Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 5, 2008

DBSK “A Love Story”

Video: mickytoho @ Youtube

I saw this when I was browsing through Youtube, but skipped it cos it sounded like a really corny fanfic and I hate DBSK fanfics :P BUT then the lovely/amazing/awesome/crazy/insane/mentally ill Beckery told me to go watch this, and omg, it’s hilarious XDDD

To clear things up, this is not a fanvid/fanfic. It’s a subbed audio cut from Bigeast, the radio show that DBSK hosts. Micky, Junsu and Jae did a re-enactment of their MV, with Micky playing the poor boy who gets dumped, Junsu as the girl (ROFL XD) and Jae as the mentally unstable groom.

Junsu sounds hilarious as a girl. His voice is originally pretty high, but when he puts on his “girl” voice, his voice goes reaaaaaaaally high XDDD And Micky sounds really really HOT. He has one of those really husky, sexy voices that just can turn you into a big puddle of pinkandglittery glue *___* And rofl, hahahahah, check out Jae’ “laugh” at 1:46 XDD!!!!!!! I am sooo tempted to rip it and use it as my message ringtone XD


  1. oouuww poor yoochun!!!
    why he let Junko marrying Jejung???!!
    oohh plz…u hv to get her back
    like changmin said ekekkekekek..
    even jae is d bride groom here..
    but in my mind he looks pretty kekekke..
    but junsu’s voice really feminine ahahahah..

  2. Oooh if you do rip it, send me it too. Lol imagine sitting in the middle of a lecture, and suddenly you hear that laugh “HA-HA-HA” XDD Absolutley priceless!

    And HEY! Who’s the mentally ill one around here?!! *coughcandicecough* XDDD She is thpethal afterall lol

  3. lol at jaejoong’s laugh >.<

    DBSK boys seem to enjoy doing roleplays…. have u guys seen the jaeho one (from their radio show, Bigeastation)?

  4. tvxqlovesme:
    Junsu sounds so funny as a girl XDDD But I agree, it should be Yoosu who are getting married XDD Except I’m not sure how well Jae would be able to play Micky’s role XDD

    You mix powders:
    There’s thpethal, and then there’s mentally ill ;)

    Rofl, now I want to put it in my phone and make someone ring me during a lecture, just to see people’s reaction to the laugh XDD

    Noo, I haven’t seen it! Thanks for the link!!

  5. Hahahaha, this was cute <3. Junsu sounds so funny. And Yoochun sounds so sexy alskdjfsl.

    I used to have Junsu’s laugh as my ringtone… I loved it, but I got all these weird looks whenever my phone rang XDD.

    (HOW ARE YOU <33333.)


    I’ve been so off DBSK, it’s kinda been ridiculous. I mean, I find nothing about them appealing about them right now, which is so disheartening and disencouraging.

    … But yes, I’ve definitely fallen in love with them all over again.

    And what’re you talkin about? They’re ALL mentally unstable. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE PICTURES IN THAT PHOTOBOOK. Micky really takes the term “HUMAN APE” to the next level. And I thought really happy things when seeing Yunho’s sausage. (NO DIRTY PUN INTENDED, OKAY?!)

    Actually, when Jae first started laughing, I totally thought of a penguin with it’s puffed-up chest. OMG, I’m just as insane and mental as these poor boys.

    And I really hate how they spell Jae’s name in Japanese. “Jejung” really bugs me for some odd odd reason. Harharhar.


    AND OMG, WE MUST CHAT ON MSN SOOOOOOOOOOON. WE’VE NOT TALKED IN A LONG LONG TIME AND I’M CLEARLY SUFFERING FROM INSANITY except I’ve a smidgen of a feeling that you’d make me worse, not cure me.

  7. I love them. How could I ever have NOT?! They’re so cracky, except Jae’s “Yaaaaahhh~” was SOOO Korean that it just made me DIE. I wonder how they go through this with straight faces (especially after hearing Junsu’s “Kochi! Kochi Kochi!!!”)… !!

    I miss them. Really. *wistful sigh*

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