Posted by: beckery | August 15, 2008

Eric in UGIZ’s eco campaign Let’s Green+up

Credits to O6 & shinhwabiz

Aww he looks so adorable in these tops. I like the bee one, it looks so cute…. Eric’s smiles always brightens up my day XDDD. He looks like his filled with all the happiness in the world and its so endearing. I’m gonna miss these smiles so much. ♥♥


  1. THE ERIC POST HAS BEGAN!!!! w00t!!!

    These pictures are awesome!!! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. @.@ Oh~ Eric don’t ever leave meeee~!!!!

    And that SMILE! Homg he smiles like that in Chilwoo–and that is why YOU should watch it, my dear beckery. The story is a lafftrip but it’s one of those shows that it’s sooo bad, it’s good. Besides, Eric is in it. That’s all the reason you need.

    Lalalalala. *happy morning dance* :D

  2. Ok. I don’t get it. How come my comment shows up when I’m not logged in? Otherwise, it ends up in your spam folder.

    Hmmm. *raises an eyebrow*

  3. moonynim
    YES THE ERIC EPIC SERIES OF POSTS HAS BEGUN!!! Which means the countdown to army is beginning too =______________=

    Erics smiles are always melts my heart, everything single freaking time. I dont know how he does it. And his eyes are totally mesmerising too. I could swim in them haha <33333

    AHHH You’ve got to stop tempting me about Chilwoo, cuz I’m sooooo close to ditching all my text books and assignments and just sit there and watch it all day!!! And I cant, or I’m going to fail uni and become a bum. NOOOO!!! I am so jealous of you for being able to watch it *glares at you* haha

    “But it’s one of those shows that it’s sooo bad, it’s good”
    ROFLMAO..What exactly is that suppose to mean?!

    Hmm..Im not to sure why your comments end up in the spam folder. Sorry but I’m definitely not the person you want to ask in relation to these technology questions. I’m the tech failure around the site. Maybe you should ask Changdice, she’s much more tech savvy than me XDDD haha

  4. YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP REMINDING ME ABOUT THE ARMY THING!!! Huhu~ I’m not prepared to be a popstar widow yet!!! T_T

    Ok, I’m “not” tempting you here but you have to really see for yourself how “bad” of a drama Chilwoo is. I mean first there’s the whole KOREAN ZORRO (!!), then Korean Zorro riding elephants (!!), Korean Zorro chasing robbers in drag (!!). Seriously, the crack never ends.

    But that’s why it’s good! :D

    Ok. No more Chilwoo spoilers. Study hard, beckery!

    Oh, and Candy doesn’t know why my post goes to the spam either. -_-

  5. i’m melting!!!
    n beckery, chil woo is like the most entertaining drama this least for me..;p

  6. moonynim
    I SHOULD STOP REMINDING MYSELF ABOUT THE ARMY THING TOOO *smashes head to wall* arghhhh why do I keep rubbing it in my face =( Ok I’ll shuddup about it……….for now haha

    Oh and your not gonna be a popstar widow, cuz I’m the one married to Eric thus *I’m* the popstar widow =PPP

    Dont worry after your “awesome” review of Chilwoo, I’ll definitely watch it haha. Especially for the crack XD

    LOL Not you too!!!! Another person tempting me to ditch my studies and watch Chilwoo hahaha..Dont worry I will soon and love every single minute of it XDD

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