Posted by: beckery | August 9, 2008

SS501 – Find Perf on M.Bank 080808

Credits to nicquenadine @ youtube

I’m actually not really a SS501 fangirl, but I do like them, I do follow their music and I do find them to be an awesome bunch!! Anyways, I just wanted to post this performance cuz I love this song and was pretty excited to see their live performance!! Seriously, one of my favourite SS501 song for sure ♥♥♥ The song kinda reminds me of OST songs and omo the use of the orchestra is fantastically awesome!!

Plus, the boys look so hot here XDD and can I just say the fans were amazing *_* Their chants were soooo loud, they must have missed the boys alot!! But what made me really go WOW, was Youngsaeng. He totally pawned this performance, I was really impressed with his vocals <333


  1. OMG. I’ve recently become a SS501 fangirl, and I’m obsessed with them now xD. I was waiting sooo long for this performance and it was perfect and the boys look greattttt. I’ve been looking forward to seeing a new song for their performances, and the live orchestra made this really unique. Youngsaeng owned this performance; he sang almost half the song himself lol.

  2. couldnt agree more on youngsaeng, love that voice!
    i have to admit that i never have any interest on double S before dejavu days, and after watching km idol world, who wouldnt fall in love with dorky jungmin ^^
    find is very beautiful, kinda reminds me of ock joo hyun’s popera

  3. abc123zyx
    Lol actually, I’ve been thru the ss501 obsessive phase once. However, it didnt last for very long cuz then they went back to Japan haha. But they’re definitely an awesome group. Yea the boys looked really good here. I missed Jungmin and Kyujong *pouts*, but I’m glad to see their looking fine and happy XD Haha I didnt expect Youngsaeng to be singing so much, but omo he did a great job.

    Ohh I’ve never heard Ock Joo Hyun’s popera. Will go find it cuz I love Find. It has a really nice feel to it. Haha I adore Jungmin. His such a weirdo, but a very very attractive weirdo. My first ss501 boy crush actually. Then Kyujong kinda won me over with his cute ways. But they’re all really awesome <3

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