Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 10, 2008

When Bad Hair Happens To Good People – Part One

Dedicated to crazy Korean hairstylists who should not be allowed near scissors/styling product.

We all have bad hair days (or decades, if you’re me) but our bad hair days can normally be fixed with a hair straightner and some hairspray (or a hat!) but things aren’t quite the same when you’re a celebrity (and you’ve pissed off your hairstylist).

Let’s take a journey back in time and look at an early photo of Korea’s longest lasting boyband – Shinhwa:

Can you tell who’s who? I couldn’t.

But this was one of LSM’s first boybands, so we can excuse him for not knowing any better. And it was the ’90s after all, people really did dress like that O_O.

However, one thing’s for sure, people certainly didn’t dress like this *refer to picture below* in 2004. Well, *I* didn’t have the privilege of knowing anyone who dressed like that.

When it comes to bad hair, DBSK should be able to recall one or two. The boys have all been there, had that, and have the emotional scarring to prove it.

What was the theme, anyway? Anime comes to life?

But with Shinhwa AND DBSK’s  terrible debut hairstyles, one would think that SM would’ve learnt a thing or two, but obviously not, cos the poor Suju boys became his next victims:

Not quite as *frightening* as DBSK’s. The *shock* factor was definitely diluted, but their debut hair sure took the term “pretty boys” to a whole new level. Though between you and me, some of them have better hair in that picture than they do now *cough*Shindong*cough*

(…to be continued)



  1. i think to generalize dbsk is sad, sure they’ve had the boys have has could-be-better hair, but don’t blame the other 4 when its yoochun that keeps pissing off his stylist XD

    though i think you highlighted the wrong era. the “The Way You Are” single hair, though less shocking, isn’t any less bad (lion mane junsu and jaejoong? remember?)

  2. ougad.

    yunho had *green* hair


    and changmin looked like a tattooed sea urchin ;_;

  3. hahah!! omg~!! i sooo agree! some hairstylist should really be fired ^^”
    since shinhwa’s picture was from the 90s i think its not that tragic~ (though dongwan did a good job by using a hat xP ) but TVXQ’s hairstyle XD~ I think if I saw them during night.. i would have ran away ^^”
    chunnie is the most unfortunate when it comes to his hairstylist i think XD~ poor bb~~

    whats wrong with the hairstylist nowadays? O_o” GD’s current hairstyle isnt really pleasant either XD

  4. you forgot H.O.T.

    I really don’t know why they had those hairstylists during those times. But not just the hair though, the costumes as well (mainly for H.O.T, Shinhwa, and Turbo), they were so baggy.

  5. hoshit, that Shinhwa picture is hilarious XDD. HYESUNG, WHY. I love them <3.

    ‘Tri-Angle’ … I’m glad they’re out of their visual kei stage. I only really like Yoochun’s hair during that time; HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED DDD:.

    And SuJu … well, the Twins era wasn’t too kind to any of them in terms of hair. Eunhyuk definitely had it worse, imo. I love that kiddo, but yeah~.

  6. @Abi: yeah lol I thought of H.O.T and Turbo too …. and kept picturing Kim Jung Kook and his funny dances that Haha would imitate XDD

    Actually I do find it funny how in TRIANGLE Chun had the best hair (I actually really liked his style the best …. like with the wavy hair & eyelinere) but nowadays as spazzes has said … HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED XDD

    I still find it so strange how Donghae had weird ass blonde hair because … idk I just can’t imagine him ever going back to that. But I can picture Hyuk with extensions again… which I never really found that bad XD

  7. OMFG, it’s Donghae’s freaky hair… This is why I want him to get a new haircut. NOW. -twitch-
    And Heechul’s [i]still[/i] prettier than me. -o-

  8. im sorry i hv to choose dbsk..
    cant stop laughing when i see those pic!!
    their outfits are soooo WRONG!!ahhahaha…
    n thx god their outfits soo fine now,,heheh

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