Posted by: beckery | August 3, 2008

Suju at MAA

Wow, fans are so efficient these days XDDD 

Stupid youtube wont embed for me. But you can watch their performance *HERE*

Suju KRY+Sungmin+Donghae+Eunhyuk performed “Mirror” first. I’ve got to say, good choice of song!! I really like this song, even though not all the members were involved XDD I dont really think it was live though, but if it was then wow! what a great performance! and WOOT EUNHAE RAP ♥♥ The camera angle was kinda weird sometimes, but props to the camerman at 2.50 how he got both Eunhyuk and Donghae in the shot for the raps! Lol. Ohh and can I just say Kyuhyun looks REALLY GOOD HERE!! *_*

Then they all danced to “Dont Don” intro and sang “Man in love”. I couldnt see their dance performance properly cuz the stupid flashing lights and the camera angles made me nauseous =_= “Man in love” was lipsynched, but I guess thats expected. However, just seeing all of them on stage makes me happy XDDD Highlight of “Man in love” performance was at 8.27. OMG TEUK YOU KILL ME!!!! He pulls up his shirt and flashes the whole world. I never knew he had it in him XDD haha..

And *HERES* the clip of them accepting the award. SIWON SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!! *swoons* He looked really confident throughout and just dead sexy haha. His english was actually pretty good O_O Gosh why are you so talented!??! <333 Teuk looks really happy and Heechul just looks bored rofl.  

You can also watch their red carpet walk *here* Haha its so funny how they kept going “we are super juni-or-e-yo” like a million times as they walk along XD

Credits to soompi + sina + MAA website






  1. I’m leaving now I promise because I can’t even watch the videos but I just had to comment because I think Mirror is actually my favourite SJ song. Or at least, I’ve listened to it the most. Because to me, it is the ultimate Eunhae song. AGREE?

    I CANT WAIT TO WATCH THIS, LOL. If only they held hands :) But if they had you would’ve said something .___.

    Also can I just say Kyuhyun looks REALLY GOOD HERE!! um…when does he not look good? Yay Im so biased :D BUT YESUNG ALSO LOOKS REALLY GOOD. It’s the hair. And the bowtie….YESUNG <333 Yay for tailored outfits :D/

    p.s I changed my username because I’m hoping I get a new avatar. And I’m testing out this whole different username/email = different avatar theory ?

  2. I want to watch the videos too ;___;

    Ooo, guess what, I get read the news on my phone every morning, right? (shuddup, i’m a media student) and there was an article mentioning how the pussycat dolls were at the MAA, bla bla bla, and SUJU WERE MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE :DDDD!!!

  3. Hello, this is *insert username*. I’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now and I really like the author by the name of “candychu”. I think she’s real swell (do Canadians talk like this?). Anyways keep up the good work!


    p.s I just realised that my chinese name sounds very much like my english name. Hin Waa –> Hen Ry. Wow.

    p.p.s sorry for spamming.

  4. i was there when they performed. donghae was super duper cute! arhhhhh i totally went crazy last nite. i can’t believe kyuhun looks damn good looking. i wasn’t really into him but since yesterday, i do! haha ~ eunhyuk was awsome! his rap was OMG! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. WELL, you can fully get the pictures in my blog too, in KIMSHEYNOTKIMCHI,

    sorry to spam, but thanks for your posting. its great they can be a winner, even kyuhyun update his CY ful of happiness :)

  6. LameDice
    Hmm I dont actually know what my favourite SJ song is haha. But I really like Mirror and of course the Eunhae-ness pawns XD Lol jeez I’m sorry Mrs “Kyuhyun is always goodlooking”. I just meant his hair, and the camera angles and the clothes made him look dashing ok. And yea I noticed u were testing the whole username/email/avatar theory. I’m not sure how u have the time to do it, but I would like to ask how many more tests are u going to do? I keep having to check the IP address when I think its you haha.. You wait till you get back! I’m going to do it to you a hundred times worst XDDD

    Yes i am XD *sighs* not you too. Maybe I’m the only normal one around here these days lol

    Ooh HI FAKE HENRY! Your a candychu fan? I’m sorry but she is currently in the mental hospital atm cuz she is just too thpethal. And if you cant find her there then I probably killed her cuz she’s killing my brain cells!!!!

    OOoooo YOUR SO LUCKY!! Omg of course Hae is super duper cute. When is he not? Except his hair needs to go =_= and HYUKJAE!!! Omg IM SO JEALOUS! You got to see him in real life and hear him rap and omg you lucky girl! You must have had an awesome time!!!

  7. well mirror does sounds lypsynched to me. but they do it perfectly,
    btw, i also like what you said abt how they blur hyukjae and then blur hae ^^ what i dont like is they shoot crowd too MANY,
    we want to see what’s on that stage, i dont care abt the people above (sorry, mean me, haha)
    yesung lookin suave *droll* lovin that hair

  8. ultranguik
    *nods in agreement* Thats why I wasnt too happy with the cameraman (except for the Eunhae part haha)! The angles were really weird, like there were parts where it showed the back of the boys (as much as i love their butts, I rather see their faces =_=) and too much audience scenes. Lol

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