Posted by: beckery | August 4, 2008

Shinhwa ’07 Japan & Shanghai Concert Photobook Scans

I totally fail at being a Shinhwa fan cuz I didnt even know that this photobook existed until I saw the scans today =_= Its apparently a limited edition collectible A4 photobook (3 000 copies only) with 200 pages of the Shinhwa members during the concerts, rehearsals, backstage etc. The photos are really nice, except Eric had his samurai bun during these concerts and Im not such a big fan of it lol.

Credits: Ocean’s Six +

*drools* Yup thats Minwoo tearing his shirt apart right there!

More solo photos *here* and group *here*

If you havent watched this concert (2007 Japan Tour Shinhwa Forever), I really truly recommend you too! They performed some of their best old classics such as “T.O.P”, “Angel” and “Brand New” and some of the remixed versions they did were absolutely awesome. You can watch it at Wenyili’s youtube playlist and their encore performance *here*.

Also, for those who havent seen their behind the scenes tour documentary taken from the DVD, Angellace has uploaded and subbed them all 6 parts. Youtube Playlist. As always, the members seem to have the time of their life when they’re together and the amount of crack, pranks, craziness, bullying and cuteness is just too precious <333


  1. OHHHH! I agree, those are some REALLY nice photos! Especially the details!!!
    *pulls out a magnifying glass to oggle that Minwoo one* But serioulsy! Thats like a step by step ‘shirt rip off’

    Step 1. Place hands on chest as if its a dance move
    Step 2: Pull downwards to test elasticity of shirt
    Step 3: Fling arms outward like Changmin just stole your favourite giant gummy turtle
    Step 4: Throw tattered shirt to crowd
    Step 5: Listen to the sound of 50 7448548234823464654 fangirls nosebleed and die

    Yeh….Just wanted to pop in and share my thanks for the links. Its PERVE TIMMME!!

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