Posted by: lovediaries | August 10, 2008

Pajama Party & Haru Haru Parodies


Warning: I know there are some fans out there who take these parodies really personally though so far no one here has bashed us for posting them! But keep in mind they are just for a bit of laugh! Don’t get too offended! Mentions of homosexuality in the first two parodies. Also they are rated. I probably have to go to Confession for watching, lmao. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be corrupted…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Pajama Party Parody – OKAY LMAO underage readers can ignore this post! This one is basically about how SJ are not gay…they are curious. Or at least Kangin is. Sungmin on the otherhand doesn’t need anyone. And he is still freaking adorable even after this parody. Teuk thinks wearing a rainbow = badboy.

I think this is hilarious because snape_freak’s other SJH parody was about how they’re so gay and in this one they’re trying so hard to prove they’re not.

Haru Haru Parody – This was a depressing MV…but it doesn’t mean there’s no room for crack XD.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE NOTHING COHERENT TO SAY. “What the hell are you complaining about, you got to sit at the front” and “Hey bitch, mom said don’t get pregnant again” and “Hurry hurry say hi to your brother” were my favourite lines.

Oh and this one has a happy ending!

Another Haru Haru Parody – I watched this one this morning and remembered peeing in my pants. You gotta read fast though and DONT GET DISTRACTED BY THE VISUALS, lol. My favourite part would be the flying debris & ipod line XD. Oh and of course “this day, this day, was totally gay.” Also it was after watching this MV for the nth time (and after having it pointed out to me) did I finally see the headband.


p.s Have you all seen GD’s new hair? Seriously, Korean stylists are gonna be out of the job soon.


  1. Excuse me, aren’t you underage yourself?

  2. ^Depends which country you live in I guess.

  3. Which country? You are underage in every country.

    Well, maybe not Candice-land.

  4. ^Yeah well that’s the country I currently reside in :D

  5. LOL at the Pajama Party Parody. “I’ll just stroke the snake inside my PAJAMA” Double entendre much? ROFLMAO!! Oh and I love all the Junsu reference <33 But chang chang, you really shouldnt be watching these!

    For Haru Haru, ROFL at the steroid parts. Omg so funny cuz we were learning about it the other day. The medical term used for it is called “testicular atrophy”. Gosh I’m smart XDD

    The other Haru Haru one was good too. Their fighting part was hilarious. Rock, paper, scissors and Hopscotch lol.

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOL! The first “Haru Haru” parody was brilliant! I always like snape freak’s parodies, they’re always well timed and not too lengthy in terms of lyrics (so the syllables actually kinda match up). LOL. My favorite part was the Daesung and Seungri bridge (and not just cause it’s my fave part of the song) cause they were all like, “Don’t stop him.” “But it’s MY room!!”

  7. beckery
    LMAO I LOVED THAT LINE. I knew something was up with him and that pink snake XD Haha it’s okay as long as I wash my brain out afterwards :PP

    Omg that rock/paper/scissors/hopscotch took me like FOREVER to get. But yes so funny xDD

    Yeah I love these parodies because the subs actually correspond to the lyrics.

    The Daesung/Seungri bridge is def my favourite too :D

  8. ohgod ILUSFM <3333

    my friend just asked me if i watched this. and pajama party parody?! *ded* seems kind of redundant but whatever

    kpop ghei wins in effing LAIF <333

  9. ^Hehe ILU2 !!! Kpop gives you the best stuff to be made fun of xDD

  10. im new to kpop if i can say that soo who’s GD in the PS and Junsu from the pajama party parody

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