Posted by: lovediaries | August 15, 2008

Wizard of Oz meets Super Junior

No, this isn’t the name of the next production SuJu will be a part of. A fellow LJ buddy, miximel, was having some fun and made this manip. If you want a good laugh *Click here to view*.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz (*bricked with yellow bricks* lol) but I can understand why the SJ members have been allocated to be a particular character.

Be sure to wait for the whole pic to load, otherwise it won’t be as exciting or funny to see.

LMAO HOW FUNNY IS IT ?? HANKYUNG IS BALD AND SIWON, OMG LMAO!!!! The Shibrows NEVER fail to amuse. And Heechul is so wickedly freaky, is he not ?? I mean, HES GREEN. But it doesn’t look out of place XD. Sungmin with boobies is a bit frightening but who cares coz he’s a FAIRY, right?

The bottom 3 still freak me out a tad though. But in a good way of course XDD


  1. Who’s the tin man? I fail at recognising their faces ;___;

  2. Same here..I dont recongise most of them…

  3. I think its..
    wickedwitch=heechul, toto=kangin, good witch = sungmin, donghae= crow, tinman = kibum, dorothy = eeteuk, lion = shindong and then the three thing persons or whatever is hankyung, siwon, and yesung. xD

    anyways that’s funny. (x ahaha i love siwon’s face. xD

  4. pas & bec
    whut? T___T you guys fail big time.
    how hard is it? XDD

    thank you for pointing out the obvious to these two big fat FAILURES lol. LOL Siwon’s face brings many laughs XD

  5. this is so funny i can’t stand it.
    pure genius.

  6. the tin man is kibummie… oh my donghaeya… he’s so cute!!!!

  7. Ashley
    It is isn’t it xD

    Lol Donghae is so squishable ^___^

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