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SHINee Reality Show Ep2

Episode 2 has been subbed! Thanks to shineesubs @ youtube.

I’ll just post the links here for now. I might be back tomorrow to watch & spazz. I’m too tired atm and not mentally prepared to see SHINee go on dates LOL.

I saw 2 seconds of Part 2 while getting the link and saw Key and that same noona from last week sitting on a swinging chair in front of what looked like a campfire. See, this show definitely requires more than just some free time on hands.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


::EDIT:: I was upset while recapping so none of it makes any sense. I’ll leave it under the cut so no one feels obliged to read it XD

Part 1

Why does Key have to be such a ladies man? If he failed like Jonghyun I wouldn’t have to sit here crying ;_____;

Omg I don’t think I can do this. Key just shifted closer to her.


LMAO nice to know I’m not the only one hating Key atm *cough*Onew*cough*. HE FAILS AS A LEADER XD Jealous of his own bandmate AHAHA.

OMG NO. OMG KEKJFKAJSDDAKDHAKJDAS. *breathes*. So they play that stacking game (fails coz I can’t rmbr wat its called) and Key says “Whoever loses has to grant the other a wish” and what does he ask for? He tells the noona to go into the pool and dance for him for 3 seconds. I COULD BE SEXY NOONA FOR HIM. I don’t approve of any of this poolside flirting business.

Am I immature? Coz I feel immature XDD

AHAHAHA LOL the others are so cute.

Taemin: I made a sandwich for her *pouts*
Jonghyun: You should have given it to me … I’m hungry

Oh damnit. I want to try Key’s cooking.

Omg they are trying to kill me. Key is putting a necklace around the noona while they play “In My Room“. That’s it, I’m going to go out and buy myself a Key necklace and a Star necklace T_T

Key asked for a hug. Ow okay my chest really hurts. LOL I HATE THIS SHOW.

And campfire my ass. It was a heart made with candles XD

Part 2

OKAY NEW NOONA! American high school student.

“Taemin! You are too happy!” LOL Who’s doing the voiceover? I like the sound of her XD LMAO @ Jonghyun’s face though – he’s so cute <3.

Glad to hear Jonghyun is a lot more talkative. I’m sure he’s talkative in real life but that first time was just really a first time. And now he’s gotten used to being in the presence of women! Lol. I’m also glad I’m not seething with jealousy :DD/

OMG Minho is so adorable! He has like semi-rabbit teeth and when he smiles he looks like Bugs Bunny :F hehe. And whatever this scarecrow game is, I wanna play !!!! Minho lost and he has to write the noona’s name with his butt. Lmao, I wanna watch Onew do this…he has a nice tush XDD Then they play basketball!! Minho is really sweet, my goodness <33 He especially let her win the game. D’awwww ^____^

Part 3

Taemin’s turn! Again he has a sandwich prepared XD And again Key made it!!!! Which is kinda sad because how hard can it be to make a sandwich? Stop taking advantage of your hyung, Taemin!!!


Taemin: Guess what this is *scribbles*
Noona: A ladder
Taemin: That’s right
Taemin: *scribbles some more*
Noona: Is that a member? Key?
Other members: ! ! !
Key: *headdesk*

I love how the others are watching their date because they just mock Taemin and LOL really hard XD

Then it’s Music with Jonghyun! Damnit, I must be the only asian in the world who can’t play any instrument … and the recorder doesn’t count because I learnt that for a year only coz it was compulsory and I can no longer play it ;____; So I don’t pass Jonghyun’s requirement </3

OK omg did anyone see Jonghyun’s back?? He has really nice shoulders ♥_____♥ And his voice, omg <333 “Nothing better…than you” *melts into goo*

It’s Science with Onew ! YES what I’ve been waiting for the whole time – FAIL FAIL AND MORE FAIL !!! AHAHA so the noona’s piece of paper caught on fire and Onew is all manly and says “Be careful of the fire” and goes to set it out but he put his own piece of paper in the fire XD Omg what a dork !!! The others are of course cracking up in the background.

And that’s it.

Next week they go to the amusement park …



  1. hiii!!
    thx for d link!!!
    hvn’t watch it,,still downloading it..
    thx again for d link n thx shineesubs for d subs^^

  2. ^No problem ^^

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