Posted by: beckery | August 5, 2008

Suju Quiz

I just saw these photos and they just look too good to not post up, but since its not really anything “news flashing”, I decided to make it into a quiz style. Haha yea, I have nothing better to do with my time cuz I have no idea what the word “study” means XDDD

Aww such a cute picture right!? But nope thats NOT Donghae OR Junsu that Eunhyuk is hugging. So who’s the mysterious person that Hyuk is having an affair with?!?! (Answer is under the cut)

The person that Hyuk is hugging so lovingly is Leeteuk ~ EUNTEUK FTW <333333

Credits to Sjmarket. More pics!

The pictures are from their recent Sukira DMB UKBSMUSIC Nationwide broadcast. I guess since its nationwide, both of them decided to groom up a bit and gosh the results are great. Teuk actually looks really good with his hair like that *_* No more clip and wavy ajummah hair XDD And Hyuk always looks really sexy in that hat of his ^_^

And just because I miss EUNHAE!!!

Eunhae ♥♥♥


  1. It’s a conspiracy, I say!!!!

    SM is breaking up the old OTP’s like Eunhae and Kyumin and Kangteuk and Hanchul. Blech!

    No offense to the new ones like Eunteuk and Henwook and whatever Kyuhyun and Zhoumi have. But I miss the “classic” pairings. IWANTMOREEUNHAE!!


  2. I KNEW the guy in the picture was Teuk. I KNEW IT :DD!! Though of course I would, considering how Leeteuk IS my husband *pats his head cos he’s sitting next to me* :D

    He looks SO GOOD in these ♥_____________♥

  3. I knew it was Teuk too. Why? Because I’m clever and my brain is used for recognising people’s BACKS instead of learning how to integrate stupid functions.

    Also, I watched the Pajama Party MV before because I was depressed lol but I’m happy again. And I had to say that because moonynim DID U NOT SEE ALL THE KANGTEUK ??? LOL. If anything, SJH is there for KangTeuk to have babies be together more! They played scissors paper rock! It was adorable.

    And omg did anyone see how Sungmin was snaking (lol pun? Coz he had a toy snake? *shot*) his arm around Yesung when Yesung was singing about having sly thoughts? SO FUNNY.

    But yeah I forgot what my point in commenting was…oh yeah I love that Eunhae pic <3 Hyuk is looking at Donghae with the most loving look in his eyes ^^

    p.s Sungmin is too cute to be a boy. It’s just not possible. Him and his pink snake. Argh I want to bake him cookies and paint butterflies on his face.

  4. ^ Of course I saw the Kangteuk! One has to be blind not to see all those gooey goodness.

    And the snaking! He was rubbing Yesex’s belly, no? Whatever it was they were doing looks a lotta fun.

    Please do not say that Sungmin is better off as a girl. I like him as a boy thank you very much!! I suddenly remembered the host dude from the MTV UFO interview Sungmin did with Hae, and the host is like one of those guys who would be totes happy if Minnie turned into girl. He loooobes him.

    I can’t argue tho with the whole cookies and butterflies comment. Sungmin is made for cookies and butterflies. And pink snakes. O.o


    Y’know, these quizzes really aren’t my thing. I MEAN, I KEEP FAILING AT THEM.

    … You know the one Popseoul had of SHINee (can’t forget to capitalize!) dressed up as girls? Yeah, had NO CLUE. And obviously, I failed. I totally thought it was none of the above or maybe the extra person they threw in to THROW ME OFF. Darn photographers., and then I totally began banging my head against the wall when I realized who it was.

    But yes, *pats head*, don’t worry. I’m pretty sure that 110% of fangirls only know how to “study” their pretty boys. (Harharhar).

  6. moonynim
    Its SM’s plan to make us fans miss the original couples heaps, so that when they have a comeback next year, we’ll be happy and squealy and be all “OMG I HAVE TO WATCH THIS FOR EUNHAE OR KANGTEUK OR HANCHUL OR KYUMIN etc etc” Hahahaha..

    I really wouldnt classify EunTeuk as new though. They’ve been a “couple” ever since they hosted Sukira together, its just that they’re not as popular and well known as the other couples..Actually, EunTeuk is pretty high up my couple list cuz they’re just too dorky and crazy when they’re together on Sukira XDDD But of course Eunhae pawns all <333333

    The girl thats trying to distract me from studying
    Of course you did my dear, you would totally fail at being “Leeteuks wife” if u failed this. Actually, I would even disown you from the blog (and pull an “imop sister” thing on you) because u fail at being a fangirl XDD LOL except, this blog is actually yours…..

    Hahaha you’ll probably tease me like crazy when I tell you this but OMG I never realised you changed your username from Candychu to Changdice!!!! When did you do that? O_O And what happened to your purple avatar?!? Haha I’m so slow =_= And I wish Hyuk would look at me like that *pouts*

    HI!! Wow how come it feels like I havent seen you comment for ages??!? =SS Haha or am I just having a memory lapse?

    Anyways, YOU FAIL!!! ROFLMAO!!! *points at your face and laughs* haha nooo I’m joking, Im not that mean *hugs you* Its ok, we all have our ditz moments once in awhile (as long as its once in awhile and not everytime =PPP). But maybe you failed cuz you havent seen Teuk’s new hair? I mean thats totally understandable XDDD Haha I’m just giving you an excuse so please take the bait, so you dont seem like a fan failure

  7. Yay I was right finally hehe
    I miss Eunhae and Kangteuk too :(

  8. Kayla
    *Gives you a pat on the back* XDDD
    Yea.. I miss my Eunhae too. =(

  9. I knew that this is LeeTeuk. Only LeeTeuk is sooooo cute! Ohhh… I love EunTeuk (EunHyuk and LeeTeuk) couple! <3 I greet!

  10. ~Sikorka~
    HIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you XDD hahaa

    Lol, nooo Hyukjae is cuter =P But when you add cute + cuter together, you get EXTREMELY CUTE <333

  11. I got it right! Because I know that EunTeuk had been in Sukira for a long day..from the first time i knew SuperJunior, I already knew that EunHyuk had been affair with LeeTeuk from the first time..and we can make DongHae & KangIn feel so jelaous…because their couple were affair..KangTeuk & EunHae never dies for me! Don’t separate them!!!!!!!!!

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