T-T it’s really cute and funny but there should be a limit to the amount of color a guy can wear lol
    seems like something’s trying to attack sungmin! XD

  6. wow!!
    they’re so cute!!!
    like lollipop!!!
    so colourful!!

    hyukjae’s hair is extraordinary!!
    sungmin is so attractive!!!the teddy bear is so lucky to stick at sungmin’s shirt…
    teukie’s cute hair had stolen by hyukjae..
    kangin look so cute!!!chubby!!!
    yesung voice!!harsh!!
    last but not least,shindong’s “poo” hair had been flushed by kangin!!!

    love them!!

  7. ssoo adorable!!!
    shindong looks like kindergarten kids ahhaha…
    but his hair,,ohh please….
    their outfits toocolourful..but its cute^^

  8. melly21
    ROFL a Paddle-Pop?!?! Noo I think Teuk looks more like one, especially the Rainbow flavoured ones XD And yea, Yesung is the only sane person there haha

    Leeteuk’s wife
    =_= Can ur username be anymore creative? haha.. Lol now that you’ve mentioned it, it kinda does remind me of the Sportsgirl bags haha Its the rainbow strap! As for his hair, its alright when its kinda spiky/messy like that. I just dont like the hairclip at the front and when his hair turns really wavy =S

    Lol “that giant pink thing on Sungmin” is a big, pink plush toy that is somehow attached to his top XDD Shindong’s hair kinda looks like a horrible wig! “Hyuk and Teuk swapped props, the tree and the bag.”
    Hahaha true that. And at least we have a normal person in the group. *hugs Yesung*

    Lol I totally fail at this, but is this the thpethal girl? I checked IP address and its different from your normal one =S But its still in Sydney and PAS and I arent sure if its you or not *sighs* But um if you arent then please reply back and I’ll reply to ur extra long comment immediately. Cuz atm I’m thinking you are so I cbs replying. Thank you. (Candychu, I’m seriously going to strangle you!)

    Yea I feel really sorry for the boys. I would NEVER step out of my house dressed like them, let alone stand on stage and perform in front of hundred of ppl. Especially when they’re all grown boys. How shameful =_=

    Sungmin is sooo adorable and is that really a teddy bear stuck to him?!?!!? =SSS I thought it was like a pink dinosaur toy or something hahaha…Gosh I fail at this..The boys are cute, I cant deny that, just their clothes makes me cringe haha

    Haha I think ALL of them look like kindergarten kids, not only Shindong XDDD And their rainbow clothes makes me wanna wear glasses lol. Im so mean ^^

  9. so colourful….haha…sungmin!!!!!

  10. realy??but it was nice colour..hahahha…

  11. love sungmin

    I have nothing against colours. Its just that the boys are a tad old to be wearing rainbows lol XD

  12. ooohh ok!!i got what u mean now…hehehehe
    u know..u’re exactly right!!!! ahhahah

  13. Love Eun Hyuk so much.
    Sorry sorry is number one

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