Posted by: lovediaries | August 9, 2008

SHINee for CLR!DE.n

{credit: soompi; sm_shinee}

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Well this is exciting, isn’t it?

I read that they have a 1 yr contract with CLR!DE.n

But I really wish Key wouldn’t lie across the couch like that…it gives me pedo thoughts XDD

Oh and here’s Minho…with a GIRL. Lol only kidding :P Like…there is a girl but I don’t actually care.

And I should shut up now … *POOF*

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    Oh nooo, i’m now picturing little korean fangirls roaming the streets in cowgirl outfits *clutches head*

  2. Lol I couldn’t decide whether they were cowboys or lumberjacks…
    Minho is such a model.^^ And Jonghyun looks like Onew/Minho in the first pic. I actually had to sit there and debate who was who. I’m such a bad noona!fan.

  3. PAS
    They all look like farmers O.o But still, Key’s pose is distracting me from looking at anything else xD

    Yes, have you ever seen those videos of Minho on the catwalk? He would’ve been 15 I think and omg he was already as tall as a tree and looking VERY pro.

  4. people. it is obvious its NOT a lumber jack look.just because it has plaids on it does not mean its a lumber jack look.goodness. its obviously a euro chic. god.

  5. ^Lol either way they’re looking totally fine as .. er euro chics? XP

  6. yeah~
    well for those of you who arent fashion forward
    the whole scottish inspired red/black plaid is totally in this fall.
    the whole european look is entering this fall
    and you have to look at their other euro-inspired looks.
    very euro chic (pronounced “sheek”)

  7. ^ahh okay lol well we havnt seen any yet and were in fall atm hmmm guess we’re behind

  8. Actually, although the red and black plaid look has been seen on the runway (eg. the two piece by Ralph Lauren at NY Fashion week), it didn’t make it into one of the top trends from London’s 2008 Fashion week.

    Most of the trends that I’ve seen from the ready to wear lines have been stuff like bold shoulders (Chanel 2008), and petticoats (like the gorgeous one from the Gavin Douglas show).

    Sorry, I’m aware that none of that was related to the SHINee shoot ^_^;; Couldn’t help myself

    And SHINee’s outfits scream “western”; it’s the fringing, I’m sure.

  9. ^Wow another insightful comment. Thank you XD

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