Posted by: beckery | August 8, 2008

Hyesung 3rd Album MV Teaser

Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

GAHHH HOW CAN YOU RESIST THIS GUY?!?! I think most girls have a weakness for drummer boys, cuz admit it, they look dead smexy and hot sitting there wacking on their drums <33 And omg Hyesung makes one SEXC drummer boy!! Him, his cute lil bow tie, hot sunnies and funny hair (one side is sticking out whilst the other is flat and stuck to his head hehe XD) is total droolworthy material! Oh and check out his nifty lil trick at 0.16 and his stare at 0.30. Now, those are a pair of eyes I wouldnt mind drowning in hahaha.

I cant wait for his 3rd album!!! The album is due for release at the end of August and its apparently going to be different from his other 2 albums which were mainly ballads. This one is going to contain a variety of different genres including more upbeat tracks such as alternative rock and disco. YAH!! I LOVE Hyesung and his ballads (cuz his voice was totally meant for ballads) but its always good  to see him try out new genres, and I’m sure he’ll excel in those aswell <3333

Pinkandsparkly: Normally, Beckery does the Shinhwa posts, but I’m going to invade this post because OMG, HYESUNG LOOKED SO CUTE/HOT PLAYING THE DRUMS. OMGHISBOWTIE.HISSUNNIES.HISHAIR. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I usually partial to guitar players, but *______________* Hyesung looked so good playing those drums. And his little spinning trick, lol XDDD

For those who haven’t check out Hyesung’s music, you’re MISSING OUT. Go youtube some now. His voice is AMAZING. It really is.

Can’t wait to hear him sing ALTERNATIVE ROCK XDD Sorry, the thought of little Hyesungie going punk just makes me rofl XD.



    alskdjfs apparently I need to start saving up money faster than I am currently :(. 3rd album! I need to get this; I enjoyed his first two so very much. And it’s Hyesung <333333. Interested to see how he’ll do in those other music genres too~~

  2. Arghhh…i’m poor..why?!!!!!!!

  3. spazzes
    Yeah =_= I feel your pain. All my Shinhwa boys are releasing albums this year!! I’m not sure I can afford all this though. I still have like other 10th anniversary stuff I’m waiting to buy such as their concert dvd, the Shinhwa history dvds, Dongwan’s concert dvd (which he better release) and those are kind of tops on my list atm *sighs* But omo, I’m definitely looking forward to Hyesung’s 3rd album, especially since his trying out new genres. It worked out really well for Dongwan and I’m sure Hyesung will be just as great <333 Oh and please wait for the repackaged version this time =PPPP hahaha

    hhahaha *pats you on head* there there. If you cant afford it now then you can buy it later..

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