Posted by: lovediaries | August 8, 2008

Hankyung carrying Olympic Torch

I was a little muddled up before but LOOK the video is out now :)


Am I the only one who expected Hankyung to run like 2 km? Or at least more than 2 m? Isn’t that what usually happens with torchbearers??? O.o Especially because on one of those Chinese variety shows Hankyung was like “I’ve trained well, I shouldn’t get tired”. But I mean, even *I* wouldn’t get tired running that short distance XDD

Anyway, I’m still proud of him <33 He looked soooooooo happy waving to the crowd ~!


Okay guys so it wasn’t 2m … it was 50m :DD!!

{translation credit: chelletasmic @ lj}

ToImage Hosting by Picoodle.comday, the moment of passing on the torch, was the first time in my humble life to realize how fortuous it is to smile, how beautiful. In that moment, what I saw through my eyes was surreal, but my heart clearly enjoyed the excitement and emotion. That kind of feeling cannot be described by words, I was so happy I wanted to cry? All in all, the moment I touched the flaming torch, I already wasn’t myself, I didn’t even even know how to describe it. Hehe~~~ Even now I’m still intoxicated by those short few seconds~~~~~~ To have this kind of feeling today, to have the chance to experience the honor of passing on the Olympic Torch, you are my greatest support, of course I’m also grateful to the Olympic Committee and Coca Cola to approve me, giving me this sacred task. Thankful to as always SM for my training, and to our SJ members in Korea who experienced this moment of bearing the torch with me through various medias. Another thing, I am grateful for these shoes that I wore while running, they’re from MinWook hyung [Manager Kim], he said for me to run my life’s best fifty meters, and I did it! This is the first and last time I’ll wear these shoes, I’ll keep them, my clothes, my torch, and my memories with me, keep them safe~~~! I have completed the glorious task of passing on the sacred fire, I will continue to bring your dreams [with me] forever and run with you all~~~!

I love you all~~~~~!

Hankyung is such a sweetheart <333 And his manager sounds so nice, lol. Is the same manager that everyone @ soompi goes crazy over? XDD


  1. ROFL XDDD I was expecting him to run at LEAST 100m XDDD But ah well, he looked like he had fun :))))

    I’m surprised the ELFs didn’t run with him…

    BTW, the guy who went after Hangeng is/was Jet Li’s martial arts coach ^^

  2. HAHAHAHA *falls off chair* OMG I’ve waited for like 4 months to see Hankyung be a torch bearer and make me swoon at his awesome running skills and swell up like a balloon with pride……And this is what I get!?27seconds, 2 meteres of him running with the torch!!! *sighs*

    However, his happy and excited smile is absolutely priceless so I guess the wait was kinda worth it..He looks like his having the time of his life XDDD And yes I’m still so very proud of him, when am I not though? haha <333

    Btw PAS are you surprised as much as I am?!? Our predictions were WAY OFF!!! O_o

  3. I just spazzed on spazzes but OMG I LOVE HIM LIKE OXYGEN!!
    He looked SO PROUD!!
    I bet he’ll be smiling randomly for the next month or so.
    He’ll see a commercial/the actual olympics and be like “yeah…I STARTED THAT FIRE!!”

  4. that man lift him up! lol
    truly i was expecting full 200m like the hong kong relay, since he trained so hard for the moment, but WTH!
    this frickin 2m cause him not being able to go with suju at MAA?
    anyway superrr juni-err was mentioned ^^ lol at the dialect it must be from beijing tv
    im proud of geng gege, none the less
    and that lao ren, i almost gasp when i think the fire died

  5. OMG! are you fucking kidding me…!!!i thought he was going to take it into the stadium and then like perform or something…..I’m disappointed (NOT at Hankyung of course) WHY would they only let him carry it lik…4 feet!!!


    still its history hes making here and hes part of it….I’m so proud of him. ^.^

    SUJU FIGHTING!!!….i wonder what all that training was for….maybe…..he’ll carry it again tomorrow….lets hope…

  6. HANKYUNG!!! Yeah, when he mentioned all the training he went through, I thought he’d be running for miles lol. But nonetheless, I am proud of him ^_^ I thought it was so funny when the guy before him lifted him up. But I’ve never been so excited to see a segment of the Olympic run haha.

  7. Runforestrun
    Lol I think by the time the ELFs got onto the road (not that that would’ve been allowed anyway) Hankyung would’ve finished his lap already XDD

    Jet Li’s martial arts coach? Whoa…I figured he was a martial arts person XD

    LOL I KNOW. All the waiting for less than half a minute but it was worth it I guess. Especially coz it’smade Hankyung so happy <33

    Er, what were you and PAS predicting?

    And he’ll grow and look back and reminisce about how he was a part of the 08 Olympics !!!!!!!!

    Yeah omg while Hankyung was “running” I actually thought “What is the fire goes out coz of the wind????” but I’m sure the torch was designed to not let the fire out that easily??

    I hope so. I’d love to see Hankyung run another lap, he seriously looked SOOO happy ^^

    Haha I know. I LOLed coz the first guy lifted Hankyung up then he had to bend to hug the nxt guy XD The news came on and I ran outside and was like “I wonder if Hankyung will come on” and my mum’s like “since when have you cared?” XDD

  8. ahah he’s such a cutie but he should have more metres LOL
    the manager that everyone (including me) goes crazy about is Lee Seunghwan
    so its a different manager ^^

  9. ^ROFL, well you can tell *I* don’t go crazy over that manager XDD
    Actually I’ve always wondered and now’s the perfect chance to ask…why is it that you guys are so obsessed with him? I’m too scared to ask on soompi LOL

  10. oh my god. even if it WAS less than half a minute, i was practically exploding with pride. hankyung looked elated!! and his message is so cute x3. but seirously, it should have been at least… oh, i dont know, 150m. it was a little too short, but it’s already a gargatuan honor to be holding the torch at all~!!!!!!!!!!11 hankyung HWAITING~ suju HWAITING~ <3333

  11. ^Yeah and I honestly don’t think Hankyung minded running such a short distance because he’s such a humble person. We’re all extremely proud of him and I hope he knows just how much !!!

  12. I found a video with an interview of Hangeng about the olympics and torch-bearing. You can see the video and translation here Please credit if you want to take it out. Thanks ^^

  13. LOL! He trained to run like four yards?!

  14. lovemelodies
    hehe thanks for the video! Lol it’s okay, I’m chinese so I don’t need translations ^^

    LOL I wonder if he knew he only had to run taht short a distance :S

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