Posted by: lovediaries | August 14, 2008

080719 SHINee on Star Golden Bell

We’re going to start dating our videos now (after like months and months of not doing so) just because I realise that we can have the same title for our posts over and over again which annoys me. A lot. It’s the stress I tell you! Oh and over here we don’t date like ^that. It’s DD/MM/YY but when I reversed it, it looked really funny hehehe so I’ll copy the way the videos have been dated :)

Anyways, once again, I’m just here to share the links since this ep has been subbed (thanks to shineesubs)!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

I don’t even know why I go on youtube since I’m not watching anything atm lol but as soon as Wed is over I’m going to sit down and watch EVERYTHING lol and RECAP and SPAZZ til I drop…even though by then everyone would have already seen it, but still :D

Enjoy! ^^

p.s We’ll be announcing the winner of the Caption Contest soon AND there will be something semi-exciting for you readers to look forward to. It’s nothing exciting actually…I just want to make you guys think there is something worth waiting for. LOL !!


::EDIT:: Part 1 is just the guests talking about SHINee and them smiling and all embarrassed XD

Part 2 is really cute. One of the other guests (sorry, forgotten the name already XD) was saying how when he first got asked the question “Do you know SHINee?” he thought it was a new brand of shampoo !!!!! So then he shook hands with Onew and Minho and Jonghyun are sitting on another row and they both bowed at him at 0.34!!!! Isn’t that adorable? ^^

Minho, Key and Onew show off their rear side!!! I told you Onew had a nice butt! They even said it’s worth a perfect score XD

Then they dance to Run It (with less sex appeal though since they’re wearing white shirts with a bow) and Replay Boom Track…Check out the way Key rolls his body at 3.17 askfalkjflaskjfs he’s so sexy even in the clothes they’re wearing xP Omg I need a HQ performance of their Replay Boom Track so I can perve on him some more *___*

They play a game next. I don’t watch SGB enough to know what’s going on T_T But Taemin says “It’s my first time touching Onew’s butt” LOL in such a matter-of-fact tone. AND THEN OMG thy ask Onew how he feels about touching Taemin’s butt and he says “Well instead of touching it I’m actually grasping it” LMAO!!!!

AND OMG Jaedong GROPED ONEW’S BUTT and the sound effects XDD Okay seriously no one can resist Onew’s butt.

OHH I GET IT! They were trying to see who had the holes in their clothes. Lol I remember the one Hyuk, Sungmin and Yesung were on and they had to jump down on a chair to see if it would break or not. This one is less painful ;)

Then they play that game um … the one where it’s like they say the same words over but have to put a different emphasis on each one? They’re pretty much close to perfect (Jonghyun especially!!) but it’s so funny when Minho screws up and Key starts FLAILING in the background XD

AND THEN DONGHYUN COMES ON. I’m gonna kidnap him one day lol, like for reals.


  1. “Well it’s my first time touching Onew’s butt”
    xD doesn’t that make you curious to watch lol
    don’t wanna give you any spoilers!

  2. ^Ohh you’re evil ;) You’ve gotten me all curious DD:
    But must wait one more day alskjfaslkfjaslkf
    And I’m jealous of whoever touched Onew’s butt…

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