Posted by: pinkandsparkly | August 10, 2008


Picture: Baidu



This hair is DISGUSTING. Some people are saying that it looks “cute” on him. One wonders whether they have eyes……

[[ Beckery: Just invading your post to say YUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!! It actually looks like he snipped his hair off by accident. I mean, WHAT IS WITH THAT SIDE PART?!?!!?!? =_= Poor guy, his hairstylists must either really hate him or they’re just going blind =_=. ]]

Let’s rewind back to a happier time, shall we:

Ahhhh….much better <333


  1. again, the guinea pig of hairstyle! why oh why…….
    but phewww, finally the long wavy hair is gone,
    and hey, look at the bright side, i mean, the white shirt,

  2. I was very sad the first time I saw his hair cut. Now, seeing it again, I’m even sadder. ;-;

    This is the only DBSK boy I fangirl, and they turned him into a creepy older version of Taemin. D:

    Still, for Yoochun, I’m willing to overlook bad hair. I just hope he feels like wearing a lot of beanies. -_-

  3. Well, it looks kinda ok to me!
    At least its wayyyy better than the super short one he had!
    that one was GROSS TO DA MAX.

    for now, he just looks
    *coughs* underage. HAHA! =X

  4. i’ve always thought YooChun is the only person who can pull of any type of haircut at all, because all of my attention goes to his nice broad shoulders anyway, but i can’t forgive this one! TaeMin’s bowlcut is fine but this is cracked-bowl! i wanna chop off those sideburns they look more like blund fangs to me. let’s hope this is temporary and not for their soon-to-come Korean album cover *choke*

  5. Yoochun must have royally pissed off his hair stylist :(

    He looks so gorgeous in that second picture alksjdfs. I love the chest pr0n.

  6. I must confess, when I saw that pic, I didn’t see the hair first. I saw the !tight! shirt that Yoochun was wearing (that is oh-so-strategically unbuttoned) and guns. I don’t mind the sideburns, actually. I think they’re really trendy and cool…. on a girl (okay, I’ll stop now, promise). It’s the bangs… I’m so glad that SM keeps coordi noonas under tight wraps because I would be devastated to find that this was a style Micky chose for himself.

    Nonetheless, why don’t they see that SHORT HAIR FTW!?!?!?!? I’ll even take “Choosey Lover” (which was so bad-boy sexy that I loved it) hair over this.!

  7. his face looks …TT_TT

    but his body …..$_$ he is soooooo damn HOOOT

    i can forgive the hair couse he looks hoot any way *DROOOL*

  8. I find his new hairstyle OK
    but not the best lol
    He’s quite cute in it in my opinion
    though it does look a bit weird with the odd bits at the side
    In the second picture he looks awesome!

  9. ROFLMAO. I saw pics before but I thought it was a joke and refused to post about it.


    I’m sure I can still find it in my heart to love you, Yoochun. Just serenade me with some music.

    And seriously, they had better already done the photoshoots for their 4th album because I refuse to drool for months over that hair 7.7 (not that I’m drooling now….*chest molests*)

  10. p.s HIIIII CHANGMIN <333

  11. poor guy just can’t get a break

  12. OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOOCHUN! is he trying to look like he has a bowl cut too? totally doesn’t fit him at all. now, the second picture definitely looks more appealing!

  13. i love the 2nd picture more than the new look -.-‘

  14. What the hell?

  15. First of all.. I’d like to apologize.. Coz I’m the one who kept whinning on him about his previous yuck! wavy hair, and Chun just tried to make me happy by asking his stylist to cut his hair..

    The problem is.. I forget that the stylist hates him so much ^^;;

    *bricked by the others*

    Hahaha that hair looks fine for me, at least I didnt cry the first time I saw it XP (not like the wavy hair b4).

    Just cut the side hair, some gel, proper comb, and gorgeous smile.. He will still win girls’ hearts <3

    I still think he looked the best in Choosey Lover + Summer Dream, though.. but maybe Chun can only have 1 hair style ONCE.

  16. …..

    OMG..I had a scary though..what if THIS is there concept.
    One by one..they will all get mushrooms…
    I seriously want to see what their stylists look like.

    Yoochun, looks so tired, they all do.
    Its really scary, and its all going to get worse soon, with the new album..ehh..

  17. ^ lol! but wait, what if this is all conspiracy?
    one by one, .. all the gasoo is becoming mushrooms!

  18. It was smart to get a shot of min in that pic too! Distracted me enough to ignore Chunboys chest ^^

    Honestly, Im so used to his wacky hairdos, that I find nothing wrong with this. xD

    You gotta say though, isnt it fascinating how Chunboy can pretty much get away with anything (well almost) so long as his chest is free for molesting? Chunboys collar bones up for grabs too ^^

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