Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2008

Big Bang Haru Haru MV Subbed

{credit: FlyAway87 @youtube}

BE BACK TO EDIT but its looking good so far :DD

Give us your opinion before reading ours? ^^


Omg this MV is FREAKING AMAZING. It is so sad I’m crying. My heart needs fixing !!!!

Okay so throughout the whole 5.23 I was covered in goosebumps. I love it when MVs have that effect on me because it shows that everything came through nicely. Nicely being an understatement, of course.

I don’t want to “ruin” the storyline because I accidentally read one of the comments so I found out what happens before I actually got up to it which was kinda sucky lol. Even though the end is not that hard to guess, the intensity and mood of the MV still had me on the edge of my seat :)

GD did a really good job, too. Though I have a feeling he’s like that in real life, maybe? I mean, him in this MV was exactly as I imagined him to be judging by the answers from the Big Bang quiz lol. I like protective boyfriends <3 And jealousy !!!!!!!!!!! Hehe. Everyone looked great here … but I’m really going to refrain from using caps lock and stuff (even though it’s completely ALKJLAJDA-worthy) because the MV has actually got me all depressed :(

I have no idea what the lyrics are but I’m hoping they go something along the lines of this MV because that would be awesome!

Also, their mini album, ‘Stand Up’, is GREAT!! We should be doing a review on it soon~! :)

p.s I got really excited when I saw GD’s tattoo :DD


Just watched the MV, and it is FREAKING AMAZING *___________________* I was worried that I’d be disappointed with their new album, but WOW. BigBang totally brought it.

The acting, the colours (or lack of), the EYE MAKEUP, just everything was FANTASTICALLY done :DD!! I looooove how their MVs have PLOT, it makes everything so much more interesting. And the plot was interesting too. Sad, but interesting :D.

GD should be cast in a movie. THE BOY CAN ACT. AND WRITE GOOD MUSIC. HOMG, THE SONG IS SO CATCHY *________________________* Though like Changdice(candychu), I also happen to like protective boyfriends (hellooooo Edward Cullen) and I thought he did a great job. I haven’t watched the subbed mv yet, but beckery’s theory is that the girl knew she was going to die, so she cheated with TOP to make GD forget about her. Poor bb ;_____; I loved the ending, I thought it was really good (except, unlike Changdice, I didn’t cry XDDD).

K, I’m gonna go get ready to watch the OLYMPICS now. WEEE, TODAY IS SUCH A GOOD DAY :))))


AWWWWWW The MV WAS AWESOME!!! I didnt want to get my hopes up too much, but wow they’ve once again made me totally amazed and smitten with them. I LOVE THE SONG!!! We’ll do a review for the songs later, but omg pure winness I tell you <333

The mv is soooo sad. At first, I thought the girl was cheating on GD with TOP and Im like “NOOOO You cant do that. No girl is suppose to get between the boys!!” hahaha But then I watched it again with subs and I get it now. Well I think I do anyways. The girl made a huge sacrifice for GD and its really touching and omo GDRAGON NEEDS TO ACT MORE!! That boy is seriously sooo talented <3333

I like BB’s MVs. They’re always so interesting. They have the boys in them PLUS theres a good storyline! The quality of this was fabulous. The colour, the settings, the eyeliners (XD) and just everything made it look so depressing and emo and wow I’m really impressed!!

Lol ok gotta go, I’m busy watching Olympics!!



    I just skimmed the first line of each … blurb, and I swear, they all started out with “OMGARGHHHHHHHHTHISMVISSOOOOOAWESOMEANDAMAZING. GO DIE IF YOU DON’T LIKE BIG BANG”.


    I, errrr, thought the MV was kinda cliche, and I’m SO sick of seeing eyeliner on these boys. Seriously, I get how it fits their image and everything, but Seung Ri’s really starting to look like an insomniac panda.

    I really liked how TaeYang WASN’T the main singer in the MV. He usually gets all the great lines and poses, but this time, the rest of the boys got to be in the limelight, as they so well deserved.

    The girl (Park Min Young, I think) is SO pretty. She’s got that really wholesome, good-girl look going on, which I dig. A lot. Tis nice.

    And Top needs … new hair.

    And I wasn’t really digging the close-ups of the boys’ SKIN. Honestly, throughout the entire MV, I was going: “TOO CLOSE! TOO CLOSE! BACK AWAY, YOU STUPID CAMERA(WO)MAN!”

    I also really liked the darkness of the MV – twas really symbolic and a GREAT use of foreshadowing.

    But I maintain that they all started to look like insomniac pandas towards the end. (I’m so nice, aren’t I?)

  2. playmeagain
    Rofl, yeah biased fangirls much? XD

    See, I don’t mind cliches – as long as it’s delivered well. The eyeliner was a bit PWOAR like when Taeyang’s face came up on the screen I was like “omg who the hell is that” and the scars + bandaid was overdone a TAD but that’s all part of the angst, I guess. And it was the angst which got to me coz I’m such an angsty lil angst loving person LMAO. I’m so emo ;_____;

    YES! I agree! Like, I’m not rejoicing over the lack of lines/screentime Taeyang got but I was happy seeing everyone else more! And plus, Taeyang’s crown was attention seeking enough XD

    Yep she’s Park Min Young and really gorgeous! I have no idea who she is (I think she was in I am Sam with TOP?) but I went and wiki’ed her immediately after watching.

    Yeah, if TOP was supposedly the “doctor” (though I think he looked more like a friend than anything else) then well…the hospital must’ve been desperate to hire doctors because I would not want someone looking like that curing me if I had cancer *TOUCHWOOD*

    Speaking of TOO CLOSE the rap at the start with TOP and GD was intense. Especially with the lyrics where they’re not actually singing to each other, it makes it seem like the two boys are in love WITH EACH OTHER; if you get what I mean?

  3. LOL Jen[ny] how Edward Cullen just sneaks up on you, huh? I mean, I’m not a fan of the “Twilight” books or anything, but I still make frequent references to it. LOLs.

    In general, I <333 this MV. Big Bang’s MVs are the ONE MVs where I do not (actually, more like cannot) pay attention to the subtitles because I’m too busy watching the storyline of the MV and the boys’ very expressive act-singing. Srsly. I think that’s a testimony to their music and their videos. I really can’t give them a higher compliment than that. The fact that words are completely irrelevant when it comes to viewing their videos is just… wow.

    The eyeliner and the facial scarring was just… wow. I totally didn’t know what to think of it. And BB boys+eyeliner=hot. srsly. I have a thing for my idols wearing eyeliner (Junsu and Jae have done it before too!!). I love how there wasn’t a NG or bloopers/goofs reel at the end like Big Bang’s videos usually have; it would’ve detracted from the somber tone of the whole video, I think. And the song was just… INCREDIBLE. I usually have a thing for such consistent rap, but they did this entire song in such a fluid way that everything just… fit. I especially loooooved Daesung’s bridge-solo. THAT was incredible and his voice is magic. I hated Taeyang’s crown though. They need to do something about that. But like Playmeagain, I liked the fact that Taeyang didn’t have that many vocal solos. I’ve always been more interested to hear the other boys sing, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Seungri take a more active role in singng (and TOP too. HOMG!). TOP’s voice is right up there with Micky’s as sexay.

    *runs off to find and obtain the mini-album*.

    Oh, and as an aside: I find Big Bang’s marketing strategy kinda brilliant. Instead of having a full album (8+ songs) with only a few songs being awesome and the rest being somewhat filler, BB releases a mini-album with 4-5 songs max where they’re ALL excellent. I approves.

  4. nanshi
    Yeah the second time I watched the MV was with subs but I was sitting here thinking “Wait…how can I read the lyrics when I’m trying to focus on what’s happening??” and this was AFTER I already watched it XD

    Yeah, I loved Daesung’s part too. I … actually love EVERY line Daesung sings XD I love his voice and everytime I hear it I just think of his cute face and it makes me all ^_______^ !!!

    But yeah I agree that the idea of a mini-album is smarter tahn a full album. I’m sure they can make more money this way too lol. And it doesn’t take as long to produce a mini album xP

  5. It makes me SO sjdashjdahfghweruhudfhds-*flings gummy into the air*-happy, that you guys are into Big Bang now. MUAHAHAHAH!!

    ….well thats all I have to say, because I watched KiSung’s parody of the song first…..and thats kinda messed the ‘angsty depression’ that went on in this song ^^”

    Oh, one more thing. Did the doctors kill her off?! I thought euthanasia was against the law these days?

  6. gummydork
    NOO NOT THE GUMMIES!!! *opens mouth and throws head back*

    Actually this MV is so depressing that even afterwards when I re-watched it I forgot about the funny stuff. HAHA well I think MVs are in a world of their own. I didn’t even think of the doctors killing her off…I thought she just died during the operation that seemed really calm xD IDK.

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