Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 5, 2008

Pictures of SHINee at an event

Wow, I haven’t done a post in ages ;____;

Candychu‘s studying for exams (haha), and I’ve been sick+busy with school, so Beckery’s been holding down the fort all by herself *chucks chocolate and Shinhwa boys at her*. Aaaanyway, no idea what event these pictures were taken at (fansigning? mini-concert? advertising? SHINee boys auction?) but they all look so cute in those matching t-shirts ^^.

Key is *ADORABLE*, he looks sooooooo cute in ALLLL the pictures (look at that one with him pretending to be asleep!omg!cute!) and Minho’s really bringing his fierce! face XD Tyra Banks would be proud :P

Click on the thumbnails to see them bigger :)


  1. Minho and his model!face makes me LOL! Rearry hard. *hugs minho*

    Key and Onew’s pretend sleep look is just too precious. Gyaah~ actually they’re all adorable in this photoshoot. Makes me wanna kidnap them. O.O

    The huge wooden toy plane makes it seem that they’re in a playground of sorts. Huhuhu I’m kidnapping children. T__T

  2. Haha, I know XD The poor boy’s trying to look so serious, and here I am LOLing in front of my computer XDD

    Ooo, let’s abduct them together!! They’re SOOOO CUUUUUUUTE.

    Awww, it does look like they’re in a playground! *tries to get rid of pedo thoughts* :P

  3. “Minho’s really bringing his fierce! face XD Tyra Banks would be proud :P”

    HAHAHAHA The Tyra Banks part killeeeeeddd me!!

    And umm I do ALL this and only get Chocolates and the Shinhwa boys chucked at me?!?! At least include Hyuk aswell XDDD


    I saw these pics before but *resisted* posting. So lucky you put them up :) Have you seen pics of them backstage in their colour coordinated outfits? Key looked gorgeous <3

    And these shirts are so awesome. Like, it took me about a week to realise that their accessory is actually a part of their shirt and becomes 3D. I used to wonder why they were able to dance around but not have the necklace flap around on their chest XD

    But yeah, I can’t go to sleep yet because I’m waiting for my friend to come on and teach me maths 8D Too bad her net is screwed, IDK how much longer I have to wait :'(

    Also yesterday arvo I had another lovely dream. It was quite long but to get straight to the point, Hyuk was hugging me. And he was naked AHAHAHA. Is bec jealous?

    And on a completely random note you know Big Bang’s song “Lalala” how theres one line that is like “big to the bang thats why” ? Well everytime I listen to it I think they’re singing “bangdice why?”


    “And he was naked”

    =__________= But yes dear, I’m deaddddd jealous. *rolls eyes* But umm what did he umm look like when he was umm naked? *blushes* Hahaha. Sorry this convo is strictly over 18’s, so please stop reading this immediately if ur not. XDDD Seriously, why do YOU always get the cool dreams, mine are always black, black and more black. Earth to Hyukjae, please come and dump ur cute lil butt in my dream. I think your going to the wrong person here. Changdice doesnt love you as much as *I* do so why do u keep going in her dreams “=_= Lol now I just sound like the “mentally ill” person haha..

    Yea I’m kinda falling asleep here too and I really should be going to bed. I have an 8 start tmr, oh joy -.-. But atm I’m multitasking to the core. Doing my lab report, soompi-ing, youtubing and “was” chatting to PAS (though I dont know where she disappeared to)…

    *sighs* Anyways good luck with ur exam tmr. Try to get an early night sleep and eat breakfast!!! And umm if ur friend doesnt go on net, why dont u call her? Lol *huggles you* GOODLUCK!! <3333

    P.S I think u need to get ur ears checked out honey. I have NO IDEA how you hear “bangdice why”! Seriously, Bangdice WHY are u so thpethal XDDD

    P.S.S Sorry for spamming this.^_^

  6. HYUK INVADES MY DREAMS, IM SORRY. Omg I might as well tell you the whole dream. I was at this cafe that used to belong to Kyuhyun and Sungmin but Sungmin either died or left Kyuhyun and so Kyu became so depressed he made everything in the cafe fake so taht everything could stay the same forever and ever the way Sungmin liked it before he left … pretty sad, huh? BUT I WAS HUNGRY LOL. I was starving for some food that I couldn’t care less about the sad story behind the cafe so I was about to eat the fake food which was just plastic when Hyuk appeared (in a waiter’s outfit and all) and said “Is there anything I can help you with over at my cafe?” And I was so hungry in my dream that I started crying so I’m like “YES” and ran to him and hugged him. And for some reason as soon as I hugged him I realised he was naked. So I only saw his shoulders + back. At first I was worried I would crush him or make him fall but he was surprisingly strong in my dream and made me feel so comfortable that I held him even closer ^____^ Then something happened and my dream turned into a nightmare where I witnessed someone get crushed between two cars but that’s a different story altogether.

    I’ve been waking up at 5.30 every morning to study lol and sleeping at like 11.30 ish. DEAD TIRED NAO. But I’m doing practice papers which are 3 hrs long and kinda really HARD. And I’m multitasking like you…only…not as much as you are XD

    Hehe thank you~ I’ll go to sleep in like an hrs time. Lol I um…actually don’t have her home phone :S And plus it’s too late to call her house.

    p.s LMAO That made me LOL so hard. No I’m serious “bang that’s why” sounds like “bangdice why” SERIOUSLY!!! You should ask Big Bang what makes me so thpethal for them to be singing about me ;)

    p.p.s PAS shouldn’t mind since she disappeared :P

  7. Powder girl:
    “smile with your eyes!”, that’s the only line I remember from season six XDD

    K, you can have Hyuk, but I’m taking back Eric…and Hyesung…

    You have an 8am start tmrw, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa





    Thpethal girl:

    No, seriously. WHY???

    I have NEVER heard of such a weird dream, even my one of playing laser strike with pigs seem mild in comparison to yours.

    And why would you be hungry enough to eat plastic food?????? And remind me to NEVER go out to lunch/dinner with you, YOU HUG THE WAITER WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY. AND YOU VIRTUALLY STRIP HIM o________o

    5.30??? O________O I wake up at that hour only if I have an exam on that morning…

    Why don’t you call your friend’s cell phone then???

    Argh, because of YOU, now I’m hearing “Bangdice” when I listen to “la la la” =___________________=



  8. oo
    they look so cute n fresh!!
    the most is taemin!!!
    look so humble n innocent!!

    his eyes really melt me down!!

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