Posted by: lovediaries | August 13, 2008

Oh My Friend MV

Why can’t SJM be this quick with releasing MV’s T____T

{credit: BabyBongaholic @ youtube}

This was actually my least favourite song from their mini-album (we still havn’t done our review lol *nudges the other two*) so I wasn’t exactly ALSKDJALSKJDA-ing when I saw that it’s been uploaded. BUT OMG IT IS HILARIOUS and I think I might actually like the song a tad now :S

Daesung is a boxer (so cute when he punched the guy without even looking), Seungri is a mime/balloon making clown (either way those masks freak me out), Taeyang is a mechanics/electrician/IDK person (all hot and greasy~), TOP is a COP (who is freaking hopt and I’m a poet) and GD is a psychopath in a straitjacket and getting shipped off to jail a mental institution. I’m so not with it. And LMAO he is seriously INSANE. Both the hair and him.

Actually, his hair looked better at the end. Or maybe anything but the flat half-mohawk (or whatever thing of a hairstyle it’s called) is better than anything. Even if it’s just a non flat half-mohawk XD



  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting eons for you people to post this ‘coz I’m too lazy to spazz over on it on my own. *rolls eyes*

    LOL. On to the vid, I think this is my fave Big Bang mv (next to Last Farewell). It’s not as depressing as the others (ahem, Haru Haru) or as “gangsta”/B2K as their debut vids. I love the whole punk rock vibe—which Seungri channels with so much phail. XD!!!

    Batshitcrazy!GD is win. I always knew that he was crazee (I mean he did get that haircut didn’t he) but to see him go apeshiz in a straight jacket was pure gold. Also, DAMN HE’S SKINNY! How’d he fit into that backseat window????

    Also also, I wanna hug the person who came up with GD’s Clockwork Orange eyeliner. GD, I hope it’s you. 0.o

    Cop!Top and Mechanic!Taeyang are just so *_____*. It’s like a “calendar” concept. You know, the kind of calendar your mum won’t let you buy.

    Btw, TOP makes me want to run every red light now.

    Geezuz. Long Comment.

  2. Heh omg I can comment! *dances around* Thank you for making things easier for IT idiots like myself x) Hahahaha.

    Oh My Friend MV is awesome (just like anything bigbang is) :D Jiyong is a cute lunatic :D :D & TOP is a coolshit cop!

    You have 3 of my comments to read on 2 different sites now. HOHO. I really should be studying.

  3. moonynim
    Sorry you had to wait so long then :PP As I mentioned, I’m really not a fan of the song (damnit, it’s stuck in my head T__T) but I do agree the MV was brilliant !

    I seriously can’t get over how CRAZZZZZZZZY GD looked. Like…god he really is insane…IM SO FREAKED OUT BY HIM LMAO. And yes he is skinny O_O The way he was wriggling around on the seat, my gosh. And COP!TOP was HOT HOT HOT. Stupid girl tried to seduce him though *rolls eyes*. And lmao I read somewhere else that someone wanted to run every red light for TOP too XD Crazy fangirls FTW!

    And…no I don’t know what calendar you’re talking about…(:O

    Have you checked out our LJ thread??? Oh you probably won’t come back to see this comment will you? … GILLIAN COME BACK !!!!!!! If you have come back, however, you can comment through LJ now, okay??? Done especially for you ;)

    GD is a psycho lunatic. Like even more psycho than the average crazy man XD

  4. TOP is such a hot cop xD. GD totally nailed the role as an insane psychopath. He was hilarious especially when he started driving the car haha.

  5. @changdice
    “And lmao I read somewhere else that someone wanted to run every red light for TOP too XD Crazy fangirls FTW!”

    Wahahahaha~ I am not alone in this world. Actually, it was my friend who told me that she’d want to commit crimes for cop!top LOL. Crazies UNITE!!!

  6. ^Too bad cops don’t actually look like that in real life. You’d think that’d be able to prevent people from committing crimes eh?

    LOLs at you crazy people :P

  7. errr… TOP is lookin like one those strip dancer for the bachelorette party or something… LOL

    and GD with those leopard jackets… i thought one of the wonder girls are joining in!

    but this video are definitely hot! big bang are always lookin extra ordinary like that…

  8. ^Hahahaha you’re the second person to have said TOP looks like a stripper. Maybe coz I’ve never seen one so I wouldn’t know :PP

    And I totally thought of WG too!!

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