Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2008

08 SM Entertainment Global Audition

…coming to a town near you!

No, not really.

Only Hawaii, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Orange County(CA), New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver ;P

And the only requirement:

Any Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc) residing around the audition areas may participate regardless of nationality, age or gender.

Doesn’t that senence kinda contradict itself? They say regardless of nationality…but…only asians? Am I the only one confused by that? Lol. Okay never mind. I think I’m just getting my vocab mixed up :S

*click here* for more information.

I hope they’ll be able to find another Boy like Henry from Canada <3 Or at least another english speaking boy that actually speaks english? ^^ OMG imagine if this year Henry gets to do a Video!!! Like you know how before Zhang Li Yin and Hankyung did one for Chinese people? Maybe this time Henry will do one in english! Omg please please please because the only english I have actually heard him “speak” is his rap in The Moment…and yes it was SUPER SXC but not enough to satisfy my needs ;~;

Hmm, we need a SMTOWN category lol. Oh and it’s actually 705 posts I’ll we’d need to go back and fix…lol maybe I’ll think about this some more XDD


  1. Did you never watch that interview? (vague much?) There’s an interview… where he speaks in English. In Thailand. He sounds sooooo different than when he rapped in The Moment, but that could just be me. It’s adorable and he stutters. XD

    Interview (with translation) is here:

  2. That’s right, YOU’LL be editing the 705 posts; none of this “we” stuff, thank you :P

    Lol, na, I’ll help….I’ll do half of my posts :)

  3. kayevelyn
    OMG THANK U SO MUCH FOR THAT. No joke, I’m DYING. Omg like as soon as Henry said “Can I speak english” I was like woah what? And I had to rewind and hear him say it some more. And his “Can everyone understand?” OMG YES HENRY, AND CAN U UNDERSTAND THAT ILUSM <3333???

    Okay *must contain excitement*. I’ll only watch the first part since I should be off lol but WEEEEEEEEE ~! His english is so hot xDD

    LOL goodie <3 We shall talk as soon as nxt wk is over <333

  4. waahh many singers will come up!
    hv i go to there??i really want to be a part of sm family..ahahahha
    *too much dreaming*
    but hope they’ll find many gud singers XDD


    Too bad I am completely talentless :(. But I will probably go to grab posters lol.

  6. WHOOO Hawaii. *o*

    this is as close as i’ll get to sm. -_- (and the boysss)
    can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t act omg. hopeless lol. ^_^

    so exciting though. ^_^

  7. tvxqlovesme
    lol I’d love to become part of DBSK’s family XDD

    OMG U CAN GO STALK THEM! Coz apparently SM uses their trainees to help out on occassions such as these ….

    Is this the first time they’re going to Hawaii?
    Omg hury up and come to Australia already ;___;

  8. Ahhhhh, they’re going to Toronto. Which is close.

    … If a six-hour drive means “close”.

    Well, it’s closer than you, PAS and Beckery’ll ever get.

    *points finger and laughs*

    JOKING. <3333333 You know I love you guys and would NEVER willingly mock you. *shifty eyes*

    In any case, I’m not talented enough. And I’m not intelligent enough to come up with a FANTASTIC, MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESUM reason as to why my parents should drive me down to Toronto PRONTO with gas prices so ridiculously headbangingly high.

    But yes, they need to hire more Canadian boys except I’m probably older than all of them because I’ve now been labelled a NOONA by SMentertainment. The losers..

  9. ^Lol you’re such a geek for mentioning high petrol prices XD
    Well if your family happens to win the lottery, be sure to spend a portion of that on getting to TORONTO :DD

    Oh, yeah thats true. I didn’t realise that the trainees SM are going to recruit will be like 13 yr olds. Possibly even younger….yeah most likely gonna be younger XD

    AND HEY. When I marry Changmin we’ll see who’s laughing *cackle*

  10. Hmm. I should do it. Even though I’m way too old. I don’t care what SM says: anyone over the age of 16 shall not/never get into SM and actually debut to something substantial. At most they’ll be shoved around as backup singers/dancers. And here I am… over 20. LOL. It’s sad though. The only reason I want to join SM is to meet my idols, and even now with their increasing disappointment(s), I think YG is holding my appeal more and more (that and they’ll probably accept me as an “older” person too).

    After all, I am only a train+subway ride away from where they hold the auditions in NYC. Pity, it’s on a Sunday otherwise I probably could trick my mom into letting me go.

  11. I actually am going to go.
    I’m very excited.
    I’m half Japanese, and one quarter French/one quarter Italian.

    I hope they don’t shoo me away haha.. I don’t even look Japanese a little bit, but my dad is 100% Japanese.

  12. nanshi
    Lol just go for the fun of it if you’re so close to it. If they ever come here I would totally go XDD

    OOH Be sure to tell us of your experiences, kk???!! Aw wow japanese/french/italian sounds really cool! I’m just plain.asian. XDD

  13. about the requirments for the audition… do you HAVE to be asian? because im not and i really want to sing for SM Entertainment…. do you think they would accept it?

  14. Haha. I can’t wait for SM Auditions! I live in Hawaii. ^^ But hopefully it’ll be on my island…Wahh. The only suckish thing is, I wanna do modeling but I have no experiance…Haha… ^^// Wish me luck if I do enter!

  15. Yesenia
    Well that’s what it says so that’s the only thing I can tell you. Maybe you should try anyway? :S

    GOOD LUCK!!! I hope you do go and try out ^^ even if its just for a bit of fun!

  16. ahhhh i’m so excited! ^^
    i’m in hawaii and am auditioning, already sent in my application and got an email back all yesterday! (:

    but yeaa i’m half asian too. 1/4 japanese, 1/4 chinese and 1/2 white ethnicites (german, french, english, irish) but i also do have a little hawaiian. hardly any though.

    anyone going out for dance?! any pointers on the dance auditions!?
    ahhh i’m nervous~~

  17. ^Ooh good luck!! Thats pretty exciting ^^

    I guess just practice freestyling? Lol if you saw Taemin + Key’s audition you would’ve seen how awkward it was for the others who couldnt dance ^^

    Dont be nervous!!

  18. Every year, is there only one winner for the auditions? Cause i wanna audition [unfortunately i live in Australia] but i wanna be in a group band.

    • Sorry, I have no idea how the auditions work. But they never have them in Australia .__.

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