Posted by: beckery | August 13, 2008

080812 SHINee Hang Yun Festival ~ Boom Track

Credits to misterkrabspatties @ youtube

What a slippery performance! I think it was raining, so the stage was really slippery but poor Jonghyun fell on his butt at 0.25. Like seriously, fell with a plop! I hope his alright cuz that looked really painful. Kind of reminds me of how I fall when I’m attempting ice-skating lol. But of course, he stood up and kept performing like a professional <33 And I wouldnt of really noticed it, but in the comments, people were pointing out that Onew slipped at 0.37, Minho at 1.11 and Taemin at 1.19..Thats really dangerous =SSS I’m glad no one got majorly hurt.


  1. AHAHAHAHAHHAHA okay I’m really sorry Jonghyun but that was the FUNNIEST thing I have seen all day. And I feel really bad because it was really dangerous and he could’ve hurt his spine but there really was a PLOP sound XD

    Great, now I have to add “can avoid slipping on wet surfaces” on my “things Kim Kibum is capable of” XD

  2. p.s why the hell are they lipsynching? They lipsynched at the olympic celebratory party too

    p.p.s I just realised the reason the other 4 boys seemed oblivious to the fact that jonghyun fell was because…none of them actually saw XD

    But aw you really gotta admire their professionalism. They all kept smiling and yeah I wouldn’t have noticed Onew too if I didn’t know better because his smile only got bigger :D


  3. Yea his fall was pretty bad with the whole “plop” thing but my initial reaction was to laugh too, cuz I knew he didnt get hurt. But then afterwards I felt bad for laughing at an accident lol.

    I dont know why they’re lipsynching hey. I thought they were use to live singing by now and could do it with their eyes closed.

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