Posted by: beckery | August 14, 2008

Hyesung 3rd Album MV ~ 2nd Teaser

Credits to 80sLN @ youtube

Not too sure how many Teasers theres going to be, but if they’re all hot like this then BRING IT!! XDD hahaha

So for this teaser, Hyesung changes from being a hot drummer boy to a sexy car racer! JFKJSFJDKDJF ♥______________♥ WHY ARE YOU SO GORGEOUS!?!?! And what car is that!? Cuz man its fast, I wouldnt mind having one of them myself, of course with Hyesung as chauffeur haha..The background song sounds really good, I hope its going to be one of his tracks!!

At the end, you see the words “Live and let live”, which is the theme of the album and apparently means “Just let me be, I’ll do things the way I want to”. So much attitude, I love it!


  1. Thank you for posting something like this! Your last Shinhwa related post was a picture of them with uh, crap hair. O.o So hello, hot!hyesung!!!!!! *waves vigorously*

    Speaking of Shinhwa, they’re showing Chilwoo over at KBS World and homg beckery you need to watch it!!! There’s so much crack (zorro!eric) and hotness at the same time (zorro!eric). Gyaaah~!

  2. Moonynim
    Hahaha no no wasnt “MY” post, it was Pinkandsparkly who did the bad hair post. So go blame her *glares at her*………though um……it was me who kinda provided her with the picture XDDD But hey bad hair or not, they’re still awesome lol.

    OMG CHILWOO! ERIC! ZORRO ERIC! HOT ERIC! LOVELY ERIC! SEXY ERIC! WEIRD ERIC! I LOVE ERIC MUN <3333 T_T but omg omg is it good?! Not that it matters cuz I’m still going to watch it for Eric. Hopefully soon, before he heads off to the army IN ONE MONTH! OMG NOOO!!! Its so soon. Ok, from now on I’m gonna do heaps of posts on him to make up for the 2 years where I cant. Good plan yea?! Be prepared to see more Eric posts then XDDDD

  3. omona….hyesung oppa so cool….unbelive
    oppa hwaiting

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