Posted by: beckery | August 14, 2008

080720 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio ~ SHINee Cut (Subbed)

Credits to shineesubs @ youtube

HAHA Tablo is so much awesome-ness here. Everything that comes out of his mouth made me crack up so bad, what a hilarious guy <3

They talk about their ideal woman and Onew goes “I like all women” XDDDDD What a funny funny boy, of course you do my dear. But his so smart cuz all the noona fans are now gonna be like “I have a chance cuz I’m a woman too”! lol. Taemin likes “a girl who is cute, pretty and nice”, so Tablo butts in and goes “a girl like that doesnt exist”. Lol nice way to ruin a boy’s dreams! Then Jonghyun says “a girl with white skin and red lips” and omg Tablo’s response made me laugh sooo much. HAHAHA He goes “then its a puppet”!! ^_______________^ The last part is so much crack too. You gotta check out Tablo “feeling the music”, especially at 3.44. ROFL


  1. LMAO, too cute XDDDDD Tablo is like a Eunhyuk/Henry mix to me o.O he looks like both of them combined, to me O.o and SHINee’s just so cute, as usual <333

  2. lovemelodies
    Tablo just reallly really looks like Hyuk’s long lost twin brother to me.. But thats interesting that you see Henry in him haha..

  3. awwwww Tablo is such a cutie ^^
    I, too, think hes like Monkey’s older brother….
    A puppet!!!! lmao. felt the music.
    i love his awesome hat…
    hes so funny and……….HES A FUCKING GENIOUS!!!

  4. greenangel0207
    Lol at first I thought you said “hes like a Monkey’s older brother” and I was thinking, Tablo doesnt really look like a monkey does he =SSS HAHAHA But then I realised you meant Monkey as in Eunhyuk XDDD

    Tablo IS A GENIUS!! He is sooo cute and all sorts of awesomeness <333

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