Posted by: beckery | August 10, 2008

..and they come back with a BIG BANG!!

Yup, Big Bang is back and they’re rocking my socks off XDDD Hahaha..This was their comeback stage at Inkigayo today. They performed Stand up as intro, Haru Haru and Oh My Friend. Ohh I just found a HQ of the whole performance.

Credits to gerardkp0p @ youtube

Havent watched it yet, so will be back to edit later. Oh and just a reminder, with the recent SBS crackdown, we better watch it whilst its still on youtube and before the user Privates it XD.

Wow, Taeyang was definitely turning the heat up with his sexy dance at the beginning during Stand Up, then the piano in Haru Haru <333 TOP and his mickey mouse gloves XDD hahaha..But dang, Haru Haru was awesome. Despite my annoyance at GD’s hair, his rapping never fails to make me swoon!! Daesung voice is always awesome and Seung Ri is just pure love ♥♥ Yup, they definitely look sexy here XDD

And they looked like they had heaps of fun during Oh My Friend, but personally I would actually prefer Lady. The “excuse me miss” keeps repeating itself in my head lol. But overall, a successful Comeback performance boys!!



  1. I was totally up until 4am watching this live on SBS. SO AMAZING. *_*

  2. sinuata
    Oh wow your so dedicated XDD Haha I cant watch live anyways so I have to wait for youtube, but definitely an awesome Comeback <3

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