Posted by: lovediaries | August 7, 2008

Long Live Eunhae

IM BORED. Someone motivate me to study.

Anyways I bring good newsstuff. I watched this a few days ago but I was in the midst of exams (still is, actually but whatev) so I’m posting this now. Hope some of you haven’t seen it yet :P

{credit KiSung85 @ youtube}

Look snape_freak, I’m pimping your videos again :D/

This is for all you Eunhae-shippers out there !!!!

Remember episode 8 of EHB where they brought in an actress to do a little role play to get SJ all teary and stuff? Well this is just a short clip with *subs* of a different sort that tell a story more interesting than the one Donghae had been acting out (though I admit “Why did you eat the eraser???” is kinda a classic line XD. Oh, Hae ♥).

I can’t stop staring at Donghae’s adam’s apple. Like…it’s just THERE…calling out to me. And when he rolled his head back I JUST DIED.

How freaking cute is Hyuk at 0.34-0.37, sitting there watching Hae intently. Heechul on the other hand is just flailing about.

Also, I love how Sungmin just CRACKS UP at Hyuk. And the final line – it PWNS.

p.s WE REALLY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT OUR CATEGORIES, lol. I get all ANGRY at them because I’m so pedantic lol and they don’t work very well, do they? We need to reorganise them. We’ll fix them soon, we promise. At least, I’m willing to go back through 600 posts just for a little peace of mind.


  1. *superman theme song plays in the bg*


    You have to get really really good marks and graduate with flying colours, then go into some awesome uni course and graduate that with flying colours, then go work and earn HEAPS of money so we can buy SM. Notice the “we”, cuz you pay the money and PAS and I will umm…cheer you on? But thats considered as helping, so we will own part of it too XDDDD Gosh I’m so smart hahaha..Anyways is that enough motivation to make you study? Need more? Ok how bout after buying SM, we’ll make Donghae AND Changmin marry you since your 1/3 CEO aswell…sounds good? Ok go study now, shooo fly shoo!!! lol

    My net is dying atm and wont load the youtube vids, so I’ll go watch this when my net is living again. Just watched it! OMG snape_freak is brilliant, like always. XDDDD ROFL it was soooo funny and omg such good timing, especially after Donghae’s part, Hyuk pops in right away hahaha…And the last line is pure win. “Thats MY monkey you’re yelling at” ROFLMAO Aww EUNHAE-NESS <3333

    P.S. Our categories arent that bad…….Its a bit all over the place and maybe we should add more categories and tags etc. However, I dont have the time nor the motivation to do that, so YOU can back through 600 posts and YOU can reorganise our categories and WE can all have a little peace of mind. ^_^ Hahaha unless you can get the lazy PAS to help you =PPP Not my fault your having an OCD moment lol.

  2. This video is PURE GENIUS!!!


    I see, the so-called “hiatus” is not working, no? Remember “Books Before Boys”.


  3. “that’s MY monkey you’re yelling at!”

    ROFL. super funny!!

    ok, it’s time for you to hit the books. GO! GO! GO!

  4. Hahaha, I was all “who is this changdice person and why is she speaking like she knows me?” Why the name change?

    Hae’s adam’s apple of sex cannot be ignored. I made a thread for it in the Kpop love meme. XD

    Haha, and Ming and I share reactions. All it takes to make me laugh is looking at Hyukface. :D

    This was totally not a real parody though, I didn’t even post it anywhere else besides my comm. I’m going to go work on the Pajama Party one right now.

  5. beckypoo
    Well if I’m going to be 1/3 CEO, I might as well take up my fair share and marry 1/3 of the boys MUAHAHAHA. Omg and SHINee will be mine too! And Key can teach me how to cook and we can play games of all sorts :DD

    Lol I know eh! Coz in teh actual thing Hyuk didnt cut in straight after XD Hehee we’re lucky snape_freak loves Eunhae <3

    ONLY TWO EXAMS LEFT. So I’m back :DD Hehe. Yeah, I’ll give you “your” Eunhae back when *I’m* done :PPP

    Lol it’s now time for me to hit my bed. IM SLEEP DEPRIVED

    Oh but everyone knows I’m changdice ~! Actually it’s more like that’s my nickname in RL. I gave it to myself and everyone liked the sound of it and started calling me that.

    I’ll give you whatever I owed you before if you can work out where changdice came from. You’re smart so it shouldn’t be too hard :PP


  6. changdice
    Changmin/Candice namesquish. Where’s my price?

  7. Damn. You really are smart.

    But it’s not called a namesquish *rolls eyes*…it’s called a COUPLE NAME.

  8. semantics

    I want my price.

  9. I hope you speak marglish and know I meant prize. -_-

  10. Oh I speak marglish … I was just, um, avoiding that part of the comment XD

    Well last time I offered something you said that you didn’t want to disclose anything on the internet. Guess the same thing applies this time too? (:o

  11. Tease -_-

  12. Aw, well I don’t want you hating me.

    Have you thought of anything ? :)

  13. Haha, bb, I could never hate you. I’ll let you off this time since you were kind enough to pimp this video even though I half assed it. :D

  14. YAY :)



    The ending especially!! ZOMG i was laughing so hard at the ending!!

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